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  1. Cobraclutch

    Why do you play Ranked?

    I play it because I like the game mode and I like competition. Its fun :)
  2. Cobraclutch

    Ranked Comparison: Black vs. Kitakaze

    No it won't make much of a difference. Good players will be pre aimed and ready. What will make a diff in a knife fight is ship size and maneuvering which can make the kita vulnerable to torpedoes. And obviously guns
  3. Cobraclutch

    Greyhound WW2 movie

    Also the frigate HMCS Montreal... In b4 Tier X missile frigate premium
  4. Cobraclutch

    Greyhound WW2 movie

    The ship in question is actually a fictional Mahan class Destroyer called USS Keeling. The movie is based off of the book called "the good shepherd"
  5. Cobraclutch

    Greyhound WW2 movie

    and Mel Gibson is doing one for Laffey. I believe Greyhounds is more focused on the Atlantic convoy missions.
  6. Cobraclutch

    Ranked Comparison: Black vs. Kitakaze

    I have a 19 point fletcher captain ready to rock and roll. Its the ship I'll be running this season .
  7. Cobraclutch

    Clan Battles cheating

    They don't, they are probably running the A team roster in B team with a random plug or two to get wins. Like sometimes our B team isnt good enough to get wins, so well put A team in B team and give them a cushion to work with and then B team resumes. Or 5 A team players with 2 B team players on B team which makes it "seem" like you are running A .
  8. Cobraclutch

    Clan Battles cheating

    Exactly.. Why go through the trouble of running plugs in A team, just get Bravo into into Typhoon after A team hits Hurricane..
  9. No I don't think so.. If anything I have found the balance between classes to be pretty much as close as possible to perfect lately.
  10. Cobraclutch

    Clan Battles Season 4 Wrap-Up

    Agreed. The meta shakeup was nice, from a DD perspective it was also nice to see some variety on the DD standpoint. I would a say main picks being Gearing / Grozovoi and Minors being YY and Shima. But it was a big change from seeing YY almost every single match last season. I look forward to next season as I think with the potential Radar changes on the horizon + Azuma coming in and shaking thing up will only build on the variety we saw this season. And if CV's make it into CW next season? All bets are off! That being said there are still a couple of nights left, it was a pleasure seeing such a variety of different teams competing night in and out and all in all I had a lot of fun this season. Looking forward to the next one!
  11. of course i read that youdid, like for example the other night I decided to tango in a nest of DD's fully knowing it was risky.. And guess what? I got wrecked by a Daring single torp spread. But that's on me.. And I said "Nice torps daring gg" and left knowing that it was my fault for making such a mistake. Accidentally sailing into a DM radar zone. Getting rushed by a DD in a BB. Getting penned throw the nose by a Yamato 15km + away Each situation results in a mistake, whether it be easy or hard to make such a mistake is ultimately up to the players. Is the chance of making such a mistake higher or lower depending on class? I would think so.. So perhaps the reason why BB mains feel like getting rushed by DD at point blank ranges is unfair because the game hasn't been punishing them harshly enough for their mistakes in the past. If CV's become popular again.. All these BB captains have another thing coming to them if they are worried about DD rushes ATM.
  12. Cobraclutch

    PTS Round 3 starts tomorrow.

    My biggest gripe, which I doubt will change, is the lack of overlapping AA zones. In my mind I understand why they are doing it... But knowing that my DP guns stop shooting at planes once they past 4km in my AA zones really kills the immersion for me.
  13. Color me optimistic but I find WOWS to be one of the better team work conducive arena pvp games out there. I find that whenever I try to get a random team to work a bit together that more often then not its usually positive. Even in a loss.