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  1. I felt that what I wrote would make life very tough for them, not give an advantage. After testing you could always give sonar and hydro to more ships if they were too OP. Not to mention that if you are dropping ASW munitions you will be in proxy spot range. I don't necessarily think they (subs) do belong in the game, but I feel that after the work WG has done it is inevitable, and would rather discuss options that may make them more balanced.
  2. I agree with the depth adjustable torps, that would be a fine way to add "Depth" to game play. Using the small number of tubes efficiently for the sub would add to game play IMO. Back in Alpha all ships had 2 health bars IIRC, hull health and flooding. They deemed it too complicated and switched to the hp only system and made flooding cause DoT. Having an Air/oxygen bar and an electrical power bar seems about the same to me. I think you could just tweak the way oxygen recharges and depletes to maintain balance.
  3. Im not exactly sure how they would work. In the event video they said right now they have a randomized depth to make the subs have "vertical torpedo beats" minigame which sounds fun for the sub, but I usually prefer choice over RNG. As far as how they are launched, I think the smoke comsumables are a great comparison. The duration, cooldown and radius all seem about right to me. But except for smoke it is underwater doom!
  4. I've been thinking about the way subs in game would function given what we have seen thus far. I understand this is a very alpha WIP but that shouldn't stop us from discussing the finer points of how they will work. I don't mean whinging or hand ringing. I mean discussing potential problems and possible solutions. Also I would like to say this is a arcade game made for fun, and while historic accuracy is important, game play must be the chief concern. Please attempt to stay away from "but history!", type posts. There are a few points I would like to discuss with the player base and come up with ideas to make for some balanced game play. Vision: My main concern is spotting and how that would work in a team setting. Submerged: My thoughts about it are that while submerged no data is transferred between the sub and team. So you get last known positions on the minimap until you resurface(to para-scope depth) and resume radio contact with your team. This prevents subs doing the exact same thing that was wrong with CVs by being vision gods. I think that keeping the minimum spotting didtance for both the sub and the ship in contact with them could be interesting but I'm still on the fence about it. The only way to be spotted would be by hydro and the possible introduction of active sonar. Para-scope: Low max view range ~10km , I don't know how it works now but you shouldn't be about to spot a ship if it is outside your max view range. Very low detectability ratings, probably between 4km and 5km. Cannot be spotted by radar but planes, hydro, and distance all would work. This would let the sub function as a spotting beacon. You can spot everything in a 10km radius from your boat but you better not be too close to a hidden DD or a plane overhead. There is an opportunity cost here where you are risking your boat or at least your location. It also keeps subs from being long range spotters that go mostly undetected. Surfaced: Like every thing else in the game, has an air and sea detect rating. Between 5 and 6km, slightly lower for planes. Radar, hydro, planes, and distance can spot them. Yes that is low but with the amount of HP subs will have (very low)and the prevalence of radar, planes, (new CVs?), and DDs, I feel that if you get spotted it is a death sentence if stuck on the surface for more than a second. Capping: This one is relatively simple, no capping/de-capping/ or contesting unless fully surfaced. Then as normal. Counter play: Pretty much all DDs and CLs should have depth charges, I would also like to see CVs have a ASW squadron where they could set a sonar buoy, and have 3 sets of depth charge dropping planes. Hydro; some changes to current ships may be necessary to provide enough ships able to counter subs. But I think with CVs, DDs, and CLs, it may be enough. Sonar gimmick: Range in between radar and hydro 8km max. Spots subs and surface ships, but also reveals your location to the enemy for the duration. Can be used submerged. Given to some/most/all subs and very select few DD or CLs. This may be too much but just throwing it out there. Please discuss my ideas or post some of your own, I'm interested in hearing how you guys would want subs to work if they make into randoms.
  5. FirstOfOne

    Two thoughts about the CV rework

    Disagree, in either RTS or FPS game play there would have to be a button to switch between ship mode and top down mode. If they are married to the set up that "precludes being able to directly control the launching ship" then yes you are right. But not being able to control CVs(the ship) manually is a mistake that WG will hopefully correct IMO. Setting way points and swapping to ship mode and fireing main guns and swapping back to drop bombs seems like hectic gameplay and also sounds like a ton of fun.
  6. The reason this game and so many others are FTP, is so those of us who do pay will have more people to play against. I for one thank you for providing more bodies.
  7. FirstOfOne

    Question on Dual purpose guns and CV Rework

    Yes, because counter play. Skill comes in to play in choosing targets, and baiting gun vector changes. Also there should be an opportunity cost to have DP guns. Shoot at planes or boats but no both at the same time. I could see DP guns being pretty op once people figure out how to AA.
  8. FirstOfOne

    1 on 1 competition / ranked

    WoT used to(still?) have weekly and monthly tournaments with all different set ups. 3v3, 5v5 etc. At all different tiers. They used to give out gold to winners but now with steel and coal it would be nice to have something like that available for WOWS. You could even have 1v1 set ups if you wanted. I would restrict it to types however. Ca vs ca, dd vs dd.
  9. FirstOfOne

    Ranked Battles, the biggest waste of my time

    Cry and [edited]. Like everyone else posting ranked topics. The Problem is these people think they are good at the game. Therefore their entitlement of being only able to win 50% of their games makes them very angry when they do not progress. "WG should change the way ranked works! I want to be the third best in xp, on the losing team, and not lose a star." It's all nonsense. It's simple: ranked=the better you are the less you grind. Is the Grind to long? Probably, But being a forum baby won't make you be able to compete.
  10. FirstOfOne

    Ranked Battles, the biggest waste of my time

    Git gud. Bad team? Carry them. As for AFKs, we all get them, especially the last 2 days. It has been rather unstable. Loaded in late post crash once myself today. If you have a 50% win rate it is going to be a long grind. I personally feel that they should reduce the stars at 10+ by 1 just to shorten it a little. A 60%+ guy shouldn't have to play more than 100 battles.
  11. FirstOfOne

    Shima legendary module....

    I dont see you taking 20% off tube traverse for aiming systems mod 1. Or did i miss it?
  12. FirstOfOne

    British Destroyer Agility -- with Numbers

    Honestly I think this is exactly what this line needed. Looking forward to seeing some gameplay post buffs.
  13. What do you mean "Believe"? Its a fact, like the gender pay gap and the fact that men and women are biologically Identical.
  14. I agree with most of this, Over matching minos from all angles is hilariously fun too. It is a good ship but does have difficulty carrying until late game. Early game it is a DPM ship that has poor DPM. The reload booster plus legendary module will be interesting however. In Clamwars I think Zao is a hands down better ship for a flanker. With new 12km torps and ninja concealment it is just better for competitive IMO. Also Hindy for long range flame thrower has more DPM AND is good at other things too. All that said for randoms it is one of my favorite ships in the game and I would recommend finishing the line.
  15. I agree, this weekend I was busy with real life but managed 5 or 6 games total. 4 of them ended when a team hit zero points. 2 wins 2 losses, all 4 were unfun. Let the people who dont yolo keep fighting. Both my zero point losses were lemming trains, so I went the other way. Just when I've done enough damage to push and clean up my flank. Boom Game over. Its frustrating when you are about to put together a stong game performance and it ends up a 5 to 7 minute game.