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  1. Cobraclutch

    World of Destroyers

    There is a reason why when I broke my hand a year ago I was able to play BB's with one hand and not DD's.
  2. Well agree to disagree on both points, I have pulled and watched 1v3's were a CV completely smokes the attacking ships due to the TTK being way to high. I have also had first hand experience being caught out by 2 DD's on multiple occasions and easily smoking both due to the AA being irrelevant and being incredible tanky. I have been on the giving and receiving end of rockets and have played with enough unicum players to know that prior to the rocket rework, it was almost a certainty that whenever a rocket strike was missed it was due to the CV's misplaying and not the target outplaying the rocket planes. I say this as someone who has dunked on players with rocket planes and HE Divebomber and have also been dunked on with overlapping AA or not. This is obviously my opinion and I am sure out experiences will differ, I consider myself a very good player who understands the mechanics very well and I don't feel there was any real skill involved in dodging rockets outside of getting off an early smoke and re-concealing. I want to be clear that I do not think it was impossible, just that its more about a mistake being made vs me actually using my skill to outplay.
  3. What is ironic about this comment is CV's prior to the rework promoted more team play. Funny how that worked out.... If you got caught out in the open by someone who knew how to cross drop well, you were toast (regardless of your ship class). A good CV pilot in this current meta can effectively severely reduce the HP of a DD that is covered by allied teammates if he is skilled enough without to much concern. Oddly enough, there is one class that I feel completely safe in when I get caught out solo, I don't even have to worry about fires! (which funny enough was RL CV's no1 enemy) Always feel safe as a CV being caught out in the open more then any other class. You just angle away from the target, launch a group of planes and laugh all the way to the bank.
  4. Lets be frank and put this comment into perspective. The whole line was designed around AA picket duty, back at launch I used to AA picket carriers with DFAA which actually used to increase the dispersion of torpedo / bomb drops and would prevent them from getting sniped at the onset of the match. I used to escort bigger battleships and non AA cruisers to support them with Smoke and DF AA dispersion increases, this was quite pivotal in late game scenarios when Carriers had less populated aircraft sorties. The rework completely changed the utility and viability of anti aircraft fire / DFAA as a whole. So it went from being balanced (prior to rework) to unbalanced (after rework). We are after all talking about a Destroyer line that was literally designed around DFAA, its only fair that this was adjusted with the USN DD's especially due to them not having the updated AA weapon stats from newer DD lines.
  5. Cobraclutch

    Destroyers Buffs?

    Yes I am playing padmes soundtrack.. LOL
  6. Cobraclutch

    Torpedo tubes destroyed is garbage!

    "The following morning, 6 June 1942, Mikuma and Mogami were heading for Wake Island when they were attacked by three waves of 31 SBD Dauntless dive-bombers from the aircraft carriers USS Enterprise and Hornet. Mikuma was hit by at least five bombs and set afire. Her torpedoes ignited and the resultant explosions destroyed the ship" "between 0350–0402 hours on 25 October, after entering the Surigao Strait, Mogami was struck by four 8-inch (200 mm) shells from the heavy cruiser USS Portland, which destroyed both the bridge and the air defense center. Both the captain and executive officer were killed on the bridge, and the chief gunnery officer assumed command. While attempting to retire southward, the flagship of Admiral Shima, Nachi, collided with Mogami. Nachi's bow was damaged and she began to flood. Mogami was holed starboard above the waterline, but fires ignited five torpedoes that exploded and disabled her starboard engine." "In late October, the Japanese fleet assembled in Brunei in response to the threatened American invasion of the Philippines. On 25 October 1944, in the Battle off Samar, Suzuya engaged the three "Jeep carriers" in American Task Group 77.4, but was attacked by ten TBM Avenger torpedo-bombers. A near-miss destroyed her port propeller. At 1050, Suzuya was attacked by 30 other carrier aircraft. Another near-miss caused the Long Lance torpedoes in Suzuya's No. 1 torpedo tubes to explode, which in turn started other fires and damaged the starboard engine rooms and the No. 7 boiler room. Suzuya was abandoned at 1150, and at 1322 sank at 11°45.2′N 126°11.2′E.[4] Destroyer Okinami took off Captain Teraoka and 401 crewmen. US warships later rescued more sailors." I did not add Chikuma because there was a dive in 2019 by RV Petrel which found that all her torpedo tubes were intact so it does not look like Whiteplains detonated her torpedo racks with a 5inch shell like they originally thought. A disadvantage of the Type 93 was that it was far more likely to detonate due to shock than a compressed-air torpedo. The explosion from one Type 93, with its heavy warhead, was usually enough to sink the destroyer, or heavily damage the cruiser, carrying it. As American air strikes against IJN ships became more common, captains of destroyers and cruisers under air attack had to decide whether or not to jettison torpedoes to prevent them from being detonated during the attack. In one instance, the heavy cruiser Chikuma jettisoned her Type 93s just before being hit by bombs from several USN dive bombers at the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. It was initially believed that during the Battle off Samar (in the eastern Philippines) a 5 in (127 mm) shell from escort carrier USS White Plains[6] struck the heavy cruiser Chōkai which detonated the cruiser's Type 93 torpedoes, causing damaged that forced the ship to be scuttled; however the 2019 discovery by the RV Petrel of the wreck of the Chōkai with her torpedoes intact disproved this theory. More Examples with Furutaka, Abukuma and Aoba. At 22:35, Helena's radar spotted the Japanese fleet, and the Americans successfully crossed the Japanese "T". Both fleets opened fire, but Admiral Goto, thinking that he was under friendly fire, ordered a 180-degree turn that exposed each of his ships to the American broadsides. Aoba was damaged heavily, and Admiral Goto was mortally wounded on her bridge. With Aoba crippled, Captain Araki of Furutaka turned his ship out of the line of battle to engage Salt Lake City. Destroyer USS Duncan launched two torpedoes toward Furutaka that either missed or failed to detonate. Duncan continued firing at Furutaka until she was put out of action by numerous shell hits. At 23:54, Furutaka was hit by a torpedo that flooded her forward engine room. During the battle, about 90 shells hit Furutaka and some ignited her Type 93 "Long Lance" torpedoes, starting fires. On 3 April, while moored at Kavieng, New Ireland, Aoba was bombed by Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses of the Fifth Air Force's 43rd Bombardment Group. A direct hit on Aoba caused two Type 93 Long Lance torpedoes to explode and set the ship on fire while the B-17's strafed the decks with machine guns. Aoba had to be beached to avoid sinking. On 26 October, Abukuma and Ushio departed Dapitan for Coron, Palawan but was spotted and attacked repeatedly by B-24 Liberator bombers of the 5th Group, 13th Air Force armed with 500 lb (227 kg) bombs. At 1006 she took a direct hit near the No. 3 14 cm Gun Mount; at 1020 two more hits by B-24 bombers of the 33rd Squadron 22nd Group, 5th Air Force were scored further aft that started fires. The fire spread to the engine rooms and aft torpedo rooms. Power was lost and the ship's speed decreased. At 1037, four Type 93 "Long Lance" torpedoes in the aft torpedo room exploded with devastating effect. The crew abandoned ship between 1200 and 1230 off Negros Island, . At 1242, she sank by the stern at 09°20′N 122°32′ECoordinates: 09°20′N 122°32′E with 250 of her crew. Ushio rescued her captain and 283 crewmen.
  7. Cobraclutch

    Colorado - you get what you paid for?

    The problem with Colorado is when she was introduced , there were not many ships that had the same caliber sized MB as the colorado did. This made up for a lot of her other issues.. Now she has been powercrept quite hard, she was actually fun when she was one of the only Tier 7 BB's with 16 inch guns.
  8. Cobraclutch

    Just returned to World of Tanks

    The americans did not fight 1 tiger tank in all of the normandy campaign, all the tiger tank engagements were done by the Canadians and British post D-day in the normandy campaign. The americans only truly engaged a tiger once the campaign shifted out of france and into the Ardennes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y2-5rNENTA - Source "The tiger 1 , the most feared german tank of ww2 and the most misidentified enemy vechile of the conflict. To read us veterans account and official histories compiled from after action reports, GI's were encountering tiger tanks behind every hedgerow and house in france as they advanced off the d-day invasion beaches. The trouble is none of this is true; ALL american reports of Tiger 1 Tanks in france are misidentification of more mundane german armor primarily the PZ IV. In fact 5 days before the D-day landings, there were only 6 Tiger 1 tanks in the whole of france" "In the subsequent battle of normandy, 143 Tiger tanks fought accounting for about 500 allied armor fighting vehicles, but surprisingly they never fought against the americans" "ALL Tiger 1 german panzer equipped units were engaged in fighting British and Canadian divisions struggling to break out of the normandy beach heads, so if you get your history lessons from Hollywood you are being fed nonsense" Now to the original point, yes the M4's were quite well equipped to take on the tigers.. Look no farther than the group of shermans (mix of British and Canadian m4 tank crews) that took out the black baron. They were equipped with sherman fireflys and were able to make quick work of michael wittman (The black baron) at around 800m with 1 shot, they ammo racked the tiger with a well placed shot and the turret came off Tiger Tank 007 minutes later killing everyone inside. Eakins and his firefly were able to dispatch 3 tiger tanks with 5 shells from a range of about 800 yards, showing how effective the firefly was even at this early in the theater. (please note that the who took out Tiger 007 is quite a contested issue, there are 3 prevaling theories at play. 1 is rEakins which I decribed above, the other is a Canadian 75mm sherman group that was 500m away from Tiger 007 (this is radley walters group (yes the famous medal in WOT) ) There is also a theory that the Tiger 007 was taken out by a rocket from a RAF fighter) "this does not take into account that a Canadian Sherman with a 75 mm gun was hidden a short distance away from 007, with a perfect side shot open to it. Recently, a documentary was done where the distance of the British Firefly and the Canadian Sherman were carefully measured and it was decided that the Firefly was a bit too far away to likely have hit the 007. The Canadian tank was close enough that a side shot to the 007 was an easy target for him. Therefore, the conclusion was that the Canadian tank actually took out the 007. Based on reviewing the radio transcripts and german accounts Wittmann's tank was taken out by Sydney Valpy Radley-Walters ("A" Squadron of the Sherbrooke Fusilier Regiment) who were in the chateau area only 500 m from the Tiger tanks. Norm Christie did a great documentary covering this new evidence."
  9. I would like to see CV's adopt a more support role. The ability to drop areal smoke screens The ability to drop areal chaff screens that can temporarily disable a ships radar in the drop zone. The ability to make concealed ships appear on minimaps with area radar consumable (only minimap, not surface reveal) Areal depth charges for subs. The ability to strafe ships with machine guns that can make their concealment bloom for 20 seconds (like if they just fired their MB, this would cause no damage) Just some thoughts.
  10. LOL DD mafia doesn't even exist anymore bud.
  11. Cobraclutch

    HMCS Haida: Is She worth it?

    Haida has 3 things going for her that make her very unique and very good. 1. Best 120mm Alpha in the game - As far as I remember (I may be wrong here) Haida is the only 120mm equipped destroyer with 1900 HE ALPHA , this makes her absolutely deadly in knife fights. 2. One of the best HP pools in the game- There are tier 9 ships that have less HP then HAIDA , she has incredible HP. 3. Concealment- She is top 5 in concealment among destroyers between Tier 5-9, couple that with her incredible HP and close range alpha she is the premiere knife / cap fighter.
  12. Because the concept was an actual ship line that was designed by the Germans during Z-Plan. Hence how this design came to fruition. One of these ships actually was laid down (SP1) I posted the history of this line in another thread. Here is it again. Technical Data
  13. Cobraclutch

    The reality of AA fire in WWII

    yep here you go. http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/rep/Kamikaze/AAA-Summary-1045/ If I understand correctly its basically the post war summary done by the US military in post war japan and someone put it online, the references in the actual archives are at the bottom if I am not mistaken. There is some really interesting stuff on that site enjoy, its a pretty oldschool site you need to cut the link to get into the different docs, so use like /rep or /usn /hyperwar Just erase what is after.
  14. Cobraclutch

    German DD alternate line stats (Dev Blog, WiP)

    wow! these are the Spähkreuzer's 38 and 40 from Z-Plan Very much looks like it anyhow...did not think we would even see them! https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/ships/destroyer/spahkreuzer/index.html
  15. Cobraclutch

    The reality of AA fire in WWII

    And to add to your comment, even with all those steps taken by the allies to create such strong presence for AA. The RPB (rounds per bird) required was still very high. As you mentioned though, by the time okinawa came around. AA efficiency with was very high in the USN. Although a lot of this can be attributed to the lack of training with the Japanese Pilots. I always find these charts impressive, showcasing the effectiveness of classes vs suicide and non suicide attacks. And then specifically on your point about the effectiveness of Japanese vs German aircraft, I found this bit quite interesting. I found it very interesting that the USN found the use of aerial mining and suicide attacks was a much more effective use of German / Japanese aircraft then actually attacking the ships outright.