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  1. Too bad we don't get HMCS Vancouver (another V class) , which was a ship that was part of the dunkirk evacuation.
  2. Not surprising.. I would expect Daring class DD's to come with RN DD line.
  3. This is not the vampire you are looking for.
  4. And here I am waiting for a Tier 8 DD USN premium.
  5. So instead of 1 historical ship. We now have 2. Western Whiners 4tw.
  6. Historically the only ship that held a candle to the effectiveness of a CV was a DD. In this order of importance. CV's DD's CA/CL's BB's BB's wish they could do a fraction of what Destroyers did during the war.
  7. It is what it is. It's not that bad when its 2 or less. 3 is bearable.. 4 or more is really anti fun. I am bracing myself for even more radar. I don't expect the devs to do anything about it and I expect the game to continue to suffer because of it. I am currently on the NO and its so easy just clicking a button and melting any tier DD's face while hiding behind an island.
  8. Yea I got a couple of sweet unlocks. finished up the Hipper and Z-23. Unlocked Roon / Unlocked and bought Z-46 . I am having a major silver issue. I have Roon /Iowa and Baltimore to buy next :S
  9. Great weekend.
  10. It will make RN CL's / MK much more vulnerable to Destroyers. There is a gap between the Bloom range and the hydro range that a DD can sneak into and keep you spotted. That will be the biggest hurdle. Outside of that business as usual.
  11. My father has a place in Samana peninsula (DR). His place was relatively unscathed during irma. Hopefully the same holds true for Maria
  12. This isn't about earning potential. It's about fun. My vote goes to Warspite.
  13. Personally I am looking forward to that movie with Tom Hanks about destroyers
  14. Smoke mod. Would of preferred a radar mod. But no biggie, good anyhow. Thx WG'ing.