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    WOWS!!!!!! I mean like duh!, Games, Computers, Dirt Bikes, Girls :P, 4X4ing, Camping, RPG's (love RPG's), Friends, Anime,
    you know the usual stuff :D


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Admiral of the Fleet Lennon82

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If you are interested in joining NavyGaming America, feel free to private message me, or visit our website at: http://navygamingamerica.enjin.com/home


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1. Alpha medal: awarded to NGA members who are accepted into the alpha stage of testing. (Current) 

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4. Chief of Public Affairs Ribbon: Awarded to the head of the Public affairs department. (past)

5. Canadian admiralty: . . . . . its complicated . (Current)   


Hey my name is Lennon and I live in beautiful British Columbia Canada. I am also an avid WoT tanker, on XBox I'm known as XxprophitxX, and on comp its lennon82 see you in game.