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  1. Now i see how the UI doesnt scale @4k but dang that looks good when even partially zoomed in @4k
  2. Thank you everyone for the kind words. SmirkingGerbil your stats are already better than mine so not sure if i can offer anything useful but the main points for me: Stop when losing 2 or 3 in a row (i never used to in the past) Play ships you enjoy, and can do well in. Less weekend play has helped me enjoy my limited playtime more, which means Im less frustrated.
  3. I 'felt' like i was improving and was blown way by how much. I had been losing consistently for months, go up a bit, go down more. Simple fact is i was only playing for stats, stupid I know and it was ruining the game for me. I played one Sunday, played for probably 8-10 hrs lost so many games and just flipped. Uninstalled the game, dismissed 4 19 pt captains i was so pissed off swore I would never play again. There was no drama queen thread, I obviously needed a break it was just so stupid dismissing those captains because i have to grind them all again. not_acceptable notice how you're gradually improving and the average tier played is getting higher as well, is this solo play?
  4. The other thing I have changed is i try not to play too many games in a row, i would start losing then keep playing just to get that win in before..................well we all know how that ends. Its obvious I'm terrible at BB's which I already knew. The other thing is less weekend play, i now have a regular 9-5 job (it was shiftwork for over a year) i can usually get 1-3 games in before I go to work (play in AU so that means late arvo-early evening NA server time). Playing ships I enjoy more has obviously worked to some extent as well.
  5. All you new players take heart, if I can improve anyone can :) My 15 minutes of being purple has arrived, tier 6/7 is where I do best by the looks and I do have the most fun at these tiers. I thought I had been improving a little bit, but a 70% WR over the last 30 days, wow i must be doing something right. Dont worry folks, I'm sure Ill go backwards again as Ive just picked up the Grozovoi and my Tier X performance is abysmal :)
  6. Just got mine as well as a new personal challenge, had Gearing/Z52/Khab(only for 15 games didnt like it) (will never get Shima) Ive specced it enough so planes wont perma spot me. Only 12pt skipper for now but camo/flags will soon sort that out. Gearing/Z52 and now this are combo/hybrid boats which i prefer, though with this one having the best guns it will be interesting. Must mentally prepare again to suffer the X.............................
  7. In the RAN we referred to the red paint as 'red lead' due to having lead as one of the ingredients. After is was phased out we used a black, tar like paint we called 'boot topping'. Boy was that stuff a sticky, black mess and we never bothered keeping the paint brushes or rollers after using that stuff.
  8. Cant say I've noticed in the the few games this weekend.
  9. If for no other reason it prints creds, in co op or randoms.
  10. What i don't understand, is why you don't understand that there comes a point where some people/players can only get so far in life/games etc whatever it is. It doesn't mean you don't stop trying. When I first started playing WoT (and don't try to tell me there different games or that i play ships like tanks etc) at just over 7000 games I was at 46% WR. That was my original NA account that got transferred to SEA, i quit that account when i got to 49% overall WR. Started another Wot NA account, got to 52% WR overall and by that time had enough of playing WoT and gave the whole game away. Now here I am in ships at 48% WR overall, i play to win every single game as to me while i enjoy playing it, LOSING isn't fun, but WINNING isn't everything.
  11. Take me as an example then. I havent looked at my stats in probably 4 -6 weeks or more because when I last checked i had been dropping in WR for months on end. And you know i couldn't really work out why. Guess I just suck at trying to work out why I was going backwards. I watch almost (but not all)back every game I win or lose, and i can mostly spot the moves that cost the team something yet i fail to recognise it in game at the time. Yet i still make some of those mistakes again, what Im trying to say is there comes a point where no matter how hard people try you're only going to get so far. Not every one can rule the world.
  12. So [edited]what?? Arguing on the Internet is like competing in the special olympics..even if you win you're still a [edited].
  13. I left SEA long ago, boxes in chat every game etc etc so many reasons it's simply a shitter server to play on
  14. One for the tin foil hatters amongst us, within 2 hours of buying Perth I got a super container with the smoke mod. Have not seen a SC since...
  15. Double fighters here too, tbh uptiering doesn't bother me just means I get more XP. Trying not to check my stats in it coz then Ill just play worse trying to get better in it....