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  1. Premium Ship Review: Gascogne

    Same turret arrangement, but less powerful overall than Republique. I liked the Gascan until I took it into randoms, tried using speed to get to a flanking position but I either get spotted by a dd or aircraft and get wrecked. All 3 games were Tier X. I like the Mass. much more even though it’s a lot slower.
  2. Crushing weekend defeats

    Happens during the week as well.
  3. I’ve had nothing like that damage wise yet, I agree nerfs suck but that’s the WG merry go round they did in WoT they are doing it here(though so far it’s not as bad as tanks).
  4. It will take me some time to get used to the slow 16’” shells but I usually target 1 ship with secondary and focus mains on another, that being threat dependant.
  5. Fort Rinella battery

    Forgotten Weapons plus InRange TV are the only ones I’ve patreoned to, i like the content of both
  6. It is indeed a fun ship, playing at the back and snipers is so boring
  7. Kronshtadt! i got her finally

    I’m having quite the opposite experience with it, don’t care what MM throws at me this ship can handle it.
  8. Kronshtadt. Fear Nothing Comrades

    If you like cruisers get it, it’s surprisigly tanky and handles better than the stats suggest. ive been citadel hit from the rear and side but nothing front on yet, it’s only got 25mm of bow armour. RNG has been kind to me, I find the guns quite fine and even though I’ve only played 5 randoms I’ve done plenty of Co-op and builds to finalise where I’ve got it now.
  9. Kronshtadt. Fear Nothing Comrades

    Fun Bote indeed, the fast shell speed is awseome and even junk shooters like me can hit things beyond 10klm..
  10. So [edited]what if it is? Mine is crap too but it doesn’t change the fact about he had a really garbage CV player on his team. idiots always drag out this git gud shite, not everyone can be Unicum or even average in this game (uh duh just like in real life it takes many kinds to make a planet) so plainly just [edited] off with this [edited] or just don’t post.
  11. Such a brainless and crowd behaviour response which is no better than the OP thread.
  12. Unique upgrade is pretty useless

    How the [edited] do you get them then as i still dont see anything in game?
  13. Won’t matter they’ll cheap out on something and [edited] the whole process up like they always do
  14. I’ve also tried it in Co-op, not worth it