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    PTS 0.11.2 pt.3 - Bug Reports

    The server kept crashing and penalized me 4 times for unsportsman behavior leaving the game early also it penalized me several times for bots and players running into my torpedoes and now it won't let me do any thing but coop and I hit a battleship 40 times and it only had 6k hit points again part of the penial system I do believe that this is far over the board unless wargaming can fix the ping issue and different player PC speeds and the amount of money spent getting better results then it is unfair to penalize for anything in this game . I do believe the reporting is out of hand you have children mad because they don't understand the ping or equipment issues and the money play issues or the upgrade issues and the poor matching issues unless these issues are fixed 100 percent then penalizing players is a mute point and has no place on this game or any other free internet action game. I do believe it will be the end of this game and others allowing these aggravating reporting by players who have no idea just how the internet and gaming are unfair just on the ping issues alone they also don't understand a free game has to have the revenue to run so the programming caters to the money players . But it seems on the world of warships even a wargaming premium account these days isn't enough. Seems the bean counters are ruining all aspects of the game to have fun by implementing the greed factor which we have all seen over the years ruin all gaming . If ya don't resolve these issues I fear that all of the wargaming will suffer and the gamers will find other games to frequent. I can personally say in all the years that this and world of tanks has become more of an aggravation than games of fun and relaxation . We can't control children getting on the game .parents don't monitor the games or set the chat to block chatter or the modems to block adult content so putting up a disclaimer is all one can do . Also what I do I just block players who carry on blaming others it is tiresome getting on chat explaining to countless players the rolls of their ships in 99 percent of all games no one truly goes with that role the cv are taking a lot of hateful chatter in games and most players believe the cv should be babysitting them not getting hit points for themselves also in several years I have only had a few players who actually help the cv by watching his back and the cruisers don't understand they are antiaircraft protection and keeping in groups . The dds run to the bases and die just to get capture points there is no sense of order to most play even on clan battles it is mostly every man for themselves and it is expected on gaming and life in general people are by nature that way and society teaches the person with more is the winner so penalizing players for the shortcomings of humans and the software and hardware is by far an unfair practice. that is without end it will never be enough for the na sayers and the entitled minded human or the child minded ignorant human . There is no damage to ships and tanks if players shoot one another and there should be no chat on World of warships between sides same like World of tanks players on World of warships get mad and give away ship positions to the other side because they have died eliminating chatter between sides will reduce stress in the game . Above all else it is a game of fun and should be treated as such it isn't up to the game to raise children and educate ignorant humans who believe a game for free and fun is there for them to get back at the world for their ignorance and shortcomings by their constant reporting and crying not understanding the reality of free internet realtime action gaming. So I appeal to wargaming to rethink the path they seem to be headed down and to remember why the game was started and to have fun and so on not to let player ignorance ruin your original idea like it has to so many internet games . I would hate for this game to come to a End.