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  1. Cobraclutch

    ST: Many Changes to Test Ships!

    Because Somers is actually a pre war destroyer that has no place being at Tier X . Its guns are not dual purpose and have very bad ROF. Theres a reason why it has AA on the same level of tier 4. Remember this ship has the worst HP in tier X, now with its 10rpm ROF it only does 10k more DPM then the Benham, even though it has twice the number of barrels. But Benham can fire 16 torpedoes on a much lower reload. The Benham has better torpedo broadside damage then Somers, it also has close to 80k more DPM on its torps (benham) You are basically giving up 72k DPM , less concealment, less HP, Less AA , Awesome torp sets for Randoms (mk 16's) worse maneuvering for what? 2 extra fish, 3x4 launcher layout and 2 knots. Just play a Gearing IMO, this isn't even a Shima clone its just the worse tier X by a country mile. Shima has outclasses this ship in every respect except for theoritical DPM. Which TBH the Shima higher damage alpha HE and higher velocity guns would out duel this ship in 1v1 any day of the week. For the first Tier premium DD X, this ship is DOA and has no place in randoms or CW's .
  2. Cobraclutch

    ST: Many Changes to Test Ships!

    Its a much worse Shimi
  3. Benham's dpm doesnt get gutted. That is the big difference. Any way, they just nerfed the reload to 6 seconds making it go from a maybe to a hard pass for me. American destroyer Somers, tier X: Main caliber guns reload time increased from 5 to 6 seconds. Ship is DOA in my eyes now.
  4. Vanguards can act as DPS or tanks. Commandos can act as DPS or Healers. Just as Jedi Guardians can act as dps or tank. Your focus on vanguards being tanks is incorrect , they are hybrid bruisers that can specifalized in a balanced bruiser role, a unbalanced DPS role or a unbalanced Tank role. Your focus on commandos being DPS is incorrect, they are hybrid damage / support classes that can specialize in DPS / Healing or a balance between the 2. To say that a Vanguard is a tank is not correct. It can be a pure tank if you choose, it can be a pure DPS if you choose, it can be a bruiser if you choose. To say that a commando is a pure DPS is false, they can be a support DPS or a pure DPS or a pure healer. Most classes in SWTOR are not molded in one of the trinities of standard MMO's . The only classes that truly have focused roles are gun slingers (DPS) and snipers (DPS) Sentinels (DPS) or Maurauder (DPS) The rest of the classes is at the discretion of the player, I know I played a hybrid guardian bruiser that specced in both tanking and offense.
  5. Cobraclutch

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    As tempting as Somers seems.. There are some glaring weaknesses that are turning me off it. I am going to wait to see what they do with Hayate before I decide. If Hayate turns out to be as good as I think she may be, I will prob spend my resources on that. I would assume its a steel ship with the current stats she has.
  6. Cobraclutch

    Dear WG, a case for Javelin, Ayanami, and Laffey

    I want the Sumner Laffey !
  7. I see, so the triple launchers allow you to have more no win scenarios occur on the target being torped.. Interesting, Ill def have to keep grinding up the IJN line to test this out. Thx !
  8. I mean heck I have been hoarding steel for over 4 CW seasons and from various events / rank and I have enough for about 1 tier X and maybe half of another but that 2nd one is gonna take another season or two before I can get it.
  9. Yes I see now, my bad.. So what is the total concealment on Somers? 5.7km ? I see the speed being 2 knots higher, which is better then I thought. So let me rephrase my original point. Somers gains .2km detection over non leg Gearing +2 knots speed -20m turning circle +2 torpedoes In exchange for Approx 45k less dpm then Gearing 2k less health No AA I mean thats a lot to give up for extra speed and 2 extra fish no? What do you think?
  10. I dont understand the appeal of the Somers. It just seems like a worsened Gearing for 2 extra torpedoes and an extra turret (with horrible reload) Worse DPM Worse HP Worse Handling Worse Speed Worse Concealment Am i missing something here?
  11. Cobraclutch

    USS Ohio first look

  12. Cobraclutch

    USS Ohio first look

    Your hyped to regrind multiple lines in order to get this ship? :P Don't get me wrong the ship has me hyped, but the grind wall to get to her? not so much...
  13. Colorado for me, I ended up loving that ship after hearing all the "lolorado's" I was a bit concerned....
  14. If your definition of simple is a 5 step process, its not simple.
  15. In my mind I see it as a failure. I personally feel that they have propped up the CV population only to hurt the DD population . They would of had much more success had they just kept 0.8 in testing, focused on release Russian BB's and French DD's and give more time and testing to the CV rework. my 2 cents.