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  1. motaz87

    Kansas-Vermont Branch Changes

    played the vermont right before, and right after the patch.yes the acceleration buff is very welcome but, they tried to make her into a mid range brawler. that is just not her thing. ships like yamato, and vermont rewarded players who know how to lead targets at long range. now they more or less took that away from her. playing her at sub 15km ranges just gets her focused, and chewed up by everything. no amount of buffs can negate her HUGE size.
  2. buffing the tech tree fattleships, but why not give the california some of those buffs???
  3. motaz87

    PSA: February Prime loot is in!

    thing is trash. 6.3 main gun range.
  4. for me on my team? stock north carolinas, lexington cv, any high tier russian dds, tier 5-9 usa cruisers.
  5. motaz87

    What ships are you using in Brawls?

    i played mostly secondary battleships like oklahoma and agincourt for good reults. kami for a dd well because its the most stealth dd at tier 5. cruisers all suck and i cringe when i have one on my team. they are almost all trash at tier 5 and a liability for your team.
  6. listen there are much worse ships to be up tiered in. the Repulse can at least contribute. its 15" guns are lazer accurate, can damage tier 8 bbs. the ship itself while ya, not much armor can at least run away at speed unlike alot of other tier 6 bbs. i like using it as a bait ship get the enemies attention and try to get them to chase me to my other teammates.
  7. motaz87

    ships i sold long ago reappearing?

    ding ding! we have a winner. nice!
  8. anyone else getting ships they sold off long ago back in their ports? i just logged in to find a fubuki. i had and sold that ship off ages ago. i also had a serov i sold off come back into my inventory. is this happening to anyone else. kinda weird, but dont really mind.
  9. motaz87

    Dockyard Progress (or lack thereof)

    no wonder i saw so many marls sinking about today. what a trash ship.
  10. me too and promptly logged out.
  11. arizona is one of the few tier 6 bbs i do not mind being up tiered in. another point many are forgetting is arizona has ALOT more hp than WV 57,200, vs 50,200 is alot!
  12. motaz87

    USS Washington or USS New Jersey

    HOW ABOUT NEITHER!!!!!! there are so many standard bbs in their final wartime refits not in game. we dont need more clones of ships already in game.
  13. motaz87


    you got a worse Lenin. congratz.
  14. guys think back, way back to when the alabama was first released. lots of people bought it and were happy......until WG released the massachusetts. it was perceived the better ship because of its secondaries and repair party but, its really not. its just both ships have a different playstyle. same thing for these two italian bbs.
  15. motaz87

    Restore HMS Nelson to the armory

    i have no idea why they removed nelson. the ship doesnt feel all that powerful to me like when she was new. its a meh squishy battleship with a super heal. no big deal and pretty easy to take down.