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  1. I just look at the WR of players on both teams after the game ends, with few exceptions the team with more higher WR players gets the victory.And haze is correct, over half the players on both teams are well below 50%. And im simply not good enough to carry that.
  2. The Upside to being uptiered

    Like this though not quite as high.
  3. Transaction Error

    Theres a bug in inventory when selling an item, if you click out while the selling wheel is spinning, quite often the item will sell and you get the credits but the item is still in inventory. It only works once but you can do it again evey 24hrs. It doesnt work every time but its a good little silver earner.
  4. Udaloi — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    Most fun ship ive played in the game
  5. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    My results thus far
  6. Finally made 750k free XP, what next?

    Sitting on almost 900k free xp myself
  7. How many Australians play on NA?

    +1 here i ditched my AU account long ago, had Gremy on it too.
  8. London, The 2017 Camo and Huang He!

    At least the Huang can shoot down planes, Perth not so much.
  9. Perhaps you could have placed this in the CV rework topic.....
  10. Recommended ship for Op Aegis?

    I use HuangHe
  11. Do you buy USS Salem?

    The service cost is half already, 90,000. it comes with std Tier x perma camo so you get another 50% off, down to 45k without any other modifiers. I have my service cost at 27k
  12. Abruzzi.

    Played a few in coop to get a feel for it, randoms next...
  13. Won the few games I need to get to R15 I the Mass. At the moment I’m seeing a lot of very good players on both teams, I’m sure that will thin out once they move up in rank.
  14. My thoughts on tier 10 ranked.

    Had 1 battle with a Stalingrad in it today, 61% WR player don’t recall clan. 3rd on the roster, our team won.
  15. Massachusetts personal best

    I experimented a lot in coop and training rooms and stuck with IFHE build