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  1. Personally on my BB i leave 2 fires burning if i am not in immediate "about to sink" zone of HP. Considering the damage is 100% repairable, I usually let them burn out unless i am 100% sure that I am safe from enemy fire.. which isnt very often when I play BB's.
  2. The important part of FP is it prevents 2 fires from being lit in the middle of the ship. so Stern / Center / Center / Bow turns into Stern / Center / Bow Which makes a huge difference because hitting bows and sterns for fires is something that is much more difficult vs spamming the center of the ship..
  3. 350-400 rounds per barrel Also it did not have AP shells, only HE 19 RPM was incredibly difficult to achieve, and normally RPM was 15 instead of 19-20.
  4. Good exposure, and he provides good commentary and analysis. Good for the game thanks for sharing!
  5. Cobraclutch

    Somers Question

    I would hold off personally, Somers is just a highly specialized Gearing that gets neutered. I rate it was the worse tier X DD personally.
  6. Cobraclutch

    Legendary Upgrades and New Tier 10s

    1/4 pen , new heal that heals citadel damage. And why not add some long range RU radar for kicks eh?!
  7. Cobraclutch

    Steel Dilemma

    I am secretly hoping Hayate will get a small concealment buff, everything else is left alone and she is released as a steel or coal DD.
  8. Cobraclutch

    Will Somers Be AN OP DD?

    Because some youtubers heralded it as the Shima usurper. I was saying from day 1 even prior to its nerfs that it was a medicore ship at best, now its just a POS. Even in its original stat that it was introduced it, it was very much a MEH for me from the get go. Its a crying shame that this is the first Steel Tier X DD they introduced, considering its IMHO the worse tier X DD by a country mile.
  9. Cobraclutch

    Steel Dilemma

    I do not have any of them, I have the steel to buy any of them. I was excited to see what the first Steel Tier X DD would be. IMHO Somers is the worse tier X DD. So now I am no longer excited.
  10. almost as if its done on purpose.
  11. Cobraclutch

    How Long Until Smolensk is Retired?

    Its like comparing the Alabama ST vs the Alabama. Both are the exact same ship, but the ST has a 61% win rate and hte Alabama has a 51% win rate. If you add 1 million GP to the flints total. In my opinion it would be performing much worse then the belfast.
  12. Cobraclutch

    How Long Until Smolensk is Retired?

    You fail to mention that the flint has over 1 million less games played. That would play much more into the performance difference then the actual ships themselves.
  13. Cobraclutch

    How Long Until Smolensk is Retired?

    These ships are no longer ingame because of that exact reason. They are overpowered.
  14. Helicopter ASW use was primarily pioneered by Royal Canadian Navy Frigates post WW2. The Royal Canadian Navy used defunct River Class Frigates and converted them into test beds for the new DDH class. The concept of anti-submarine warfare performed from a helicopter operating from the decks of escorts had been first proposed during the Second World War. Canada was the first nation to test a fully capable anti-submarine warfare helicopter flying from an escort. HMCS Buckingham had a helicopter flight deck attached to her stern and performed sea trials from October to December 1956. These trials preceded the design of the destroyer helicopter carriers of the Royal Canadian Navy.
  15. Cobraclutch

    German Premium Tier 8 "Odin Vs Woden"

    I am really looking forward to Mainz... 150mm 1/4 pen HE on a sturdy hipper platform.. Sounds lovely.