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  1. If you have a functionally working brain with no disorders you would realise how silly u make yourself look with this question, even though you know it’s bait.
  2. Simzee

    DDs still not playable

  3. Simzee

    Please limit Naval Battles to Randoms only

    Hardly think that WG will give 1 player what they want...
  4. Geez that's bad, Print+Screen will get u a clipboard pic u can use. Even skilled players cant overcome spud city games...
  5. Simzee

    PTS: HE bomb nerf

    At the very least it makes you question their credibility on any balance change, its like government censorship in war time they only tell you what they want you to know\hear\ observe etc
  6. Simzee

    good job team.

    Are you actually trying to deny what a garbage result this is and its becoming mote prevalent? And no i dont need some fancy spreadsheet to prove it, this kind of result i see for myself eveyrtime i log in for a few games. Im now even seeing high WR divs just sitting back farming damage, and Im the crap player in that result huh...
  7. Simzee

    good job team.

    So whats new?
  8. Simzee

    matchmaking at it's best

    I had one like that in Sims recently, zero damage and 5 planes shot down on the way to my cap point. Game over before i knew it, got approx 25k profit after costs and in the top 5....what a game...
  9. Simzee

    Yugumo Tier 8 Planes

    At least it can shoot down Tier 8 planes -27 this game
  10. Simzee

    Playing DD against CVs

    Thanks I wasn’t aware of the finer aspects as I don’t play CV.
  11. Simzee

    Playing DD against CVs

    Midway HE dB are the bane of any ship.
  12. Simzee

    German BBs Diasappearing

    Plenty of GK, Freddies and Bismarcks around in the games im playing recently.
  13. I never watched many CV replays under the old system as they were just too boring. Now they're fun to watch and its interesting to see how CVs do at different tiers in the replays. Just as always when ive had enough of playing, i d/l a few replays and sit back and enjoy.
  14. Simzee

    Absolutely ridiculous WG