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  1. https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=187940
  2. WTB Hedgehog ASW launchers. Considering the implementation of the ASW Swordfish Mk.III and Isuzu's summer art firing Hedgehogs and the USN Mark 9 Depth Charges, think it's just a matter of time we get some more foreign ASW ships and equipment (And maybe an event to go with it) Speculations... Ships: HMS Westcott, HMS Venturer, USS England, USS O'Bannon Equipment: Hedgehog, Squid, Mousetrap, Mark VII DC, Mark 9 DC, ASDIC, E13A1b Type 0 Recon KMX MAD
  3. Double post
  4. Yep.. that's in Fall River, MA. Been a few years since I've been there. Should go back again.
  5. Looks like the date is Nov 4th now. Just got the email from WG
  6. Pretty much what the OP got... And Emden New Years reward, Albany anniversary reward, Mikasa ornament reward, Campbeltown PAX East prize, Marblehead Pax Prime prize, Kamikaze R from Project R, Arkansas Beta reward, Iwaki Alpha reward.
  7. Night operations flight crew and Night operations flight crew + Veteran carrier deck crew in addition to the Night variants of the Hellcat and Avenger were added, so one or more of a combination of these probably allows it.
  8. The new carrier cutin
  9. From what I'm reading, no. She's either night ops capable with just a night fighter as Mk.II or becomes a standard CVB at Mk.II Mod.2 where she needs night ops equipment like other standard carriers.
  10. Updates! Oh my god... 01) Summer Event 2017 End Thank you for playing 02) Summer limited time art and voices end Swimsuit mode and summer voices have been removed Naganami's chaofan mode ends as well The seasonal art will be stored in the shipdex 03) Zuiun festival mode end Zuiun festival limited time art has ben removed 04-05) Yukata mode start This year's Yukata mode limited time art has been implemented New ships such as Yura Kai2, Etorofu, Matsuwa, Kamoi and Libeccio will now have new art Isokaze also has started cooking sanma as well 06) Fall limited time voices Fall seasonal voices have been implemented News ships such as Asakaze, Matsukaze, Hatakaze, Amagiri, Sagiri, Ark Royal, and Richelieu have fall voices 07-09) New Fall Furniture The following lineup will be implemented in the furniture store Chinjufu Fall festival food stand Chinjufu Fall festival shooting gallery Nagatsuki Floor (New) Fall Floor Momiji Floor Mid Fall Rug Expensive Wooden Walls Fall Wallpaper Origami crane wallpaper Momiji wallpaper Nagatsuki Wallpaper (New) Red dragonfly wallpaper Maritime defense wallscroll Nanodesu wallscroll Fleet Review wallscroll Kaga model and dresser Onsen cypress bath Fugaku tile art Green Curtain Window Fall Window Nagatsuki window (new) Tsukimi window Gorgeous Tsukimi Window Susuki Window Dresser Hanger Rack Marchen Shelf Tsukiyomi Gramophone Teitoku's Desk Sanma Dinner table 10) Seasonal Furniture Seasonal changes to furniture have been implemnted for Fall mode Onsen cypress and rock baths are affected. The Chinjufu bar counter also has been updated for the event ships 11) Jukebox updates The following BGM has been implemented in the jukebox Chinjufu Fall Festival Akizuki's Sky 12-13) Akashi's Workshop changes With a certain Kanmusu's support, the 15.2cm triple gun can be upgraded With a certain kanmusu's support, the F6F-3 and F6F-5 can be upgraded *These can be converted to night fighters with a mission 14) New equipment The following new equipment has been implemented TBF torpedo bomber TBM-3D Night torpedo bomber Night operations flight crew Night operations flight crew + Veteran carrier deck crew * Can be obtained with today's new MarkIIKai missions 15) New Missions The following new missions have been impletemented Form up the refined task force Improve the transport fleet's proficiency Development of a Night Carrier Fighter Development of a Night Torpedo bomber Refined large aircraftc arrier, Anchors Aweigh! And others 16-17) Saratoga Mk.II Saratoga can be further uprgaded to the Night combat carrier Saratoga Mk.II * Blueprint and Prototype Catapult will be needed Saratoga Mk.II can further be refit to the armored carrier Saratoga Mk.II mod.2 *Blueprint will not be needed for this change 18) LSC update Update to LSC will allow the Supply ship/AV Kamoi to be constructued Under certain conditions, the carrier Saratoga can be constructed 19-20) Carrier cutin attacks Using a certain combination of carrier planes, Aircraft Carriers can now perform cutin attacks with more effective damage. * Certain strong Abyssals in the later stages can also perform this attack * Night attack carriers and night combat aircraft equipped carriers can also perform Nighttime cutin attacks * The Carrier cutin attacks will be updated as time progresses 21) Art changes Amagiri Kai has new art Luigi Kai can now be viewed in shipdex
  11. Just got email from WG stating the Corpus event on the USS Lexington has been postponed. They'll be giving us an update by the 15th.
  12. Comptiq CM ・海外大型空母改二は夜間作戦用空母になる ・夜間戦闘機のほかに復讐者の名を持つ艦攻実装 ・夜間攻撃用彗星を装備したあの部隊もif実装かも ・空母の「運」を活用する新要素くるかも ・秋のサンマ祭りと新艦情報は観艦式で発表? Info from the magazine Foreign CV Kai2 will be a Night Operation CV Night Fighters, TBF Avenger will be implemented Night Attack Suisei squadron 'what-if' may be implemented New mechanics to take advantage of CV 'Luck' stat Fall sanma festival and New ships to be announced at Fleet Review fan event Fuyo (Mount Fuji) Squadron https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/芙蓉部隊 Specialized in Night attack, equipped with Zeroes and Suisei AA from a US airbase during one of their attacks https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/芙蓉部隊#/media/File:OkinawaNightAA.jpg
  13. With an island that tall.. it can only be Fuso =P
  14. Corpus Christi airport is open, though the only flights are American Airline's from Dallas-FW at this time. Hobby and George Bush airports are now open with limited service. USS Lexington has also reopened today as well.
  15. It's actually kinda funny moving Misaki Akeno from Highschool fleet into an Apreggio ship. Feels really out of place. lol