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  1. Seaneroo

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

    That is the weakest excuse I've ever seen for leaving the game. Just kidding. Congratulations and best of luck to you and your growing family.
  2. Even worse are the black ships, which are exact duplicates of existing premium ships except for some cosmetic changes, but are considered entirely different ships by WG. That one is really a middle finger to the customer when they show up in crates.
  3. Remove islands. Done.
  4. IKEA test ships are cheaply made and require assembly.
  5. I've always wondered about this. Yeah, its fine transferring a tech tree captain to a premium ship, but eventually that tech tree ship is going to need a new captain, and once you transfer one over you're going to have to retrain all over again. The logic of this suggestion has always escaped me. Am I missing something?
  6. Haul it to the WG offices and leave it in their parking lot as a reminder to never pull this crap again.
  7. Luckily for you, WG feels your pain and has come to the rescue by offering the opportunity to skip most of the grind for the low, low price of 35,000 doubloons. Effusive expressions of gratitude to our WG overlords are also recommended.
  8. Seaneroo

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Seaneroo North America Genova is my most memorable ship of 2019, because it is the worst premium ship I ever bought.
  9. Seaneroo

    Well, 1v1 ranked has started, what is it like?

    I had good results with my Mass. Set fires with HE and secondaries, then switch to AP. Won a duel with a Bismarck that way. Also, the AA was sufficient to beat two carriers.
  10. Seaneroo


    Essentially, you did a one million free experience conversion for $1. Good job.
  11. Seaneroo

    Ranked Sprint 1v1: lol wait, really?

    Flamu has a video where he won game after game with the Eugen. Of course, he's Flamu. He probably would have won regardless of ship played.
  12. Seaneroo

    Ranked Sprint 1v1: lol wait, really?

    Not saying my experience is indicative, but I played the Mass twice against CVs in PT and won both. The CV just couldn't do enough damage fast enough to overcome the point deficit after I capped.
  13. Seaneroo

    PSA: Forum Restructure

    Nudity is involved? Have you seen some of these people?
  14. "Our obligation to them?" That is the craziest rationalization I've heard so far. I think our Russian "friends" laugh at us behind our backs for being such suckers.
  15. I don't know, watching WG get kicked in the balls by its customers over the last two days has been pretty entertaining.