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  1. Seaneroo

    Yeah, everything is JUUUUST Fine!

    You are mistaken. WG clearly states that they are desirable. Kinda like that fifty-something drunken floozie sitting at the end of the bar at closing time.
  2. Seaneroo

    Web Server is Unavailable

    No, it isn't. I'm getting it when I try to open the Army Coffers link in the armory.
  3. Just don't get fried during lunch.
  4. Seaneroo

    Happy New Year

    Thank you. My best to you and yours.
  5. Seaneroo

    Buffs for Credits!!! and Dasha news..?

    You want Dasha captains in the buff for credits?
  6. Is there a deadline for redeeming the certificate?
  7. Seaneroo

    Armory busted

    Placing your mouse over the warning symbol on the bar at the top of the in-game port screen pulls up the message "Service temporarily unavailable. There is a limit on operations with currencies."
  8. Seaneroo

    No Super Container Today

    I never got the pop-up upon starting the game, but I was able to obtain the container by going to the upper left menu and selecting Daily Rewards, as recommended by RipNuN2. Thanks for the help.
  9. WG has been awarding players with various items (mostly credits and containers) for each day's log-in for the last couple of weeks. Today was the last day and was supposed to be a super container. I never got it. Why is this? edit: And just to be clear, I'm not talking about the daily rewards accessed through the armory. I'm talking about the daily rewards that appeared as a pop-up upon logging in.
  10. Seaneroo

    All premium consumable will be free

    Every time I post a comment on this forum, I have to deal with an annoying pissant like you who wants to start an argument, which is why I have basically stopped posting here. I'm regretting I did so now. I won't make that mistake again.