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  1. motaz87

    IJN Yukikaze Preview and My Opinons

    too much radar in game now to play short ranged torp destroyers. you will get evaporated.
  2. motaz87

    Removing DDs from the game?

    tier 8-10 dd play is super hard now with all the radar. 6 seconds? big deal, just six seconds until you get shredded anyway. never mind if you have 2 cvs in the match, they always for the weakest easy target(dds) i've pretty much shelved them and no i'm not a dd main player.
  3. yup get a halfway decent team and they can stack radar and make trying to cap all but futile. i dont hate radar but it needs a much shorter range, and not be able to see through islands.
  4. motaz87

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    total utter frustration is all i can say about tier 9 in ranked. i made almost made it to rank 9 then lost all my stars and ended up where i began 0 stars at rank 12. i only have three tier 9s, the musashi, kitakazi and the buffaturd. there are way too many tier 9s that just are not competitive for this mode to work with such small teams. i'm all done with it.
  5. motaz87

    The Hood - So broken

    i love her now! i can deal real damage to other bbs and actually hit the targets! this ship has great flexing capability and plenty of hit points. back pre buff i was lucky to get 60-70k damage games now i'm getting over 100k pretty reliably.
  6. motaz87

    Hood - Post CV rework.

    who cares about the lame AA, her guns can do actual damage to other bbs no wand are pretty accurate to boot!
  7. i say get rid of them or a no cv game mode. i dont go drag my ships over and shoot down planes in world of warplanes.
  8. very easy to penn if you can get its sides, only strong from the front.
  9. motaz87

    Top 5 Rarest Premium ships?

    love the ark beta. its a beat of a ship with all those upgrade slots. the only balancing factor is there is almost always cvs at low tier and she has 0 aa defence.
  10. motaz87

    AA increase on PTS - a concern

    good who cares! glad the aa is better. want to play planes? they have a game for that!
  11. i've never touched a cv in this game and still dont plan on it. i play this game because i like WARSHIPS, not WARPLANES.
  12. motaz87


    saw a cruiser class called irian today in battle. it looked like a tier 8 kutz but had deep water torps and no smoke. so whats the nationality will this be? i suppose another lone premium with no tech tree?
  13. lol at everyone thinking the WV is gonna own. you guys forget there is already a 16" tier 6 bb in the game? nobody is afraid of it either. the Arizona is a great tier 6 bb and has a huge HP pool too. the new mexico could use some lovie. it loses turrets way too easily in battle.
  14. motaz87

    US BB buff suggestions/theorys

    other than the new york i dont see a need for any buffs. this line was easy mode for me, and the monty was my first tier 10 bb. learn to play better. tier 4 is still a beast. tier 6 is still very good, use that bow, and angle. arizona is a beast with a huge hp pool. tier 7 has 16" guns, and ok armor and aa. tier 8 has good 16" guns, and great aa. tier 9 can flex, bow tank, and shoot down loads of planes. i dont see the issues here.