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  1. Come on WG really 0.7.5/0.7.6?

    I live in Bellevue... you should see the hole they just dug for the new cyber security complex. Not sure it is all the way thru the Earth's crust, but it has to be close. Side note Google is building a $1 Billion data center a few miles away. Coincidence?
  2. Battleship gun accuracy

    Or let the DDs respawn 10 times per battle because cost and build time is at least that much lower/faster than a BB. Seriously how many "not a sim" threads does there need to be.
  3. Multiple BBs set in a crossfire deployment will delete CAs. (Remember this is a coordnated, pre planned strat with voice coms mode) This will make the gameplay stagnate and become very campy. Right now there is depth to the game play IMO. And CVs do 2 out of 3 of DDs primary jobs better than they do. Probably only remotely balanced in a 12v12 situation.
  4. A Question About Asashio

    This is the one thing I do like about the ship. A (possible) forced meta shift to vigilance, and target acquisition mod. What would the reation time be for a BB set up this way?
  5. PT is great, but IFA is underrated IMO. It works great for soloing 2+ BBs in a long range kiting CA. Also for those 20+km shots coming from a different area of the map from which you are engaging. Its a good CA skill for T6-10 French, T6-9 USSR, T5-10 IJN (and probably some German's as well haven't finshed that CA line yet).
  6. Agreed, Except i also feel that way about aft. 2 reasons i feel its bad. 1 CWs. While H4 isnt a staple in CW this season, i still want to be prepared. 2 this is the NA server forum right? How many times do you see CVs as a T10? T8 CVs are welcome to come at my stock AA. And if a 9 or 10 want to alpha strike, killing MAYBE 2 more planes before they drop, does little to nothing to chamge the outcome good or bad.
  7. I use mine for unlocking important modules on stock ships. (I did get the Missouri but i payed to win over half of that) It makes the grinding more fun and that much faster. I would also focus on one line and one captain to start accruing elite captian xp and not spend your free xp on captains.
  8. What is the reaction time with both vigilance and the torp acquisition module(or whatever its called, the one that no one uses because concealment)? If they push multiple ships like this, Or give IJN a variation of DWT, they may be pushing BBs to use tools already available for avoidance.
  9. Des Moines good?

    More than range its the floaty shell arcs. It is hard(er) to hit at ranges of 13km+. It is also squishy from the sides. That said. DM best CA.
  10. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    We should really spread this conspiracy! If people think acting like shitheads in chat all day everyday will give them bad RNG, this is a good thing!
  11. how does one have 24% WR?

    They are probably running 2 accounts duel boxing. That way they have 75% win rate on the main account. (Along with the other 2 people they are divving with.) You should look at not who the 25% player is but the CV they are matched against.
  12. Cits are an important part of CA vs CA combat. I would rather nerf BB cit damage(AKA max AP damage) by 20-25% but leave pen damage the same. Alternatively, if worried about not being able to punish a bad BB driver with cits, give CAs a cit damage reduction vs ONLY BBs. CAs need to deal full damage vs other CAs though.
  13. How do I get an engine boost mod

    I would pay 3000 to 5000 dubs(or cash equivalent) to get the mods I want. Some way to aquire them besides RNG should be provided. (The same goes for det flags). These things provide a major boost in power or capabilities and are nessesary to compete at the top level. RNG to win is just as frustrating as Pay to win. More so to me because I am will to pay. TLDR: shut up and take my money Fry meme
  14. look at it this way: 170k creds and 2 minutes time for 10 det flags. I would pay that daily!
  15. 75k xp mission bugged

    I get why people are mad. I was a little bit pissed about it yesterday as well. But you guys still dont feel like +2days and +10 of the best camos they have made is good enough?