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  1. Back in action! Rescue Whale is here!

  2. Will get back into this eventually, if only to make sure they don't repeat their same mistake of having WoWP's with a minimum monitor resolution requirement. Which is [edited] up beyond belief.

  3. Whatever you have to say, I really don't care. Keep it to yourself and neg me if you don't like it. I can get my clan to fix it later. :p

  4. Sky- My least favorite pony.

  5. Sky- My least favorite pony.

  6. God the ignorant people on that tanks forum irritate me!

  7. I can't decide on an ICON!

  8. Might not be as smart as most of the "navy nuts" on here. But i can test just as well.

  9. Friends in high places....no really there backed.

    1. SpitZzeRr


      your prof pic changed, you a furry now?

  10. Gawd i hate that arrogate troll.

    1. SpitZzeRr


      and who is that


    2. RainbowDash54


      Hmm... I wonder who?

  11. And here comes the jackals who want to make this games CW's into some overly complex trash designed to get baddies on the board to easily.

  12. And here come the bad posts, the forum is being invaded by unicum brats.