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  1. Event Updates Finishing E-2 will reward the Etorofu class Kaibokan, Sado Aerial support will change * Support proc conditions will change * There will be a slight buff to the effect * An additional ASW patrol effect will be added to the aerial support ASW patrol When your support fleet is composed of CVL and Kaibokan/DDs with ASW capabilities, they will perform a ASW Patrol attack against enemy subs Land Based aircraft ASW patrol If you posess ASW capable land based aircraft, then enemy submarines can be attacked. Finishing E-2 at medium or higher will reward the ASW patrol plane, Tokai. * The Tokai can also be obtained later this year in standard maps This is a pre-implementation and currently options are limited, but more like the Tokai will be added in the future First half of Leyte Part 1 will be 3 maps First two are standard fleet, third will be combined fleet E-1 - Second mobile fleet, anchors aweigh E-2 - Preparations for Operation Sho ichi-go E-3 - Commence operation Sho ichi-go New 'vigilance' formation Ships in the second half of the ship list will be screening for the main force in the first half of the list. The screening ships will be targetted more often, but will have a buff to evasion. The main fleet in the back will have firepower reduced E-2 and beyond, the 3rd fleet can be organized into a 7 ship mobile fleet. Under certain conditions, a damaged ship can retreat singly from this formation. The equipment 'Mobile fleet HQ' needed to perform the retreat can be obtained after finishing the first half and obtaining 'Action Report' item and using it with the existing 'Fleet HQ' equipment.
  2. E-1 is Amami Islands/Taiwan '2nd Mobile fleet, anchors aweigh', E-2 'Commence operation Sho ichi-go' British DD and CL k2 this winter New 'vigilance' formation will be available. The ships in the bottom half of the list will be out front on guard for the ships in the first half.
  3. Makes sense.. it's Fuso, Yamashiro, Mogami, Shigure, Michishio, Yamagumo, and Asagumo. On another note.. 対馬(つしま) - 艦名は長崎県の対馬にちなむ。1943年7月28日、日本鋼管鶴見造船所で竣工。佐世保にて終戦。1947年7月、賠償艦として中華民国へ引渡し、臨安(Ling-An)に改称。後に敷設艇に改造。1963年除籍・解体された。 Tsushima, named after Tsushima island. Launched in 1943, transferred to ROC navy in 1947 as a reparation ship and renamed Ling-An. Dismantled 1963 Tsushima kai rename to Ling-An? Could this be the first step to getting Yukikaze Kai2 aka Tan Yang?
  4. Some event info 4 maps Certain maps, including the final can sortie a 7 ship mobile fleet. The final map is based on the 1st mobile fleet, 3rd division and it's final night battle (Surigao) Mobile fleet can retreat a single damaged ship Unlike the combined fleet retreat, it doesn't need an escort destroyer The new equipment 'mobile fleet HQ' can be obtained during the event using the exiting 'Fleet HQ' and 'action report'. Can be obtained in all difficulty levels The mobile fleet HQ equipment is needed to allow a ship to retreat from the mobile fleet Escort not needed Fuel/Ammo will be emptied 1 ship can retreat per battle Can be further damaged, but will not sink New kanmusu, Etorofu Class Kaibokan Tsushima, new plane Type 4 Hayate
  5. I used the WG modpack for the first time... does it not allow you to install the mod to where your WoWS client isn't? eg: install to temp directory and move the files yourself.
  6. Small Update 01-02) Decisive battle Mogami now is in Surigao mode art, she aso has decisive battle eve voices Yamashiro and Fuso also now have decisive battle eve voices 03) ASW update ASW effective firepower cap has been increased Having a high ASW stat will allow you do do better damage against subs 04) Sagiri art change Sagiri's casual clothing art had a minor change
  7. Harbor Hime, Island Oni, and AA cutins coming to KCA
  8. Must have gotten that from Kitakami
  9. Yeah, feel the same way about AL Soryu. 'Descendants of Dragons' Hosho is there because she was slated to be named Tappi (龍飛) after Tappi Promontory.
  10. The IJN shipgirls' appearance generally seem to be based on Japanese folk tales/mythology. Akagi/Kaga are kyuubi, Shokaku/Zuikaku are cranes, Kagero is in Onmyouji garb, Abukuma appears to be an Oni, Soryu and Shiranui's rabbit ears from the White Hare of Inaba, etc..
  11. Awesome.. see you there. =)
  12. Yep, that's something I've noticed while playing too. From how I understand this, there's a 3rd party enemy that everyone's opposed to like the KC Abyssals, but the 'good guys' are in separate factions with the US, UK, USSR in one and Germany and Japan in the other where they're fighting (on oddly historical maps: Pearl, Midway, Solomons, etc) against each other over disagreement on how to deal with them. So it's not really the fact that the IJN/KM are bad guys per se, but the in-fighting is told from the Allied point of view. We've had two events so far on the JP server cluster, been pretty simple so far since it's still pretty early after release. They're easy enough that I was able to finish them on auto, letting them run while I was doing something else. Haven't seen any lag playing from the US, stability has been good except for one night when they had a loss of link in AWS's network causing a server unavailable and resulting short rollback as well. Compensation was some coin, fuel, and gems (paid in-game currency).
  13. 来月展開予定の秋イベント2017:期間限定海域の実装準備を全力で進めています。今季秋イベ:期間限定海域は【捷号決戦!邀撃、レイテ沖海戦(前篇)】。 Fall 2017 event: Operation Sho-go Decisive Battle! Ambush, Leyte Gulf Battle (part 1), Two part event panned over fall and winter.
  14. lol, those were the days. I remember downloading a 1min 40mb quicktime video in like 4 hours. That file also took up like 1/5 of my free HDD space.
  15. Never knew it had such meaning... On another note, the Japanese localization uses 瘴気 (shouki) which is a translation for the Greek word 'miasma'. Honestly, this sounds better than both 'the taint' or 'the filth'