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  1. Total_Failure

    Le Terrible

    A short smoke would be ideal, even 10 seconds would suffice.
  2. Total_Failure

    Le Terrible

    I just watch the game develop, look for a somewhat lone BB and hit speed boost and charge in. Mostly i die but at least do some damage, i just enjoy running around the map being stupid and annoying.
  3. Total_Failure

    World of Battleships

    Anyone with half a brain and some games under their belt can easily summarise whats going to happen early on, team deployment at the start being 1 primary indicator...
  4. Total_Failure

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    Wouldnt you just love to be in the WG board meetings when/if this sort of info. is discussed...
  5. Its a reroll account anyway...
  6. Total_Failure

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    Ive been checking player WR for ages now after the battle, the most consistent result is half of each team is below 50%, the other half varies. Many on this forum quote you win 40%, lose 40% and the 20% you can sway. Well ive seen plenty of players below 40% that are active and the ship is being played, or like a Musashi today that just sailed straight ahead and did nothing, not even shoot (just under 2500 games in Musashi alone), clearly a bot.
  7. Total_Failure

    Dam this game, made me uninstall it again

    Many more humans in coop now at every time of the day so its a competition even more. Its taken sometime but i dont really care that much anymore about win/loss, im more interested in playing ships i enjoy. Still have my moments, lets see what the CV rework brings.
  8. Total_Failure

    Refund for Kronstadt

    Done it myself down that channel, double kill too. So much fun, just make sure DCP isnt on cooldown.
  9. Total_Failure

    Refund for Kronstadt

    Whack a ramming flag on it for coop, choose the right moment u have hp to get a ram or 2 in.
  10. Total_Failure


    Heres some feedback: Ive been using it fine for months now on Win10 hand built custom pc. I read all the horror stories and was hesitant at first, but so far no issues or complaints.
  11. Based on what evidence???? Talk about drawing a long bow...
  12. Total_Failure

    For USD$1.00, It Works for Me

    That my Daring WR after 61 games..
  13. Total_Failure

    For USD$1.00, It Works for Me

    More capable than most think, especially after the buff
  14. Total_Failure

    How to profit from Carrier changes?

    moved to tier 8
  15. Total_Failure

    Lets start the New year with a cure for this madness.

    I already have 2..