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  1. Simzee

    So Sick of the Lies of Match Maker.

    Back in early WoT days MM displayed tier of vehicles in queue. Players soon caught on and started using it to advantage, then WG removed it.
  2. Simzee

    WoW replacement

    Not as far to fall as electric pushy(which is how i broke my elbow), but a hell of a lot more faster.
  3. Simzee

    WoW replacement

    Ill probably break another bone at some point, not really worried i got free medical on everything.
  4. Simzee

    WoW replacement

    Claimed 40 mph seen Youtubes on confirmed 37mph, im in AU where everythings limited to 25klm/h...nope got mine unrestricted to "use on private property only"... My son rode it on the street today out front of house and got 36klm/h so i know the restriction isnt there (1 wheel powered in eco mode, lowest gear)
  5. Simzee

    WoW replacement

    Soon as my broken elbow has healed properly, less time playing WoW more time riding this
  6. I ran it @1440p on a GeForce 750 until a few months ago, I had to adjust gfx settings of course and it would get below 40fps at times, on a 3.2ghz intel core i3. OP needs to give us rig specs
  7. Simzee

    Critical insults

    Thats all mr burning sensation does, ex a crying hipster, ignore him. He will try to circumvent any argument you put forward, anyone with a keyboard and a computer can write what he wrote. If hes so darn good at everything, why is he wasting his time posting on a internet game forum. Go put all your energy into something that helps others in the REAL world mr burning....im sure ill get some pseudo intellectual reply to that informing me of everything about me etc, etc
  8. Simzee

    Most DD Players are BAD

  9. Simzee

    If you don't think submarines...

    If you want to get technical they were not really submarines, just surface vessels that could submerge for a short amount of time. Some might say a submersible, the germans called them U Boot- undersea boat.
  10. Simzee


    I doubt OP will return, perhaps should have stayed at skool longgerr...
  11. Simzee

    If you don't think submarines...

    Submarines are it, everthing else is just a target. Ask any IRL submariner ( that used to be the saying for RAN submariners when i served). The “target” that i served on we took part in the RAN evaluation of the mk48 ADCAP. One launched at us failed to stop its run at the due distance, mad scrambles by sub and us, for the target we did nor escape the torpedo surfaced 500m off the starboard quarter. I was a sonar operator at that time but i wasnt on the set, my action station was starboard lookout. I could hear some of the ops room comms traffic it was a mad scramble. No warhead on the torp of course but a big hole in the side if the hull had it hit would have ruined a few careers.
  12. Simzee


    Amazing isn’t it what the players on this forum come up with.
  13. Simzee

    Examining Benham. Is she worth the grind.

    This a good description, Ive fouind that once the reds know your around they stay out of torp range, which is only good if your team can take advantage of keeping the reds at bay. If they do its usually a win, if not well we all know how that ends. And yes i have it and do play it check my stats if you like.
  14. Garbage teams around anytime, certainly not exclusive to weekends. Get over it or don’t play
  15. Simzee

    The best way to farm reports

    I needed some funnies this morning, thank you all!!