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  1. Yea exactly, thats what i meant to say. Basically you will have sometihng like a 10 seconds delay between the primary getting vision vs friendlies or something a long that lines. Guess well wait and see :)
  2. The new radar changes that are going to be tested. Essentially radar LOS is going to be limited to the target radaring for a certain duraiton.
  3. the radar is getting nerfed, assuming its going to have the same radar mechanics that is currently being tested.
  4. Cobraclutch

    Haida Bragging Right - 7 ships killed

    Bill don't you hold like almost every haida record :P !?
  5. Cobraclutch

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    I find this thread outrageous
  6. Sorry , I should say "With CV's potentially being introduced"
  7. Cobraclutch

    PSA to WG about radar!

    @DrHolmes52 [RADAR] We’ve had numerous discussions with players in regards to Surveillance Radar and we’re looking for ways to work on the consumable. One of the tested prototypes is Radar working similarly to detection mechanics. As in, ships that are in the action radius of the Radar, but behind islands can not be detected. This solution, unfortunately, affected the Radar equipped ships simply too much and using the consumable became overly problematic. For example, detecting destroyers on maps with many islands became nigh impossible. SR equipped cruisers that needed to scout would need to leave their cover and become subjected to enemies’ fire. Another idea is in adding a delay to the effect of Surveillance Radar for allies. In this iteration outlines of the ships detected by Radar won't render for allies for X number of seconds. However, all detected targets will immediately appear on the minimap. Importantly, the interaction of the ship that uses the Surveillance Radar and the target that it detects, remains unchanged with no delay being added. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/174445-wgs-anchorsawaywows-livestream-upcoming-balance-plans-0711-and-beyond/
  8. Cobraclutch

    PSA to WG about radar!

  9. Cobraclutch

    PSA to WG about radar!

    thats what they are doing dint you see? They are testing new radar mechanics in which the team gets delayed spotting on the lit target.
  10. Cobraclutch

    PSA to WG about radar!

    you know sometimes i am like - "is it even worth it? nooo he cant still be sitting in there" *see's some gun volleys coming from the fog "Bah might as well you never know the potato level these days" *fires 2 spreads into fog "I am sure he moved, no way he just sat there this whole time" YOU'RE OFF TO A GREAT START / FIRST BLOOD
  11. Cobraclutch

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    That's easy , its the Yue Yang. At Hurricane and Typhoon, 9/10 games its a Yue Yang, actually you could probably account the 1/10 as me in my Gearing cause I am to lazy to grind up the Pan Asian line even though my clan keeps pushing me to :P
  12. With the upcoming CV rework and CV's potentially returning to CW. I for see the Gearing and Grozovoi unseating the YY for top pick.
  13. Considering the upcoming nerfs the YY, and the potential changes to radar. This could possibly be the worse time to grind PA DD's.
  14. Liking these changes, should be interesting to test.
  15. Cobraclutch

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    My serious question is: I have seen multiple people state they want a refund on their perma camos? Why ? If I bought a Gearing perma camo and they decide to remove the mk 16's for whatever reason, I would in no way think I deserve a refund. Whoever buys perma camo's for a non premium ship needs to understand that these ships are subject to changes and modifications, just because you bought a perma camo for a silver ship doesn't make it all of a sudden immune to being nerfed or buffed.