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  1. Seaneroo

    Pink Amnesty

    I see no reason for WG to waste any time on this. It would appear they have more pressing problems to deal with at the moment.
  2. Seaneroo

    WG fix your game

    Since I have never, ever seen this happen in approximately three years of daily play, I suppose I'll just have to take your word for it.
  3. Seaneroo

    Some Operations have to be nerfed!

    Some operations are just not worth the grief. I wait until the easier ones come up in the rotation and then play the hell out of them with full flags and camo.
  4. I just learned about mods a month or so ago. Some of them provide very useful in-game information. One mod gives you the current health status of all ships, friendly and enemy. Another one gives you the stats on any enemy ship you are locked on, including gun and torpedo range.
  5. Seaneroo

    WarshipNews Article List

    Hey, thanks for all the hard work. I'm looking forward to reading through the articles.
  6. Seaneroo

    WG fix your game

    I never have trouble connecting. It's you, not the game.
  7. Seaneroo

    PEF *

    Because we really needed yet another discussion about how lousy this ship is.
  8. Seaneroo

    Downvote farming - controversial post inside!

    You mean spellingnazi. Zieg Heil!
  9. Seaneroo

    Motor Gun Boat review

    I just hope Somali pirates don't find out about these things.
  10. Seaneroo

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    Stockpiling of purchasable consumables. Ties not counted as losses when computing W/L percentage. I'm sure others will come to mind given a little time.
  11. Seaneroo

    The tallest mountain starts as a stone

    Actually, the tallest mountain starts with two continents slamming into each other. Glacial erosion also helps. Not sure how you can apply that to your situation, however.
  12. Seaneroo

    I won a ship from a supercontainer!

    Hey, I'd happily take a lifetime supply of peanut butter over a Hawaiian vacation, so long as it doesn't have to all be delivered at the same time.
  13. Seaneroo

    That’s it, no more!

    I deplore your ironic sarcasm.
  14. Seaneroo

    Murmansk is best T5 cruiser

    Thank you for translating from Nerd Speak.
  15. Seaneroo

    In-Game Countdown Clock

    Thanks. I think I'll keep this up for a while since it seems to be providing some entertainment value.