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  1. Gsync issues

    This has been an on going issue since I acquired this equipment over the past couple years. Thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone else is noticing it. I've got two different monitors with gsync and both have trouble with World of Warships when it is enabled. My laptop has a (MSI/unknown mfgr) 15" 1080p 60hz IPS Gsync panel with GTX 1070. When gsync is enabled (vsync off) it studders baddly even though it never drops below 60fps. It does this in port as well as in a match. Enabling vsync/disable gsync and it's fine (input lag though as usual with vsync). My desk unit has a Dell 2716dgr 27" 1440p 144hz TN Gsync moniter with GTX 1070ti. When gsync is enabled it flashes when adding flags etc and has strange mostly transparent verticle striping, like looking through a screen with only the vertical lines. Once in a match or letting it just sit undisturbed in port it runs fine. If the port would get straightened out so it didn't have those massive strokes when you use the UI I probably wouldn't notice it so much. Game runs at a constant 75hz which the game is limited to. Again, turn on vsync/disable gsync and it's fine..., but the input lag... Anyone else experience these behaviors? Gsync shouldn't have to be supported by a game, but it's obviously the game causing the behavior. This is the only game I have this issue, even Tanks is fine.
  2. Free/won premium time

    We had a year deal for like 45 bucks at one point, probably never see that again. Then I got 2x 90 days in Christmas crates in '16 so I had about 18 mo worth starting in '17. Don't want to play standard, don't want to pay for a month of premium to play for a while maybe 5-6 days means back to 3 days at a time again, I won't play nearly as much. A system like Tanks has with the hourly boosters would be ideal.
  3. Please change premium time that we win in the game so the player can use it when they want. It means nothing to win it only to have it activated right away, then not having the time to use it. This has happened many times over the years where I pay for 3 days premium then win 24 hrs which is immediately added. Those days are always wasted as they end up on days I have work to pay for the non-free stuff.
  4. The New WGC Launcher

    Anything that runs on startup by default or doesn't shut down completely when I hit the 'X' in the upper right hand corner annoys the hell out of me and gets uninstalled unless I absolutely cannot get by without it.
  5. Leave team damage, but the offender takes as much damage as the victim the first indecent and 2x thereafter, or give all damage to the offender.
  6. Just finished building a Ryzen5 2600x/1070ti based tower. Destroys everything at 1080p, -actually using an old still great looking 24" Samsung Syncmaster 1920x1200 16:10 (really prefer that aspect ratio, too bad...,). I built it for 1440p/144hz Gsync, that's next.
  7. Simple, since it is not possible to own two of the same ship..., don't allow a sale of ships already owned unless they are for a different account. Just offer the package without the ship as the only option for those who currently own it.
  8. T8 Cleveland is Amazing

    Cleveland is just a T8 Atlanta that everyone has. Bad for the game I think. There was too much camping and hiding already. Needed cruisers with strong armor to move up and hold positions since BB's won't, not more this kind of playstyle ship. Faster Scharnhorst with quick firing 8" guns.
  9. Twitch issues

    I linked to Twitch a while back to get the free stuff. Didn't know it would do this. I am having issues with my port being switched to the Twitch port every time I restart the game (start game, twitch port is there, change it to something else, restart, twitch back again). Before I unlinked to twitch it would do this every time now it does it intermittently. It's doing on this on my laptop as well. The other login options such as google are missing on the login page also. Now, when it is intermittently switching the port, it's taking forever (3-4 min watching that anchor with the blue ring going around) to log into the game. If I leave the Twitch port selected when I exit it logs in normally every time. Anyone else having this issue? Any fixes? I had a support ticket on this and the next stop was screen shots... got closed before I had time.
  10. I wasn't logging in with Twich. I was using email and password. Just to try I went thru and logged in with Twich, then changed it back to email and password again and still have the same issue. Noticed too that the other methods of logging in (google etc.) are missing on the login screen now as well. Funny Wargaming would let Twitch take that much control over their stuff. Maybe have to try to unlink Twitch somehow. Hate to reinstall, but I don't like 3rd party stuff that does things like this. Edit; Disconnected Twich from Wargaming on the Twich settings page, still does this. Starting to get irritated now.
  11. Signals

    Still waiting on this one. After a couple hours I switch to playing something else sometimes..., adding 6-8 of these individually every match gets to be a real time consuming chore. If it can be set to load them automatically after a match the works for this feature must mostly already be there. Should be at least as important as rearranging and altering the definitions of them every third patch or so.
  12. Yes..., I know that. When I change it to something else it returns to the Twich port the next time the game is started.
  13. Anyone know what to change so the game don't default load the Twich port every start? I know this came with the Twich goodies, but purple ain't my favorite color.
  14. Please change the way signals are applied. Have check boxes that remain until unchecked by each signal flag and one mount button for all. It's very tedious the way it is now.