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  1. If things start going south, I usually call it quits for the night. Sometimes it's just me not being at my best and failing to carry bad teams, sometimes MM decides to bless me with a potato sack and no matter how hard, I can't get a win. Then I come back the next night and win like crazy. Two losses in a row is usually a sign to log out for me.
  2. The only reason camping works is because the islands are so tall even King Kong would be impressed. And the amount of them on top of that.
  3. Indianapolis > Kutuzov >> Scharnhorst :D
  4. I loved Marblehead. Back in my cruiser days.
  5. Well, I have no friends so a 54-55% for me solo all the time and improving each battle is a challenge but fun. I usually quit after two losses in a row. Maybe come back later, but never too late when server count gets low (mostly bad players or those with overseas pings).
  6. Snap-shooting is easy. Hint: Use the scale-able cursor.
  7. Well, for starters, camping behind and island juking back-and-forth is not a way to get in a good position. Maneuver, a lot. Angle your armor, turn, be a hard target to hit. Always keep an eye on the minimap. Don't hide. If you aren't doing damage everytime your guns are ready, you are losing opportunity. Keep the situation fluid and take advantage of that.
  8. After hitting 9.1 and getting tossed back to rank 11 or 12 for the third time now, I'm throwing in the towel with this season (went 2W 8L yesterday).
  9. TL;DR Git Gud!
  10. lol :)
  11. "HMS Montana or USS Conqueror" USS Montana or HMS Conqueror FTFY
  12. L W L L L L L L L W W lol. At 15.2 now. Don't know how much more of this I can take.
  13. My 55.14% WR (as of today) is almost entirely solo (div rate is a point less so it actually drags me down!). Solo: 4,384 battles, 55.16% Divisioned: 77 battles, 54.55%
  14. Is there a way to delete your own posts?
  15. I actually have that T-shirt I bought when I was last there about 6 months ago! If you're ever in San Diego area, pay the brewery a visit!