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  1. Simzee

    Abusive purple players

    Mr VGLance i had the odd debate with him he came back to the game using different names but it was so obvious who it was. Everyone else was suffering from Dunning- Kreuger syndrome apparently, amongst other things. Anyone with a computer and internet access could post the same [edited] he often put up to justify or pursue their own actions
  2. Simzee

    Bonus Code FESTUM

    Bonza works on EU too.
  3. Simzee

    New T6 premium German CV

    What happened to if it’s not broken don’t fix it?
  4. And you come to this conclusion how? OP post is a personal opinion not fact, so are ours. I personally would like to know what a highly functioning adult is according to you? Oh wait my post is about as ridiculous as yours...
  5. Simzee

    CV rockets need a nerf

    I'm a garbage 49% and even I know this too be true.Skyspartan you're not doing yourself any favours continuing that line.
  6. Simzee

    Win Rates and Number of Games

    Poor old horse as if he hasnt been flogged enough already
  7. It’s. not rocket science :) a competent CV player can wreck any ship in the game if it wants to, that same competent player is more than likely also quite good in other ships as well. Certainly you can specialise playing one class over another. I aim my comments particularly at tier 8/10 CV play as the planes are way more deadly, its quite easy to determine the skill level of the red CV by how they play. Of course they dont win every game and still lose planes, as much as this game gets dumbed down every patch it still takes some brainpower and other skills/ability to ‘git gud’ in more than 1 class of ship.
  8. Simzee

    A message to all CV-haters

    Shooting down planes is fun
  9. Simzee

    DDs...DDs everywhere!

    Since I went to EU CV seem quite popular.
  10. I got one when my account went to EU
  11. Simzee

    Too hard on players with PR?

    Theres been the odd player on here who has related being good at this game means IRL you are successful as well. If your bad at the game then your probably not that successful in life. What an absolute boatload of [edited] is that, since name n shame isnt allowed i cant say who it was but some of them have moved on now thankfully. Never argue with an idiot they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience
  12. Simzee

    Too hard on players with PR?

    Love the signature. Dont forget “ the only way they will take my guns is from my cold, dead hands”
  13. Simzee

    Very concerned for the future of DD game play

    Thats because they are not very skilled, i get hit with rockets from tier 8 cv if the CV player has a modicum of skill. No ship in this game is totally immune to a half decent CV skipper.
  14. Simzee

    Earl Grey (Shame on You!)

    Its got me stuffed how they employed him anyway....