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  1. TheGirlFromIpanema

    The real truth about your blowout losses

  2. TheGirlFromIpanema

    Match Making suspicions

    5-7 fps? omg
  3. TheGirlFromIpanema

    JB is a monster!

    Compared to Musashi, it is a wimp.
  4. TheGirlFromIpanema

    Name the ship that is working for you in 8.0

    Musashi, ranked
  5. TheGirlFromIpanema

    Reset WOWS to Version 7.10

    No problems on my end. Windows 10, 32 GB DDR4, i7-6700, GTX-970
  6. Because, statistically, it indicates how well your play affects the final result. Solo play is the best indicator.
  7. TheGirlFromIpanema

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    "Ain't nobody got time for that!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydmPh4MXT3g
  8. TheGirlFromIpanema

    Island camping

  9. $3.00 10xcamo $3.00 10xcamo $3.00 10xcamo 30 cent camos I'll never use! Yay!
  10. TheGirlFromIpanema

    "do not collect" collection?

    Yes, and I discovered that when I had two collections to choose from. Apparently you can only have one collection active at any time.
  11. TheGirlFromIpanema

    PSA: MM change for T8-T10 in the upcoming 7.11 Update

    +-1 MM during higher volume hours. +-2 in off hours (just because of population availability) if anyone seriously is worried about that. Also, computers are a lot faster than some seem to give them credit for these days.
  12. TheGirlFromIpanema

    So...Tier 8?

  13. TheGirlFromIpanema

    So...Tier 8?

    I have been keeping track recently. Out of 616 battles where I selected a Tier VIII ship I got the following: 274 Tier X battles (44.4%) 106 Tier IX battles (17.2%) 236 Tier VIII battles (38.3%)
  14. Oh geez is this guy still trolling me?