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  1. I got nothing from my prime gaming account. Pommern doesn't even show up in the tech tree....
  2. Sandman1969

    Iwaki Alpha

    Would that also include the beta weekends that were opened during alpha?
  3. Sandman1969

    Iwaki Alpha

    I was told recently in the QnA channel ingame, that if I have the black & white alpha flag, I should also have access to not just the Arkansas beta but also the Iwaki alpha? Is there any truth to this?
  4. Have gotten the ones for dubs & the ones for tokens and only got special signals, tokens & coal.
  5. Sandman1969

    Soviet Era containers

    Have opened several soviet era containers and not a single one contained a special mission for early access. Just coal, tokens & signals.
  6. Sandman1969

    Soviet Era containers

    I haven't gotten a chance to play yet, so I'm missing out on getting containers.....Can't get in for another 8hrs ish...
  7. Same for me but with Montana. Just cannot get anything worth while with her.
  8. Sandman1969

    Absolutely ridiculous WG

    No one said anything about it being needed to run the game, just updating it. The point was that the OP thinks he doesn't need the wgc even when being forced to use it as it's replacing the old launcher, albeit slowly.
  9. Sandman1969

    Absolutely ridiculous WG

    I think you missed something. The OP stated his game updates fine with the gamecenter, but when the launcher is replaced by it, he will need gamecenter to update. Both worked just fine for me. I was using the WGC when they released it for some beta testing and I got an email to get it.
  10. Sandman1969

    Absolutely ridiculous WG

    The original launcher is being replaced by the game center. So without the game center, you get no updates.
  11. Sandman1969

    Absolutely ridiculous WG

    Curious as to how your game updates without a launcher running? I've yet to see the worldofwarships.exe perform an update on it's own. Funny, been using Bitdefender for years & not once has it had any issues with any of WG's games. Always seems to be the lower end ones that do.
  12. Sandman1969

    Aslains trojan issue

    That's why no one really uses windows own AV.
  13. Sandman1969

    Aslains trojan issue

    Been using Aslain's mod pack for years and never got any warnings let alone any infections. I use Bitdefender as well. I always use his direct links.
  14. Sandman1969

    not just bad ui, but bording unplayable

    UI bugs? How about a bug that has your ship bobbing while in a dry dock when using the ship yard port? Not the Naval Port, but the one named Ship Yard. But to also add, I too have the slow UI when clicking things.
  15. Sandman1969

    Konig Albert available again?

    If the Konig is dead, how can it live long if it's dead????