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  1. Need advice for next tier X

    How fast is torp reload for tier X German dd with skills and mods ?
  2. Need advice for next tier X

    I'm finding my tier II German dd is lots of fun, and enjoyable to play, I just hope it continues down the line like that, but, I haven't gotten the feel for the ship yet, what are are its strengths? Range? Concielment ? Torps?
  3. Need advice for next tier X

    I find with my Kiev I hardly use smoke, I use my speed boost all the time, does khab still have "self heal"? is grozsovoi any good now with recent buffs?? id like to have both khab and grozi.
  4. Need advice for next tier X

    (mods please move this discussion if it's i the wrong location) hey guys, I had a nagging question on my mind, it's which tier X dd should I go after next, what has a good amount of fun and strategy to the ship, i just completed my gearing and I'm loving it, but as a dd player I need more variance and gameplay style so I'm after another tier X. so my question being this, i have the -Kiev, -akasuki and a tier II German dd, should i go for the dual Russian line of khab/grozovoi? or try and chip away at the shimakaze? id also like to ask for a little information as to what you guys think about the German did line, what will happen once I get to tier 6/7/8? How do they play? is hydro a game changer? Or just a tool to no end?
  5. Lol, I run wows on a Dell XPS 15" 9560 maxed out specs. runs wows like a dream, but I do find the dry dock port is sketchy at times....lol <3
  6. WTB HSF Harakaze or....Belfast ?

    I think I will end up buying the harakaze at some point, but I'm already so close to the kagero(been slacking due to lazieness and work) but I do t need that equal tier ship, but I do want to add it to my preminum destroyer collection, but it seems harakaze has good concielment but mediorce toros, wish it was 12km. guns seem to be fine, but I have been having wicked games with the Belfast so for the time being, and my 2nd preminum cruiser (1st is moltov) I feel like I made a good choice with the Belfast.
  7. Changes

    okok , great information guys but hee is another question, if the Russian destroyer split is going to happen, is this 3rd branch going to come off of the minks aswell? or come off a diffrent ship, i need to know so i can get my minks ready...or a different ship.
  8. Changes

    Can anyone help make sense of the upcoming changes, i just watched a video wargaming posted and it spoke about new weapon type , new russian dd line , and new lines to other nations (DD's ?) what are russian leader ships and arty ships ? are these already in the game with the Khab line and grov line ? what do those terms even mean ? and new capt skills and ship upgrades. whats the deal with that video and what will we end up seeing added to the game in the next 2 or 3 months if anything ??
  9. WTB HSF Harakaze or....Belfast ?

    so i bought the belfast, had decent fun and dmg out put with this ship so good going so far, but im wondering if harkaze would be more dmg per game as you can get closer and torp more often dealing greater dmg over the course of the whole game
  10. WTB HSF Harakaze or....Belfast ?

    iv watched lots of belfast gameplay, it seems like a heck of alot of fun, trolling dd's and dealing half decent damage to other ships, and the HSF harakaze, it seems as if she can be used in different ways to match your playstyle, but the torp range is only 10km lol...the detection range with upgrades and camo seems to be half decent. anyone with harakaze info please speak up or belfast wins lol
  11. WTB HSF Harakaze or....Belfast ?

    i mainly play DD's, so i would love to add the HSF Harakaze to my lineup, But, im wondering if the belfast is worth it aswell, as i would like to buy one today, and the belfast is on sale, and the Harakaze is not,. any and all views is wellcome!!!
  12. Looking for highly active casual clan

    Hey, so im not a new player, but im looking to learn and prefect my gameplay and become much better, looking for a highly active clan that is english speaking and casual at heart. i dont mind playing with non english speaking folks as i work with them all the time. i am a serving military member that needs this type of causal game play / drop in environment, if your clan can provide this then please feel free to pm me. Ships-mainly just destroyers /some cruisers/some carriers/no battleships Tiers-mainly 6-9 (no X's ) timezone-eastern stnd
  13. pm me i just got back to the game dude sry.  joined the military and was gone awhile lol

  14. Looking for casual group with Teamspeak server

    i opened convos with both you guys in game.
  15. I am a DD player at heart, but am getting better with cruisers and just started using carriers so we will see how that goes. as for a group, im just looking to log on, have some cool people to play with, to learn from, and have fun with. I am us/canadian timezone and speak english, i am 26 years old so im kinda looking for a older crowd. thanks and sail safe o7