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  1. TankzGirl

    WoW twitch streams, and lack thereof.

    Twitch broadcasts -- Do it or don't. Quit putting it on your schedule and dropping the ball entirely. I've read the entire thread... tired of excuses. Please stop promising and not delivering, day after day for the last 2 weeks. We're way behind on community tokens and mission drops promised. How can we make these hours up with no broadcasts? At least give your faithful twitch followers a chance to get the drops you've been promising. Thank you.
  2. Watching the Twitch live feed from Brazil, trying to do my part in making WG popular. The 2 guys started SHOUTING into their microphones, blasting through on my end. Woke up my 7 year old daughter. I simply said "Good grief, shout a little louder?" Was immediately notified i was chat banned on twitch. FOR HOURS. Life is too short to get angry because some geek took offense to my request for them to turn their volume down. But I am. And it's wrong to get banned for stating the obvious. As far as I'm concerned, fix your moderators. Not those stating an opinion.
  3. Another issue: Naval Battles hit point pool for the weekend is going to go down dramatically because so many subs are loading into the game.
  4. IMHO the time efficiency to grind missions in COOP has become lost with submarines. Now, you've killed the entire team except for a single (or 2) subs, and waste 10-15 minutes of your life chasing it/them. If a navy had lost all its boats except a single submarine, it's pretty likely that sub captain would surface and wave a white flag. The novelty of subs will go away soon and we're all going to find ourselves wasting an hour or 2 added up in an evening of grinding missions simply chasing submarines after the battle is essentially over. Saw this problem when grinding to the U2501 on the public test server. Nobody at WG seemed to care.
  5. Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.
  6. After a long grind in the campaign, I got cap Yamamoto. Now I have the collection started (with only 1 piece). But I can't find more containers in the armory to add to the collection. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.
  7. TankzGirl

    0.9.9 PTS Bug Reports

    9.9, PTS. Got a container from mission completed. Also, on xp pts, got another container. opened the first one, anchor just spun forever. Wouldn't even let me exit the game. Task manager, killed it. Came back in. Said I had 1 container (the other I'd received from mission didn't exist). Anchor still spinning. Kill the game again. Restarted. Came back in, said I had 1 container (never got the reward from the 1st), again wouldn't let me close the game. Task manager once more fixed that. Not only aren't we receive the contents of the containers we're spending hours of our life to obtain, we're being denied its contents. :( Life is short. Perhaps spend less time on WoWs and do something worthwhile... like raise kids or cut the friggin grass.
  8. TankzGirl

    0.9.8 PTS Bug Reports

    Bummer. Wish I hadn't spent all that gold (twice, in each of the tests). But it IS a pretty boat. That little "COLLECT" button on the last picture is the fooler.
  9. TankzGirl

    0.9.8 PTS Bug Reports

    Figured it out. It's a way to steal our gold. Simple. Don't know about you guys, but I'm FINISHED wasting time playing the PTS when what they promise never happens. Call it a bug if you want, but ignoring the MANY HOURS of our lives we've spent grinding, and then effectively stealing our gold and not giving us what they promised is completely wrong. Life is too short to waste it on the public test server. I'm DONE.
  10. TankzGirl

    0.9.8 PTS Bug Reports

    I've experienced the same problem in the shipyard as others. Sent in a trouble ticket with screen snapshots, got a response that support can't help with PTS issues. I ground 10 phases of the shipyard and spent DUBLOONS on the last 10. Didn't get the Anchorage, didn't get my gold back. Complete [edited].
  11. TankzGirl

    Update 0.9.7 - Bug Reports

    Not running any mods. Played last night, no problem. Tonight, tried to log in via game center, got a message as if the server was completely down (same message when trying to log into the test server when it's down). Tried 4 times. No luck. Cannot log in although it says I'm running the latest version (and like I said, it ran fine last night). What's up? Running WGCheck and gonna have to put in a damn trouble ticket i guess. :(
  12. Playing Coop, game 1: Shima. Sunk by torps from a friendly. Playing Coop, game 2: Haru: Sunk by torps from a friendly. Changed tiers. Figured just a freak. Playing Coop, game 3: Z23. Sunk by torps from a friendly. Seriously, wth IS GOING ON WITH BOTS KILLING FRIENDLIES WITH THIS LAST RELEASE? Good grief. Tired of getting sunk by bots on MY side, especially when it means a loss when MM sets only 2 humans with a team of team killers. Getting friggin old, fast.
  13. I've been in the game since its inception. An honest question: WHY would i continue to play the game in coop when I'm the ONLY [edited]HUMAN IN THE GAME? Bots commit suicides, run into each other like it's the only way to win. Seriously, why would I want to continue this madness?
  14. My graphics (and the game) is now screwed up. The dockyard wouldn't load, so I changed graphics settings. It was originally "custom", and had my specific monitor defined. When I clicked "very high", it changed the monitor to generic PNP. Other settings changed then too. The game's graphics are horrible, plays WAY SLOW and it ruined the performance. How do I get back to my original setting? After I ruined my settings, of course, I saw the patch for dockyard in the forums and applied that with success. Now I just need to get back to my original graphics settings. I could put in a trouble ticket but I'm hoping to get help here a bit faster. Having minor surgery today and was planning on getting in some serious play time during the mend. Thanks very much in advance.
  15. I ran the sub test on the public test server last month. I have the latest version of the game center. LITERALLY, ALL DAY, i've been trying to get WoWs running. keep getting "repairing game", with over a 32 GIGABYTE DL. i've lost valuable play time. Directive time. Clan battle time. Can't get into the game until this ridiculous DL is complete. And worse, unlike most of your users, I have to pay for EVERY SINGLE EFFIN BYTE OF DATA COMING IN. Isn't anyone at WG aware of the expense of this DL? I'm not rich, work hard for my money (911 dispatcher) and tired of wasting entire days downloading a single update when it wasn't necessary at all. Response please?