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  1. 2 ships in game same name

    Dual boxing.
  2. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    Koenig Albert, Ishizuchi
  3. I wish players would be honest with themselves

    Part of the problem is Tier X. It is overloaded with really, really bad players that grinded as hard as they could so they could "achieve" the Tier X pool only to stink it up. I haven't even bothered to grind for a X, because then I would always be stuck in that garbage dump lol. Much better games if I click in as Tier VII or VIII (except for the >50% of the time I get stuck in a X battle). Just sayin'...
  4. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    Roma is a beast.
  5. Why do players complain about bow on BB?

    Bow campers tend to s#@k
  6. 0 for 4 tonight....

    Dispersion "adjusted". I get that a lot when I win too much. Takes a few days of "vacation" for the effect to roll off the logs.
  7. Your "Cursed" ship....

    Roma for me. This ship is excellent (needs FASTER RELOAD hint). I get 100k games all the time in this yet my teams melt away and I am alwys the last standing. And, no, I don't snipe afar (with that range?), I still kick it, but still lose because, well, potatoes. Roma is an exciting ship to play. Give it Tirp reload time and the ship is good. Until then, CURSED.
  8. Alabama or Prinz Eugen

    PE hands down. 'Bama is a waste, probably should be Tier 6 at best.
  9. ROFL is it my day to lose?

    Yes. Mine was a few days ago. Taking a break from this.
  10. I know, it's the weekend.

    Carry harder. Lord knows I have to 90% of the time. Interesting, my stats page here shows Battles survived 2,137 Victories in battles survived 1,785 This indicates that when I survive, I win 83.5% of the time. Think about that.
  11. PSA: don't forget to report for bad play

    For some (a lot actually), the vast majority are "bad game"s. It's quite frightening at times to get stuck with them.
  12. PSA: don't forget to report for bad play

    I use up all of my votes too soon. Nine is not enough. I wish I could have, like 30 at least on hand. It's hard to choose winners, though many are obvious.
  13. Pink Players and Poor teams

    pink + red is a better indicator of a problem, but then again, so is pink + purple...
  14. Vulgarities

    Oh my!