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  1. Your favorite Tier 8 Destroyer

    Kidd-never have to worry about CV and can still fight other DD's fine.
  2. As mentioned it’s NOT anyone’s pc with so many experiencing the same issue me included, a gtx 1070 is more than capable of running this game as mine does at max. everything 2440x1440
  3. Kidd or Des Moines

    What’s your play style and what ships do you prefer? Tier X can make good coin if you get the 5k doubloon camo as it boosts income and reduces expenses. Kidds one of my better performance ships as I like USN DD’s
  4. Who have you seen in game

    Indeed I was especially in Co-op
  5. Talk about flogging a dead horse this stuff has been brought forward for years now, from WoT now here....
  6. Worked for me, thanks!!
  7. So BB's

    I DID say in one of my posts i div with a BB player, solo randoms are such a head [edited] these days its why i div, since when is that a crime?? So many of the so called 'good' players do exactly that, have a look at my improvement before that and actually count my solo games, my improvement isnt just because I div. And nowhere did i claim to be some uber player, other trolls decided to bring up stats not me.
  8. So BB's

    Such a worthy comment...............my OP said what I wanted to say, that too much for you to work out.......................with that many battles under your belt if you have not worked it out yet then no one can explain it to you........
  9. So BB's

    Doing better than you.........................
  10. So BB's

  11. My WR after 125 games is 59.38 % which I think is my best performance in a DD, damage is only 30k average so I echo what’s going on re high damage games are the exception rather than the rule. Still I think they did an ok job on this, cv’s don’t seem super rare to me like everyone says. Warships today tells me I’m # 37 on list of best players on NA, for me that’s no small achievement
  12. So BB's

    As a DD main I’m not perfect but one of the games we lost this happened, the BBS chickened out as soon as the reds showed up. Flank lost, bbs camp spawn and think they played well. There are plenty of good BB players out there, which is why I div with one when in my DD but you can only do so much.
  13. So BB's

    Yes you played my games and know exactly how they went...........................your reply is a bunch of excuses..
  14. So BB's

    2 tier 7 games rest tier X (gearing-Z52)
  15. So BB's

    Someone who can read between the lines.