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  1. Random Funny facts

    Funny fact about myself. I was born on Oct 31st, Halloween. My last 3 digits of my social number are 666. And my online gaming nickname I been using for many many years is EvolGrinZ (Evil Grins). I'll leave the conclusions up to your imagination :coin:
  2. My fears for CVs in WoWS

    It's simple, I just tell them to shut up, if they don't, my next attack is aimed at them if they are not dead already.
  3. notification list

    Testers should be very active on the forums so they stay up to date with all what is going on in the game. Like bug being reported by other players, so they can comment their findings too on it, or try to reproduce the bug to see if its a major problem or just a problem for that individual. Also often posts are made what the developers like to be tested. It would be a lot more work for the developers to send every tester an E-mail while they can just make a quick forum post instead.
  4. Doubt any WG official would even read this thread. But anyway. You will just have to wait like everyone else until they open up for Alpha testing and participate in the contest they will most probably start in order to secure yourself a spot. Asking or begging for a spot will only lower your chances to get accepted.
  5. World of Warships release!

    So making yet another new thread about it trying to stop new threads being made about this subject. Kinda silly don't you think?
  6. How did you become a Gamer?

    My gaming "career" started as soon as I could operate the controllers from thin Pong game that you used to hook up to the TV. Later we upgraded to a ZX-Spectrum, we also had 3 books with gamecode in them that we would type over to expand our games on it. Then we got an Atari PC for a while. And then we got a 286 and upgraded to newer computers everytime. My online gaming started when I found out about MUD's, (Multi User Dungeons/Domains). My parents didn't like the phonebills that I gave them though. And then internet was born, I was still playing MUD's until I found Runescape. Played that for a while and turned to World of Warcraft. After WoW I played so many MMO's it would be impossible to name them here. A lot of them were beta tests too. But the game that hooked me for the longest time is EVE-Online. And currently I stopped playing WoT, just tired of the crying and complaining about everything and everyone. I am playing Perfect World International now instead, found a nice faction with friendly players who are as crazy as I am. I will probably be playing that game till I get an invite for WoWs Alpha.
  7. Should tier limits exist?

    A matchmaking system that allows battles for ships with + or - 2 tiers would work just fine. I don't see any need to make it much different then that. But that restriction also should count when making a "platoon" and trying to enter the battle. To prevent those stupid platoons we see in WoT where a tier 1 mixed with tier 10 in 1 platoon. So a system that checks if the ships are in matchmaking limits from eachother would be nice and if they are not within limits, the "platoon" can't enter a battle.
  8. Download

    AntigonusOneEye, on 06 February 2013 - 03:33 AM, said: "And btw, WoWs IS a free to play naval action MMO, it is just not released for public access yet." Yes, and Rand Paul IS the president of the United States, he just hasn't been elected yet. You have a warped definition of the word "IS". There is a big difference, because the game is already there, a select few of people have actually been playing it already. Rand Paul never "played" as president before ever.
  9. Download

    Well, you clearly need to read forums more carefully, then you would also know why Wargaming chose for the option to let the planes start in the air and not on land. And it is a known fact, that if you fail to read the forums and ask silly questions, you WILL get trolled. And btw, WoWs IS a free to play naval action MMO, it is just not released for public access yet.
  10. Who here is a Adult?

    You are never to old for any game
  11. Who here is a Adult?

    Big difference between being an adult and acting like and adult :Smile_glasses:
  12. Download

    You can download it here: http://goo.gl/K1ZSE
  13. I remember from WoWp Alpha, it was hard to play many games, because there are few players playing and I often found myself alone on the server. I think the poll needs an option to vote for "as many as possible".