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    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    How bugged is the test session/mechanics? Mostly it worked great, but I encountered one issue where i could not launch a new squadron of planes after i had pressed 'F' to return another group to the carrier. It got stuck on a spectator screen prompting me to left click to spawn, but this would not work. Eventually, it allowed me to take off again. Is the new UI and mechanics playable? very much so. I enjoyed the differnt animations for each class, its pretty cool to go on the dive bomber run. The new AA effects are great too. when in a ship, i strongly dislike not being able to control + click on planes to priority target. I prefer that to the current 'buff one side of my ship' idea. How does the new aircraft and ship gameplay feel? the AA feels a little too random at the moment, in the sense that ships from the current build of the game you expect to have good AA (Worcester, Montana) would often not do anything, whereas suddenly a Zao would knock planes out of the sky. I get the new flak clouds mechanic you have where you need to dodge, but the strength of these clouds should should still be predictable based on the ship you are going up against. Why is the Farragut suddenly great at AA? EDIT: On this point, if you are going to have an AA flak dodging mechanic, why the heck can we not adjust altitude of planes to go over or under it??? I really like how under the new system you arent spending time waiting for squadrons to return to the carrier and can launch and use a new squad. I feel controlling one squad at a time but allowing you to launch straight away is a good improvement compared to the old system (where you could stack squadrons and attack all at once but then you were stuck waiting for them to return to the carrier.) Keeps you engaged during the whole battle. I dislike how you have less strike potential. Whilst I agree that CVs having as much power and ability to 'delete' a ship in one run is bad, I feel you went too far the other way in your balancing. This 'perceived effectiveness' for me varies depending on the tier, but tends towards the side of not being able to contribute enough to my teams win (as in, i would be more effective in terms of damage dealt in ANY other class). the Tier 6 CVs definitely felt too weak, the torpedo bombers only dropping two torpedoes at a time pretty underwhelming. I also found these planes pretty slow, spent a lot of time travelling. the Tier 10 CV (I only tried Midway) are better, as you are dropping more ordinance per run, you feel more effective. Also please provide your thoughts on these questions: If you don't play aircraft carriers now, would the proposed rework encourage you to try more battles in CVs? If you are a current CV player, would the new game play appeal to you or turn you off from continuing to play CVs? It is going in the right direction but requires balance changes for me to be happy with it or to want to play it normally. I feel that the change to single squad at a time was a good one, and the first person mode perspective and new AA effects is pretty epic compared to what we had before. It definitely feels more accessible to new players. However, if the Tier 6 balancing is any guide, CVs now feel too weak when compared to other classes. When only 1 third of your squadron drops at a time (with two torpedoes) the reward just doesnt feel there compared to the old system and the satisfaction felt after pulling off a successful stacked drop. My suggestion, that would make it more enjoyable for me, would be to change it from say a squadron being able to make 3 runs of 2 torpedoes each, to 2 runs of 3 torpedoes each. From the developer blog I understand you dont want to allow the whole squadron to drop at once as that is a bit OP, but this current situation where the squad is doing it in thirds or quarters (at tier 10) is not working for me, especially because the AA currently feels so random. As i mentioned, in some cases you can fly rings around a ship and barely take damage, in others you suddenly lose half your squad to one flak burst from a Zao that shouldn't even have a good AA rating. This means that the system of coming around for another run feels too random, and your exposure to this randomness should be limited in my opinion. Please Increase the effectiveness per run, reduce the number of runs, and if necessary raise the AA power of ships to compensate. I would prefer if the AA was stronger so each run was more risky but you take the majority of your damage going in/leaving the actual run, rather than having to spend time flying around for a new run and being subject to the random AA bubble.