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  1. I am wondering where to find the teams I see on the random battle. I see what looks like clan tag in front of their names. I add you to my contact s for gaming crazy
  2. I disagree when the patch came out that allowed the ship to turn on it's own to avoid land. That is messed up I a tactical sense when my destroyer is lined up and not hitting land then the game thinks I am too close and moves me off course into land or harms way. We can drive/pilot our vessels and if players can't then they should run aground. But this update to me is very annoying. Destroyers need to sneak close to land sometimes before we pounce on the prey! Thank You for your time. I tried to post in the suggestion forum but could not. I have been playing since CBT.
  3. I_Sunk_Your_Ship

    This the name you shall see when I decide to target you see you on the High Seas GL HF! WOT name was BattleScarred. I have been here sinking since CBT.