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  1. OMG !!!!! i could watch that blond for hours ... wait what time is it now .... crap i did watch her for hours ... cant stop laughing hahahahahaha
  2. welcome not so nooblet
  3. How to Play an Aircraft Carrier

    if you are going to use iChase's videos you need to cite him correctly Edit : to everyone else quit with the neg bombing you want to act like children go back to the tanks forums and leave our community alone he was trying to do something good wrong but good
  4. Yup, I did it.

    again with the traverse speed .. it can be fixed check this out guys this is what the gremm can do
  5. Droid Army Clan

    haha thx but just so you know as we do have tank players we don't compete on tanks so you are going to have to wait for WG to bring clans fully into WoWs befor you get to see us in action
  6. Yup, I did it.

    just a little tip for all three of you she dose have the IJN traverse speed so to make her even more amazing be sure to get main batt mod 2 and capt skill main artillery in the lvl2 area then you fix the travers issue and she traverses like a usn ... this works for all IJN dd's too ... just a small tip but you did not hear it from me don't want to be blamed for giving out pro tips or nothing
  7. Loving it

    oh hi and welcome to the game good to see you are enjoying it and took a moment to post ... i know it can be hard to put the game down once you start
  8. Yup, I did it.

    i second moksies comment as he is totally right you don't want to jump straight into t5 matches get a feel for the lower tiers first then you'll have a good idea how to crush people with the gremm also check out ichase gaming on twitch and youtube for some good tips on how to be a captain Edit : the grem has features that are more like IJN DD' ( torps and gun traverse ) and features that are like USN dd's ( armor and rate of fire) however it has features that are solely its own ( large caliber guns )
  9. just keep grinding just keep grinding :D

  10. Droid Army Clan

    hey GL and happy hunting from NGA
  11. It's happening!!!

    congo rats i'll be gunnin for ya
  12. just lol and im not laughing with you OP
  13. hahahahaha thats just awesome gun i totally lol'd