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    WOWS!!!!!! I mean like duh!, Games, Computers, Dirt Bikes, Girls :P, 4X4ing, Camping, RPG's (love RPG's), Friends, Anime,
    you know the usual stuff :D


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  1. just keep grinding just keep grinding :D

  2. I pee on your profile feed! Mwahahaha! sssssssssss

  3. wow i was actually told to go back to tanks by a player today lol

    1. _Lady_


      Excellent! I am jealous of your new skills! Can you teach me how to play tanks and warships at the same time? I've seen your battles online and you are an amazing player. To play at your calibre on two games at the same time... I'm in awe!

    2. Lennon82


      im just that amazing lol

  4. wow i got 2 negs for politely defending my clan

    1. Kookaburras


      Eh don't beat yourself over it. People neg all the time, as long as your reputation isn't too far in the negatives, it really doesn't matter.

  5. △ Lennon!!! ▻ Triangles!!!! ◅ Triangles Lennon!!!!! ▽

    1. Lennon82



  6. ahhh another day of testing :D

    1. _Lady_


      Ahhh another day of... *glares*


      haha <3

    2. Lennon82


      hahaha oops ... sorry :P

  7. thoooooooootttt thooooooooooottttt chugah chugah chugah .... pew pew

  8. another day another alpha :D

  9. i have two pages of friends ... im so happy :)

  10. Since you're buying 2 consoles soon.....

  11. wooot all weekend pass here i come. common 4 o'clock

  12. uuuuhhhhhgg i wanna get my testing on !!!

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    2. Avonmouth


      Sorry we couldn't agree, thanks for coming in.

    3. Avonmouth


      :P Sorry, couldn't resist.

    4. Lennon82


      hahahaha nice avon :P


  13. another day done :)

    1. Texshi


      I think so yes

  14. sooo close to playing for the first time

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    2. Lennon82


      well hope its comfy :P


    3. Avonmouth


      Wouldn't hurt for you to straighten the place up for your guests. Get a mop or something.

    4. Lennon82


      guest you've been here for more than one day and and you ate everything in the fridge your not a guest any more now earn your way


      pushes the mop back ate him