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  1. Looks like they fixed the issue with 7.6. With my own voice mod selected, but using the HSF captains, the HSF voices are playing. Edit: Nevermind, they didn't... If there's any events I don't have set in my personal mod and the HSF captains do, then those will play, but otherwise it's the personal mod.
  2. Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Suggest we get these two guys from Naval Nonsense https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/lolz/comic-relief/ turned into actual captains in-game. Like this but with their 'Salty McGraw' and 'Tate R. Smith' names
  3. I was afraid of that. Thank for the answer =)
  4. Two Captains, same name

    We need the rename/reportrait feature from WoT implemented here.
  5. I'll have to give this a try since I've been using such an old version of something like this I think it's what broke my squadron numbers on carrier voices. Maybe not the best place to ask, but do the special voices, ie: Arpeggio, HSF, still work like the default National Voice+ after making a custom mod with this tool?
  6. Proposal - Japanese cruiser split

    Looks good so far... My 2cents Tier 4 - I'd agree with Nagara class, since Isuzu did have a real life AA refit which put 3x2 12.7cm HA guns, 11x3 25mm and 5x1 25mm AA guns. Tier 7 - Tone was introduced already as Tier 7 premium. I'd rather see her stay a premium and have some kind of aviation cruiser ability not found on any other ship. Replacement Tier 7 - I'd put Maya here. She has 4x2 guns and torpedoes + AA which would be along the lines of Tone. Maybe nerf soft stats a bit in turn for having the increased AA. Tier 8 - Takao was in the game as the nameship of the class way back in the day at Tier 8.. I'd put her back here. Tier 9 - Would have to go paper here, but no idea what I'd put. Clone Ibuki, call her Kai-Suzuya and give her a different AA loadout/stats and call it a day? Tier 10 - Would be interesting to see B-65 here, but would she be balanced against other Tier 10 cruisers with the weapon loadout she has?
  7. POLL: Remove BB Reload Horn

    Probably couldn't care less if it stays or goes, but there already was a 'click' sound that let you know your turret reloaded. Feels kind of redundant.
  8. Please Mute Heartbeat noise.

    /agree It was bad the first time around, why bring it back? What we had in 7.2 was fine. It's the kind of sound effect I'd expect to hear in a FPS like Call of Duty when your infantryman being affected by a flashbang or wounded, not when your ship is being hit in the vitals by a big damage hit. For those of you who are suggesting turning the volume down, it's the tone, not the volume that hurts the ears. All turning down the volume does is makes me unable to hear anything else in the game that's more important than simulating an ear ring. I would replace the sound with a blank silence clip, but it seems to be unmoddable
  9. Have two of each captain, one with 10 points and one with 1-6 points depending on which mission I got them on. Don't need more than one of each collectible captain.
  10. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Updates, バレンタインだクマ 01-03) Valentine Mode This year's Valentine Mode has statrted. CL Kuma and DD Ushio now have new valentines art 150+ ships, including the Kaibokan, Ark Royal, and Richelieu now have valentines voices 04) Setsubun mode end Setsubun seasonal art has been removed and can now be seen in the shipdex. 05) Hatsushimo hourly voices Hatsushimo kai and kai2 now has hourly voices. 06) HQ expansion HQ can now be expanced to 360 ships and another +40 equipment 07-09) New Equipment and AA BBV, CV, AV, and AA CA/CL with 12cm AA rocket kai2 can perform a rocket AA barrage in the AA phase When the rocket barrage procs, all air phase attacks against that ship will be nullified * Success rates will differ among ship types * A certain BBV sisters will have a very high success rate A new visual effect has been added for ships with Sanshiki during the AA phase 10-13) Akashi's workshop With a certain BBV kanmusu's support, the 12cm AA rockets can be upgraded to 12cm AA rockets kai2 * Action reports are necessary for this upgrade With a certain BBV kanmusu's support, the 12cm AA rockets kai2 can be refit With a certain kanmusu's support, 46cm Triple gun can be upgraded to 46cm triple gun Kai * New gun equipment materials will be requires for this upgrade With a certain kanmusu's support, 46cm triple gun kai can be further refit 14) UI upgrades The fairy in the shipdex will have a new gimmick The equipmentdex will be expanded 15) Jukebox updates The Jukebox will now have songs for February 16-17) Furniture shop changes Valentines furniture is now available in the furniture shop. Chocolate wallpaper Coffee wallpaper (new) Chocolate kitchen Chocolate slap desk Kongo tea set Chinjufu cafe (new) Kisaragi wallpaper Kisaragi window Cafe wallpaper (new) Cafe table set (new) Chocolate cake and tea set Hinamatsuri window and others 18-19) New missions The following new missions have been added * Upgrade the frontline planes * AA equipment expansion * Continue Matsuwa transport operation * New 4th Air Fleet, sortie * Elite 21st DD, prepare to sortie Today's missions will reward an action report, new gun materials, and a 12cm AA rockets kai2 20) Shokaku, Zuikaku, Musashi HQ voices Shokaku and Zuikaku, two ships that led the final mobile fleet in operation Sho 1-go, Musashi who challenged the Sibuyan Sea, and ships such as Chokai and Noshiro who were in Samar now have decisive battle voices.
  11. Would also like to dismiss my doubles of every Arpeggio captain I somehow managed to amass.
  12. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Been a while since I was able to upgrade Kai2s on the day they were released. Still have to catch up on levels for Michishio and Tama.. Tatsuta: Can equip Ka-go, Daihatsu, Ka-mi, OASW without 100 asw stat Murasame: Can equip Daihatsu and Fleet HQ
  13. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Updates!死にたい船はどこかしら? 01-02) Tatsuta Kai2 implemented CK Tatsuta Kai2 is now avaialable *She can equip Daihatsu and Ka-mi after remodel *Some devmats and burners will be needed *Blueprint is not needed *New voices will be implemented 03) Akashi's workshop changes With Tatsuta Kai2's support, the 53cm twin torpedoes can be upgraded 04-05) New Hourly voices DD Hatsuharu kai/kai2 now have hourly voices DD Shiratsuyu kai now has hourly voices 06-08) Seasonal voices and art In addition to last year's, ships such as Richelieu, Ark Royal, Gangut, Sado, and Tsushima have new setsubun voices Kinu has counterattack of setsubun voices Seasonal kimono art for ships such as Yamato and Warspite has ended and have been placed in the shipdex Casual clothes for ships such as Soryu and Shiranut has ended and have also been placed in the shipdex 09) Special spring missions have ended The spring missions have been removed End of Year Teitoku super exertion and Chinjufu bar counter Nanagusagayu mode have also ended Now it will be setsubun season 10) Kanmusu setsubun mode This year's setsubun mode has come, in addition to last year's, Asashimo and Sado will now be in setsubun mode. 11-12) Furniture store updates The following setsubun themed furniture is now available Setsubun wallpaper Plum wallpaper Snow field floor Doodle floor Kids' setsubun set Adults' setsubun set Mutsuki window Mutsuki desk Mutsuki wallpaper Mutsuki&Kisaragi dresser 6th DesDiv wallscroll Setsubun wallscroll Setsubun mamemaki set Ehomaki kitchen Teitoku's mahjong table *Special seasonal change 13) Teitoku mahjong table changes The mahjong table now is compatible with the 'strait award' The blanket has also been changed to a setsubun and valenties theme 14-15) New missions The following 5 new missions have been implemented * Maintain abiliy for long duration support * Matsuwa transport operation * Support supply ship Irako * Prepare 4th Torpedo squadron * 4th Torpedo squadron, sortie to the southern waters The latter two missions will have a special mission complete voice and rewards an action report 16) Murasame Kai2 implemented DD Murasame kai can now be further refitted to kai2 * Action report is needed * BP is not needed * New voices are also implemented 17) New HQ Voices Zuikaku and Shokaku now have limited time 'decisive battle' voices in HQ
  14. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Welp... tried LSC since Musashi construction rate increase came. Got her on the first build. Been playing this game since IBS in 2013, finally got both Yamatos. Now I'm just missing Asakaze and Sagiri
  15. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Updates! ルンガ沖の再現といっきましょう! 01) Akigumo last minute mode That time of year for a certain seasonal festival is here and Akigumo is in her decisive battle mode 02) Kazagumo limited time art And in that festival, the sellers and buyers are also doing their best. Kazagumo is in seller assistant mode. 03) Xmas mode end Xmas mode art and voices have now been moved to the shipdex 04) Tsushima limited time art In addition to Mizuho and Akebono, Tsushima is now in end of year cleaning mode 05) Shiwasu limited time voices In addition to last year's, 20 additional ships have seasonal voices for December, with new ones including I-13, I-14, I-400, Shumshu, Kunashiri, Etorofu, Matsuwa, Richelieu, Ark Royal and Suzutsuki 06) Musashi LSC chance incease Musashi's LSC chances will increase for a limited time The effect is greater for those without Musashi already Recipe will not change Please only try when you have plenty of resources 07) The following DDs have been buffed Ayanami Kai2 - Increased Firepower max Ushio Kai2 - Increased Firepower max Shigure Kai2 - Increased Torpedo max Hatsushimo Kai2 - Increased Armor max Verniy - Increased Armor max 08) Fleet save expansion You can now save up to 12 fleets now 09) UI updates The fleet save screen can now be scrolled by holding down the arrow icon 10) Expeditions update The following expedition will be addded - Operation Enemy base assault It will be important to have a fleet with high levels and high firepower 11) New BGM Certain nodes in Map1 and Map2 will have the following BGM Winter Fleet, Winter Anchors Aweigh, Shiwasu no Chinjufu 12) Jukebox changes Jukebox has been updated and Moonlit night sea and Pray are available 13-14) Furniture store changes Furniture store has been updated with end of year furniture 15) Chinjufu bar counter changes The Chinjufu bar has been updated to include end of year meals. 16) New missions The following 4 missions have been added Improvement of Equipment production facilities Improvment of Kou type DD efficiency Form up the elite 31st Squadron Elite 31st squadron sortie to Ironbottom Sound 17) New equipment The new equipment 12.7cm Type D Kai2 gun has been implemented and can be obtained with today's destroyer Kai2 and also by equipment conversion Conversion will require action report item 18) Action Report info Teitoku with action reports from the fall event can use those. Today's new missions will also reward an action report and new gun equipment materials 19-20) Akashi's workshop changes With a certain kanmusu's support, the 12.7cm Type D Kai2 gun can now be upgraded With a certain kanmusu's support, the 12.7cm Type C kai2 gun can new be updated to the Type D kai2 gun Action report and new gun equipment materials are needed 21-23) Naganami Kai2 Naganami kai2 has been implemented Blueprint and action report needed New voices have also been implemented for kai2 The Type D kai2 turret will have additional bonuses on Naganami Kai2 It will have a firepower increase when paired with a surface radar This increase will also have an effect on Shimakaze Kai