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  1. motaz87

    bronze league WAS fun

    least they could do is make sure both teams have one super cruiser on each team or none, totally not fair to have an alaska or kronshtadt on one team and a neptune or some other weak regular tech tree cruiser on the other team.
  2. why did they make it tier 8 and 9? tier 8s are pointless to play, and tier 9s unless premiums are costly to run. wonder why they did this? i had so much fun last season with tier 8s, good stress reliever.
  3. motaz87


    sounds great to me! i dont know why the powers that be do not implement this in some fashion. i suppose getting russian air craft carriers and subs is more of a priority.
  4. motaz87


    i knows its beating a dead horse but when if ever will we see renown and or repulse make an appearance? the brits had enough battlecruisers to make almost a full tech line. for that matter where is the R class battleships? its would make a nice tier 5 premium bb.
  5. motaz87

    super container luck????

    i always choose the crates that give flags.
  6. anyone else seeing a generous amount of supercontainer drops as of the new patch? i have had three since it came out. 2 premiums ships, perth, loyang, and 1500 steel. very happy camper here!
  7. this is good for someone like me with multiple tier 10s and lots of premiums to support them on a free account.
  8. still shocks me how many i see not using any camo at all in ranked. is it really that hard to mount it? freakin potatoes!!!
  9. motaz87

    no zoup for you was absolutely correct

    i care about stats, i'm competitive and i like to win. my stats help drive me to play better. i think many folks just dont care and it shows in their stats. so be it, thats fine.
  10. motaz87

    Free Xp Vermont, or save for a Fxp ship?

    ya i wouldnt free xp the vermont. she is really a powerful but boring ship to play. 1 dimensional.
  11. motaz87

    Why not sell rares?

    not uncommon to be in match after match where there are more "premium" ships then tech tree ships. no imaging if everyone could buy ships that are over powered? not a great idea for the games health.
  12. ahh i remember the whole type 59 debacle. when you could seal club tiers you had no business facing. lol!
  13. motaz87

    Alternative American BB Line SUCKS Badly

    the standard USA bb design is good up to tier 6 with the new mexico and arizona. after that the ships like colorado and kansas just cant compete with all the fast battleships, stealty dds and HE spamming cruisers.
  14. motaz87

    The Kansas Factor

    its no suprise these ships were gonna suck. just take the colorado for instance. its a tier 7 that time has forgotten. its not very competitive at tier 7 because of the american standard BB formula just doesnt work past tier 6. the ships at tier 7 and up are just to much for these slow firing, slow moving throwbacks to deal with. i really dont understand why they were even added in the first place.
  15. motaz87

    Kansas builds?

    wow i cant believe how bad this ship is! its gun? ya you got 12 of them, but there is a huge difference not being able to use the super heavy AP. the only targets that are easy pickings are broadside cruisers but thats no different than any other BB vs CA/CL. the kansas sucks plain and simple. this turd hauler is super squishy too. so what the citadel is deep when the rest of the ship soaks up full ap damage.