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  1. Jinxed_Katajainen

    Slowing down is backwards...

    This is what you see in the Titanic movie at the iceberg scene, right?
  2. My Grandfather was drafted into the IJN and served as a radioman stationed on both Paramushir and Shumshu Islands in the Kuriles. His unit wasn't directly in combat, but he was there as part of a support/signals platoon to assist the navy security units stationed there as well. After the Soviet invasion of the Kuriles in August 1945, he was captured after one of the final battles of WW2, the Battle of Shumshu island. Taken POW, he was sent to a labor camp in Magadan Russia where he survived until he was repatriated in 1949 on the ship Ehiko Maru. I also have a great uncle who served on a ship which he went down with based in Southeast Asia and another great uncle who was in the IJA during the Malay campaign, but unfortunately I haven't been able to get any further information about them.
  3. Jinxed_Katajainen

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    How bugged is the test session/mechanics? - Did not run into anything that actually felt like a gamebreaking bug, but there are a handful of minor errors and things that I would fix/change/improve on. -- Plane models do not match labels in port. eg: D3A module on Ryujo has the D4Y model -- When receiving containers, the camera breaks and doesn't show the supply ship. -- When the return camera to original position after freecam is unchecked, it still returns camera when flying a plane after letting go of RMB -- When trying to turn one way and look in the other, the two controls will 'fight' on which way to turn. -- Planes will takeoff straight from the carrier, but seem to 'sideslip' in the animation until they settle into their spots. during this time, the controls don't seem to take input correctly and turning the camera will make them go into into a spiraling turn. Is the new UI and mechanics playable? - Yes, the UI and mechanics are playable as a proof of concept. -- Bombs feel like they could use better dispersion (sigma?). They tend to drift away from the center most of the time, hard to hit targets even with smallest reticule. -- Rockets don't seem to line up with the reticule on where they actually hit. -- IJN has the combination of DW torpedoes and AP bombs which makes them really weak against destroyers. The fighters need better rockets to make up for this shortfall to make them a little more effective against enemy destroyers. -- Would feel better if mouse was limited to panning the camera and controls to turn planes stayed with WASD only. Or made into an either/or/both option for those who want it. Looking one way and turning the other requires you to hold RMB for freelook. There's no way to hold your direction like you can with ships where you can lock your turrets to a direction and look around freely without holding down RMB. -- Need a way to cancel an attack run. Currently you have to wait until the animation finishes, attack nothing, or recall squadron. -- Tapping W after boosting to max speed lets you use boost for a lot longer period of time than probably is intended. Boost should probably be a consumable to speed up rather than refilling the boost meter. Make speed increase from holding W down a lot less than what it is now. -- Dive bombers need to stop climbing before diving again. They may be more easier to aim if they started at a higher altitude and started diving in a smooth downward animation. How does the new aircraft and ship gameplay feel? - Aircraft gameplay feels fun overall, but feels very 'detached' from the carrier itself -- No way to use consumables or move the carrier other than waypoints while planes are in the air -- Fighters need to be more controllable in where they actually show up and can patrol. -- Reduction in scouting capability should be compensated somehow. Something like a scout consumable could be considered similar to the fighters, but the plane does nothing but spot the area that it is called into. - Ship gameplay needs work -- Standard ships appear to work as intended, the AA sector change works, AA guns damage and shoot planes down. -- Carriers are very vulnerable to enemy planes. Attempting to sink a CV at the start of the match and the first one to actually do so will put a very big advantage to their team. Like the way carriers received Defensive Fire consumable on the live server, they need something to protect themselves. If you don't play aircraft carriers now, would the proposed rework encourage you to try more battles in CVs? - Stopped playing for some time, The new gameplay will make me want to return to playing CVs again. - Following points of frustration have been removed with this new gameplay. -- RTS controls not always responding to input -- Unpopular mechanics such as strafing being removed -- Running out of planes stemming from many targets having very strong AA, but being forced to attack them out of reasons such as them being the only targets left on enemy team. -- Number of squadrons too many to control with current control setup, no way to group them. -- Feels like you are in the action now with the planes and not watching a zoomed out overview of the battle. If you are a current CV player, would the new game play appeal to you or turn you off from continuing to play CVs? - Former CV player, stopped playing. Other Feedback - Are the Type 3 No.25 AP bombs the Ryujo DBs have a WG original or are IJN SAP bombs going to be treated as AP by the game? The IJN never had a 250kg AP bomb IRL, but they did have a Type 99 250kg SAP bomb. Will there be a choice to load HE bombs? Will the USN receive Mark33 AP as an option? - J5N Tenrai is a land based interceptor. Will this plane stay as the Tier 10 torpedo bomber?
  4. Looks like they fixed the issue with 7.6. With my own voice mod selected, but using the HSF captains, the HSF voices are playing. Edit: Nevermind, they didn't... If there's any events I don't have set in my personal mod and the HSF captains do, then those will play, but otherwise it's the personal mod.
  5. Jinxed_Katajainen

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    Definitely looks a lot better now =)
  6. Jinxed_Katajainen

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    It flips fine, but the in-game teamlist icons aren't the large size that was there in past versions.
  7. Jinxed_Katajainen

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    Just keep an eye open when they have a major update though. I've seen reference numbers change and my script stuck my 'spotted by radar' image in the 'torpedo detected' slot... surprised the heck out of my when I had a bunch of radar icons show up when trying to dodge a spread of torpedoes. I had a similar thing with WoT.. was getting bored with the game and made myself a Girls & Panzer voice and music pack for it. Got me right into the game again. WoWS I've been using Kancolle and Arpeggio mods..
  8. Jinxed_Katajainen

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    I have no idea either... that's how I used to do it before I wrote the batch file. I'm using JPEXS v9.0.0 if it makes a difference.. Ohh, so that's how you put more than one line in a batch file. Learn something new every day.
  9. Jinxed_Katajainen

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    The way I do it.. thanks to Iku_19 for showing me this. Put the swf file and the image file in the same folder as your JPEXS exe. I made a batch file so I don't have to keep typing this.. but the line goes ffdec.bat -replace hud_lib.swf hud.swf 153 HE.png lossless2 This basically runs the commandline JPEXS, replaces Image #153 in hud_lib, renames the output to hud.swf (which I rename back to hud_lib.swf), replaces with HE.png (My custom HE ammo icon) and replaces it as a png (the lossless2 part) rather than a JPEG3
  10. Jinxed_Katajainen

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    I found you have to use the commandline version to replace the string and image if you're using JPEXS. It's a few extra steps but it's been working for me so far.
  11. Jinxed_Katajainen

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    Good news with the 'new' method of making folders and drag/drop tho... copying the mod folder from 5.2.0 to 5.2.1 worked just fine so I think as long as WG keeps this method, we won't need to unpack/repack the pck files anymore. Just some voices don't work at the moment so seems like WG is still working on the backend for it.
  12. Jinxed_Katajainen

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    The carousel filter? These little flags (Made them all Japan)
  13. Jinxed_Katajainen

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    They moved the flags for the filter and carousel to .\World_of_Warships\res\gui\nation_flags I just copied the Japanese flag and renamed it to Germany here.. it displays like it's supposed to.
  14. Mostly has to do with 'doubling up' of the aircraft on the ships, but the skin is shared between Myogi and Kongo's spotter plane, causing Myogi's plane to say 'Kongo-1' on the wing. Just a visual thing.
  15. your avatar is addicting to me :o