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  1. What do you mean "Believe"? Its a fact, like the gender pay gap and the fact that men and women are biologically Identical.
  2. Fair by whom's definition? Certainly not WG's. To the top? how many times do you thing this is really able to influence a CB game outcome? 1 out of 60? 90? Like I said, if you want to change the rules I'm all for it, but chill the hyperbole a little bit.
  3. You are also sitting on a high horse who is standing on a soapbox on the moral high ground. I have never seen this happen, even though I'm sure that it does. It was discussed some months(years?) ago when it started happening in randoms. I'm not sure if WG had put out a statement about it or not. Either way it is pretty fast thinking and that's the way the battles are scored. If you want to argue that they should change the way points are allocated then I will agree with you, but throwing around the word "Cheaters" is overboard.
  4. I agree with most of this, Over matching minos from all angles is hilariously fun too. It is a good ship but does have difficulty carrying until late game. Early game it is a DPM ship that has poor DPM. The reload booster plus legendary module will be interesting however. In Clamwars I think Zao is a hands down better ship for a flanker. With new 12km torps and ninja concealment it is just better for competitive IMO. Also Hindy for long range flame thrower has more DPM AND is good at other things too. All that said for randoms it is one of my favorite ships in the game and I would recommend finishing the line.
  5. I agree, this weekend I was busy with real life but managed 5 or 6 games total. 4 of them ended when a team hit zero points. 2 wins 2 losses, all 4 were unfun. Let the people who dont yolo keep fighting. Both my zero point losses were lemming trains, so I went the other way. Just when I've done enough damage to push and clean up my flank. Boom Game over. Its frustrating when you are about to put together a stong game performance and it ends up a 5 to 7 minute game.
  6. This. Frankly if in open water there are only 2 ships I dont want to 1v1 in my HIV. Hindy due to its DPM and Yamato due to its accurate overmatching shells.
  7. I would also like to see a link to this Q&A if you can find it. Thanks
  8. These guys are guessing how it works exactly, but playing devils advocate: 1% AR= get one at 12, 24, then start the cycle before the reload boost is on cooldown, for a reload at 36 no AR= get a salvo at 15 then at 30 then at 60 because the boost is over before you begin the reload for the 3rd salvo A second way it could possibly work is it cuts your REMAINING reload by 50% and when the boost is over it increases your REMAINING reload by 100%. If set up This way there would be no gaming the system with AR. If it functions they first way, and the above behavior isn't desirable an easy fix for these shenanigans is to change the active time to 22 seconds. limiting players to only 2 short reloads or 1 extra salvo.
  9. I like the new gimmick, however I hope they have some sort of UI element to allow for counter play. Expecting a BB to reload in 30 seconds and you get blapped in the middle of a turn is stupid unless you can see smoke or flames rolling out of the BBs barrels. That said I think this new gimmick would be best on heavy cruisers.
  10. My body is ready for Worcester

    Or its like playing an MMO and powerleveling to get to end game. Seattle looks meh, and I play my favorite T10s regularly. Why play 50+ games in a ship I'm not excited about? Sometimes the jouney sucks.
  11. My body is ready for Worcester

    Nah just press 1 and hold down LMB. And I'm only about 100k into cleve, but about 20k more on her and I should have the free xp to go to the T10 day1
  12. Dev Blog-ST Hindenburg and Roon

    I think T10 is the most balanced tier in the game. But if i had to pick a "best all around CA" for all maps and circumstances it would still be hindy. But the others do what they do very well.
  13. Dev Blog-ST Hindenburg and Roon

    No it won't. I love the attempts to rebalance ships at T10, unusual for WG, but nice to see. Hindy is/was the strongest CA in game, a little adjustment is justified.
  14. Come on WG really 0.7.5/0.7.6?

    I live in Bellevue... you should see the hole they just dug for the new cyber security complex. Not sure it is all the way thru the Earth's crust, but it has to be close. Side note Google is building a $1 Billion data center a few miles away. Coincidence?
  15. Battleship gun accuracy

    Or let the DDs respawn 10 times per battle because cost and build time is at least that much lower/faster than a BB. Seriously how many "not a sim" threads does there need to be.