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  1. Bought it back as it was a favorite from long ago, if the USS Kidd comes out in its current config it could be my Sims replacement. I took this ship from a lowly 46% WR to where it is now (nothing fantastic mind you). 1 close game out of my recent 3, barely get do do any damage. I use these sea mines to area deny with the 65 sec reload. The 36k damage one was the only quality game of the 3 (Fiji caught me out and took 16k off me in 2 salvos-SE kept me in the game), the other 2 were steamrolls.
  2. Suppose we’ll only truly know how the changes affect the ships once patch hits and play them. Seriously doubt I’ll be getting rid of either, specially since I’m an Aussie and my Perth is a 19 pt skipper.
  3. If I sold my Perth I would have a wasted 19 pt captain, or do they take the captain away too?
  4. What ships?? What did I miss???
  5. Hell a lot of em cant even complete operations at Tier 6, or even beat bots on co-op..
  6. Got the Hydro mod from an SC last week, added it to my Z-52 build. Z-52 offers many build choices and captain skill builds
  7. Be interested to hear your observations about SEA after some time, i quit the server some time ago for various reasons.
  8. Thing is you see crap play from every ship of every class, WG is dumbing the game down to suit the masses just like they did in WoT. Go play WoT again and see how long most games last(i go back occasionally and always to my regret, no its not this account).
  9. Wont make a lick of difference because the players who need to read this will never visit the forum to read it
  10. Just another typical high tier crap festival where one team rolls another, much fun had by neither.
  11. This forum is NOT 95% of the games community..
  12. 1st picture HMAS Torrens paid off in 1998. On 14 June 1999, Torrens was sunk by a live Mark 48 Mod 4 torpedo fired by the Collins-class submarine HMAS Farncomb during the latter's combat system trials.[
  13. Vampire was still in service when i was in the RAN, although it paid off not long after i joined. If this tier 3 iteration can take my Perth skipper Ill reconsider.
  14. Post war Vamps I’d be all over it, even as an Aussie doubt I’ll get this iteration but who knows.