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  1. Des Moines good?

    More than range its the floaty shell arcs. It is hard(er) to hit at ranges of 13km+. It is also squishy from the sides. That said. DM best CA.
  2. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    We should really spread this conspiracy! If people think acting like shitheads in chat all day everyday will give them bad RNG, this is a good thing!
  3. how does one have 24% WR?

    They are probably running 2 accounts duel boxing. That way they have 75% win rate on the main account. (Along with the other 2 people they are divving with.) You should look at not who the 25% player is but the CV they are matched against.
  4. Cits are an important part of CA vs CA combat. I would rather nerf BB cit damage(AKA max AP damage) by 20-25% but leave pen damage the same. Alternatively, if worried about not being able to punish a bad BB driver with cits, give CAs a cit damage reduction vs ONLY BBs. CAs need to deal full damage vs other CAs though.
  5. How do I get an engine boost mod

    I would pay 3000 to 5000 dubs(or cash equivalent) to get the mods I want. Some way to aquire them besides RNG should be provided. (The same goes for det flags). These things provide a major boost in power or capabilities and are nessesary to compete at the top level. RNG to win is just as frustrating as Pay to win. More so to me because I am will to pay. TLDR: shut up and take my money Fry meme
  6. look at it this way: 170k creds and 2 minutes time for 10 det flags. I would pay that daily!
  7. 75k xp mission bugged

    I get why people are mad. I was a little bit pissed about it yesterday as well. But you guys still dont feel like +2days and +10 of the best camos they have made is good enough?
  8. Stats on New Year Camo

    Which has what bonuses?
  9. Just got my Yamamoto and need creds. I'll probably train him to the zao and grind atago ranked. That and the Chuck Martel which I will be getting this week. I'm sure the Atago is a better ship but grinding ranks and xp at the same time always feels good.
  10. The queue he said. At that point there are no teammates. Not a horrible Idea either
  11. Premium time discount plus flags

    Only read the first page so dont know if this was said later on. But you guys complaining should check WoT and WoWP. Premium there = Premium here.
  12. Map Repetition

    I agree with this 100%. "Supporting" your team from across the map on all maps is bad for gameplay. We need somewhat limited angles for crossfireing. That way you reward smart posistioning and ability to read the flow of battle. Otherwise If every one can shoot at everyone, you have BBs camping, CAs hiding, and DD waiting.
  13. I voted yes in the poll. But what i would like to see is a "torps only shone while spotted" thing. Also have a uniform torp spotting range. We have had many many anti torp tolls added to the game. Change them back to release detect and see what happens.
  14. 5 year necro! May be a first for WOWS NA.
  15. Not really. The swastika predates Nazi Germany by thousands of years. IIRC it is a Pagan or Druidic symbol used and corrupted by Hitler and goons. I was just in New Orleans at a bar with Green Swastikas all over the floor in tiles. The building was built in the 1800s. Need less to say there were signs about it and the Bartender had some pretty great "I'm offended" stories. Personally I think both should be in game but I understand why they are not. This is a global game and the rising sun was the symbol of death and oppression for many SE Asian countries.