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  1. uberuberkid40

    DevBlog 353 - Dutch destroyer Tromp

    Historically, T10 premiums can be released as a sales event ahead of it being available for other resources in game. Sherman and Napoli come to mind - both were available in a package for doubloons which included a commemorative flag, before they were made available in the Armory for coal.
  2. uberuberkid40

    Update 0.11.7: Puerto Rico Dockyard

    least delusional flamu watcher
  3. uberuberkid40

    Update 0.11.7: Puerto Rico Dockyard

    One can choose how many stages they are willing to play for and how many stages they are willing to pay for. There is no need to make a judgement about the dockyard by looking at the full, whale price of buying all forty stages out of the box.
  4. uberuberkid40

    Update 0.11.7: Puerto Rico Dockyard

    You realize that the option is there to just play the game and get her for a tenth of the price, right?
  5. uberuberkid40

    DevBlog 353 - Dutch destroyer Tromp

    I am in complete agreement. Outrage over initial, baseline stats is nothing but a waste of mental energy. You get mad if a ship is not balanced on release, not if it's not balanced before testing even begins.
  6. Tracked down the coat of arms on the Dutch flag which was teased but not mentioned in the notes. It is the coat-of-arms for HNLMS Tromp, a destroyer leader. I would guess that this is the "new ship" that's gonna be teased in tomorrow's Discord announcement.
  7. uberuberkid40

    OK! This is some new MAJOR Exploit.

    I think this is a case of a shrunken cerebral lobe, not one of a shrunken ship.
  8. So to my understanding, in previous seasons of ranked battles, you could see a preview of the reward flag for that season in port (the flag you obtain for reaching Bronze rank 1 during that season). You couldn't mount it until after the conclusion of the season, but you could see what it would look like, a description of it, et cetera. My question is, where is that flag preview for the current season? It's not in my "Exterior" tab. Which raises a few questions. 1. Will there even be a reward flag for season 8? 2. Does the new port UI support item previews? 3. Has WG designed a flag yet for this purpose? That pretty much it; it's nothing major at all, just a curiosity, because some of these flags are pretty interesting (looking at you, Battle of Helgea).
  9. It's a T10 ship, ofc the grind is longer and costs more than a T8 in the dockyard. This event is more than fair. No gambling involved and the price you pay is not at all unreasonable. Unless your definition of a "cash cow" event is any time WG sells a premium ship for real world currency?
  10. I think that, especially looking at Atlantico, dockyard ships are moderately achievable for F2P players. 4k dubs isn't a ton for a F2P player to save up especially after a few sprints of ranked, and the missions themselves have been, excepting the initial hell grind of the old PR, reasonable. I completely expected PR to be available at around 10k dubs minimum and as a F2P player I actually have saved up to the point where I can afford this. I think 10k dubs for a T10 premium is pretty fair, especially one that's better than average. Having looked at the missions, I don't think it's an outrageous grind either, to be honest. In addition, I think that even if you can't afford to shell out the dubs for the final ship, the rewards you get from the event itself are generally compensating you pretty well for your time spent. So I think most people ARE able to participate in these events and get nice stuff out of it, even if they don't necessarily get the opportunity to get the final prize, so to speak. And yeah, people are going to whale for this thing. That's not my problem though, if they have the disposable income to drop $200 on PR, power to them. I'll just grind mine out for my free doubloons. Even in the original PR dockyard, putting down about 10k dubs made the grind very achievable. So long as they don't try to advertise this event being achievable for free (like they did initially) I think this is fair game. It certainly excites me more than any of the previous dockyards.
  11. WG literally changed the dockyard format following the initial disaster. This is the same format as all of the preceding ones, excluding the original Puerto Rico; seeing how none of them have been obtainable 100% for free, and have not been advertised as such, I have no idea what your grievance is.
  12. uberuberkid40

    Huron is the PR Dockyard’s Bonus Ship

    I actually think Huron has the potential to be an interesting ship. Certainly it's going to be unique, and it comes with some history too, which is more than can be said of quite a few of the recent releases. And while I'll never begrudge WG for making her a free ship, her inclusion in the Puerto Rico dockyard seems... strange. Yeah, she's Canadian, but she was built in the UK. It's not like Atlantico, which might have been Brazilian, but would have been designed and built in a British shipyard. Her inclusion definitely feels a bit rushed, considering that there are alternative USN ships, such as WV41 or Monaghan or Sims or Indy, that would have fit the bill as well. But it won't stop me from getting a bit excited over something new and different. Puerto Rico is certainly not a Napoli, and doesn't play like one. I'd say she's a more passive Alaska, and if you play Alaska like Napoli, you're going to have a hard time.
  13. uberuberkid40

    Are These Guys Suppose To Be Memes

    Bro, Lady Liberty once appeared shiny and new. It's not that deep, we don't have portraits of the normal commanders showing them as decrepit old men in their senility either.
  14. uberuberkid40

    News ships being announced on WOWS stream

    I think that it is far more likely that Alvaro de Bazan ends up as a steel or RB ship. Historically, the more wacky and weird a ship's gimmicks are, the more likely it's going to end up as a steel ship at the very least, and Bazan's burst fire mode seems a bit too fun for a coal ship.