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  1. Hey mate, could you make me another signature like you did before? Pms arent working for me so Im asking here.

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    2. Exponan


      Seems to have cut my reply.


      Here is the 144 dpi image: b8s0ll.jpg


      I'm afraid if you resize a higher dpi export in Photoshop it would look even worse, haven't tried it though.

    3. icoleman


      Well its great. Thanks again expo.

    4. Exponan


      Hey icoleman, I sent you a PM. Just checking if you are receiving them again.

  2. Seems like Teit has ran away from us.

  3. Too many off topic threads, not enjoyable.

    1. jojokla23
    2. Eaglecorps911


      Probably because they are not in the off topic section and they are everywhere else where they shouldn't be. I do not blame him.

  4. Whichever side of a conflict supports the EU is most often correct.

  5. Lerne leiden ohne zu klagen.

    1. Tigerkiller98


      Absolutely right

  6. It seems like I've been brought back into Alpha. Thank you WG.Net for allowing me this privilege again.

    1. waffles1945


      :) congrats, But I still want to be a alpha tester.

  7. The problem has been solved! Thank you to Gaea, and support for allowing me to rejoin testing. o7

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    2. Wake_Island



      Best of luck!

    3. ironcladtanker


      It's like 3 days after that, got in yet?

    4. icoleman


      I'm assuming shes just busy at work, considering all the alpha stuff going on.

  8. Good luck to lads that gain access to Closed Alpha testing.

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    2. SteelUnicorn


      I can't see a single reason why they wouldn't want you as part of the team. You deserve it more than just about anyone, I think.

    3. QJW


      I am just curious as to where to apply or when we can. Good luck anyways, and see you in the dangerous waters! ;)


    4. icoleman


      There's an alpha application area under dev questions and answers

  9. Writing a Bismarck Forum Book. Hopefully will be done in the next two days.

  10. Wir bleiben nie zu Haus, jetzt geht's AK voraus, Ruder hart Steuerbord: Wir segeln fort

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    2. stealth250


      bitte aufhören zu reden, in Deutsch

    3. ironcladtanker


      Wow, ich bin wirklick gut in Deutsch, das ist mit Google Translate, *Trollface Emoticon*

    4. stealth250


      ich weiß nicht Deutsch, aber ich weiß, chinesisch

  11. I'm just an empty shell..

    1. SpitZzeRr


      aww poor icole, can I use your shell to hold some soup?

    2. icoleman
    3. ironcladtanker


      Why are you an empty shell?

  12. Earned second at the drill meet! Now we get to go to Cross Creak in a month or so.

  13. Drill Meet Saturday, cant wait to see how far my cadets have progressed.

  14. Tankwarhammer is stalking me. ;(

    1. stealth250



    2. SirDerpOfCamelot


      It's good thing?




      Atleast, you will never be single.


    3. stealth250


      At least you know you are handsome

  15. Kriegsmarine Specialist