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  1. chrishg

    Cannot connect to WOWS

    I cannot connect to WOWS through the game center. WOWP connects just fine.
  2. chrishg

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Another example of making changes when none were wanted, fixing things that were not broke.
  3. Me also on my Lightning. I got the Jutland so I just moved the captain to this ship so I would have to retrain anyway. Still a pain in the butt if you are going to keep the captain.
  4. chrishg

    The Stalingrad

    Good players and you having a bad day. I have been in two battles against the Stalingrad and their team lost both times. Also in the first game the Stalingrad was the second ship sunk on their side. Good ship maybe a little OP but once you learn its weak spots they will go down just like every other ship.