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  1. Simzee

    DDs...DDs everywhere!

    Since I went to EU CV seem quite popular.
  2. I got one when my account went to EU
  3. Simzee

    Too hard on players with PR?

    Theres been the odd player on here who has related being good at this game means IRL you are successful as well. If your bad at the game then your probably not that successful in life. What an absolute boatload of [edited] is that, since name n shame isnt allowed i cant say who it was but some of them have moved on now thankfully. Never argue with an idiot they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience
  4. Simzee

    Too hard on players with PR?

    Love the signature. Dont forget “ the only way they will take my guns is from my cold, dead hands”
  5. Thats because they are not very skilled, i get hit with rockets from tier 8 cv if the CV player has a modicum of skill. No ship in this game is totally immune to a half decent CV skipper.
  6. Simzee

    Earl Grey (Shame on You!)

    Its got me stuffed how they employed him anyway....
  7. Got on to forum log in yet to try game client, ticket submitted for email change etc
  8. Finally got in but premium time is gone, yet to check other items
  9. Agree its woefully inadequate, meanwhile im playing my old account on EU as thats all i can use. Off to bed now maybe it will be sorted when i wake up in about 4 hrs...yeah right got more chance of winning lotto.
  10. Still no joy, or email or anything else...superb customer relations here chaps and getting close to 24 hrs on my location. maybe its sleep time for the WG team...
  11. Why should we have to go through that when they messed up, as stated in another thread i submitted a ticket on this exact issue and its disappeared rather quickly
  12. Simzee

    WHat happens when a NC rams a Alaska?

    Ramming flag good for co-op
  13. Simzee

    It's Losses like this that....

    Its losses like this that...prove you cant educate stupid no matter the form it takes.
  14. Goverment regulation..like thats ever done any good-careful what you wish for.
  15. Fun isnt it, my ticket logged on EU just disappeared not long after i lodged it. Ticket number does not exist even though i got the ticket created email. My $$ had been in a very receding decline anyway, that decline is now intensified even more by potato issues like this. IF it gets fixed I'll still play but a business's reputation takes a long time to build and a lot less time to ruin