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  1. 1) Ridiculously numerous and tall mountain-islands that even King Kong would be impressed by which is exasperated by 2) 2) Numerous WoT campers that bring that game play style over here, which cling to 1) Reduce exaggerated terrain heights by a factor of two or more so people can get some shots off and forces people to move.
  2. If maybe I can get a team that has a better overall winrate, I can finish off the last two wins I need (in top 5). I really hate the challenges. It brings out the bads in force. Playing this game sometimes is watching the Cleveland Browns on Sunday :) Don't miss this as well Go Browns! Win a Game this year! Kinda like WoWS this past month for me. Yeah, I'm watching on Matchmaking Monitor. WG hates me.
  3. Fight harder.
  4. I always find I get massive losing streaks whenever I get awarded Premium time. Today is shaping out to be even worse than this weekend. 14.29% win rate yay. WR is off -0.21% since last week. Keep getting uptiered and then team melts away or hides. Insta-loss. It's almost like they don't want me to play their game any more.
  5. The only way that is impossible is if you hide behind islands the whole match.
  6. I ended up installing it. Works OK for me.
  7. I have 101 million credits. Why should I care of repair costs lol.
  8. Not to mention all the premiums you obtained getting tossed, just to look "better". Damn, if I could toss my first k of battles away lol. I'm fine with who I am, not looking to be 1337omgzup!
  9. Take guns out of the battle, especially HE spammers. BBs can be dealt with later. In this situation, I may fire at CA while targets secondaries on BB Sorry, but CAs spam HE, these and DDs are priority targets. Maybe when WG gets rid of HE fire [edited] or limits it somewhat, then you'll get more of what you want.
  10. That's just it. MM deals "interesting" hands, usually when I am winning too much. Surrounding yourself with equally skilled players tends to up your chances (only if you are good). Most good players will NOT usually div with anyone else who is not also comparably good because of the fact that the player base is so bad in general now, that having two other good players on your team, guaranteed, easily tips the scales in your favor. It only takes one or two bad players to ruin a match. Good players mostly will ONLY div with players of equal or better skill (backed by stats to prove it) or clan members of equal skill (and most good clans are very exclusive). Hence, you get what we have just like with WoT. It's not a bad thing, it's just what it is. Personally, I don't have time to chum up with people I don't know online, and have no friends interested in this kind of game, so, I just play the best I can as a distraction from life and leave it at that.
  11. Overall, I think I do well enough (solo mind you), that I can pull my horrid teams up at times enough to maintain 55.25% WR right now. The worst teams I get are Tier X shows (which I generally ssume is a loss out of the gate, too much OP CAs and DDs which I have zero ability to counter), followed by Tier IX (which is bad but not at bad as Tier X). I prefer the Tier VII play (sweet spot in this game imho), and dabble in Tier VIII, I have no desire to grind anything higher. The only Tier IX I have is FdG (which I actually like), and no Tier Xs. I use 19 pt Captains on all my ships. I don't believe I am any candidate for Clan or team play, so I pretty much lone wolf it. Which is fine, try to capitalize on an MM granted win streak and quit when it's bad. Eh, whatever.
  12. Not a whole lot. I have been on a horrible losing streak for a week. Happens every time I hit 55.36%. Horrid teams, bad players, division that should disband. Yeah. All on my team. It's easy to get top three every time, and I'm not that good. Had a game tonight, eight kills in Alabama. A loss. Again.
  13. What would you say about someone who has, say, a 55.88% overall win rate broken down as follows: Solo: 939 battles at 54.64% WR Division: 2080 battles at 56.44% WR vs., say someone who has 55.32% overall win rate from Solo: 4606 battles at 55.36% WR Division: 83 battles at 53.01% WR Who may be the better player?
  14. Solo win rate is more indicative of skill than division-ed win rate.
  15. Very true, but the WoT newbs don't know that, hence, they bring over bad habits which ruin the game for people that get stuck with them on their team.