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  1. Some more to add.. IMO Radar on DD's should of been a USN Trait... It would of fit perfectly from a historical standpoint. I would of liked to see RN DD's be more of a support role. With a EW countermeasure of some kind. But this would of never happened. You can clearly see that history has gone out the window in terms of reference, and they are addresssing these subjects and topics from a pure balance standpoint.
  2. Premium Ship Review #110 - Cossack

    @LittleWhiteMouse I know you are probably tired of hearing about tribals... However I was curious to know if you heard anything regarding an interation of the 4x2 4inch gun platform. Like the second version of HMCS Athabaskan R79 ?
  3. Really a NEW T-10 French Battleship?

    Yea same... Its clear that the BB's are what drives sales cause even the cruisers are technically "BBs" lol. I remember reading in a Q&A that there are no Free XP DD's planned for 2019, so well prob be waiting a while..
  4. Really a NEW T-10 French Battleship?

    Still waiting on a tier 9 or 10 Free XP / Steel / Coal Destroyer.... (Black doesnt count :P )
  5. Premium Ship Review #110 - Cossack

    I am in the camp that if you have Haida there is absolutely no use for this ship. @LittleWhiteMouse is there a huge difference between Haida's HE dpm vs Cossack?
  6. Two thoughts about the CV rework

    Its not me saying that, that is the quote from WG'ing devs..
  7. Any of the tribals in ww2, those ships were work horses plain and simple.
  8. Two thoughts about the CV rework

    According to the dev's, if the rework is a success it will actually increase the probability of these ships appearing ingame. https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2018/09/world-of-warships-cv-reworks-2018-first.html What about Tone & Ise? If the rework is successful, the probability will grow. But they're not working on it right now, and it's not a priority right now. But ships like GZ, Enterprise,... will be rebalanced as well, so they can be reintroduced to the shop as well.
  9. Warspite: Yes or No?

    I love the warspite, however T6 MM is quite unforgiving.
  10. dd v. dd HE or AP

    Another big consideration is if you encounter a target that has been HE Saturated. Sometimes the only choice to finish off a target is a couple of well place AP volleys.
  11. dd v. dd HE or AP

    Couple of situations. Fat DD's like Khab or Z-52 or Any of the gunboat IJN (Aki / Kita and Haru) and Gearing showing you a broadside? Aim just below water line and watch the dmg roll with AP Light cruisers from 6< km and Heavy cruisers 5< km results in massive citadels. I once flanked a full health ibuki in my Gearing under 4k and knocked him out with over 15 consecutive citadels. Last but not least, BB's at 7km or less can take massive damage from AP in their super structures. I have had many Montana's and Yamato's turn and show me broadside at close ranges and get smacked for heavy AP volley damage in SS.
  12. From some of the info we saw yesterday, it looks like the speed of subs will be artificially inflated to make them more enjoyable. And it seems in terms of spotting they will be very limited and relying on their team mates. Nikolaev: A submarine will primarily rely on spotting and visibility provided by their teammates. Their own visibility will be very limited, though, especially if they’re submerged. They can either rely on the team, or they have to surface. GamesBeat: They don’t move that fast, right? Nikolaev: Yes. Historically, submarines, especially when submerged, were rather slow. Not super slow, but about the speed of a carrier. When surfaced a submarine will be pretty fast, though. It’ll be 20 to 25 knots when surfaced.
  13. I honestly believe this was needed, they needed to shift away the RPS elements of DD's vs BB's because it would never get to the proper level of balance. Now Destroyers will hard counter Subs, and soft counter BBs. I am looking forward to subs, and using my squid / hedgehog launchers and depth charges
  14. The devs have already stated that the sub spotting will primarily rely on its team mates and will be extremely limited.