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  1. I am poisonous when betrayed. Which is 45% of my battles these days ;)
  2. Cesare changes?

    Needs its reload buffed to 25 sec.
  3. I made it through #3 of the north coast campaign thingee. Nope, 6 million credits in a day is the blocker. Threw in he towel after getting Gaede (which I will never use lol).
  4. My luck today...

    Good. Gearings deserve to die.
  5. 1) Buff reload to 25s 2) Buff ruffer shift 3) Buff 15% turret rotation The ship needs some sort of gimmick. These would be it IMHO ;) Now you have a legit Tier VII brawler. - Love and kisses!
  6. It needs 25 sec reload to compete with Scharnhorst. I actually like the ship, the turret rotation is nice and is able to track with rudder shift. Also, its AP actually works, you don't have to get stuck using HE like other RN BBs, that's a big plus with me. Add a 19 point captain with certain "skills" the ship is actually solid imho. Just buff that reload to 25 sec and this is a good ship at its tier.
  7. Noob Missouris

    I run into these crappy players all the time. Tier 9+ is a total garbage fest of noobs who ground into total incompetance. Peter Principle in action. I dread playing my Tier 8s every time I click battle because more than not I get put into these garbage player matches, and usually get stuck on the worst of the two teams.
  8. Duke of York Disappointment

    I don't have it yet, but I should by Friday. I run into these things, it seems to actually be a decent ship in the right hands. i will make this thing cook ;)
  9. Great to have some breathing room. i was seriously P.O.'d over this. Thanks for getting it right for us that care enough to press forward.
  10. Q: Iss dat a you boat! A: No, dat's a Meh Boat!
  11. Both great ships at their tiers!
  12. Not quite a farewell letter...

    Take a break, and we'll see you again when you are ready to be with us again!
  13. Ships with no camo

    Whenever I see a ship sans camo, it indicates to me an individual who likely is not reliable enough to spend or good enough to afford the pittance to show up and cares about winning.