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  1. I was on a hiatus spending money for this game and WOT. Kidd was my first purchase in over a year. Will probably remain that way for a while. At this point I am contemplating a year of premium at X-mas. However I am leaning more on the no side.
  2. Kidd is a great ship, absolutely love it.
  3. WOWS NA has been doing well. WOWS as a whole has been doing "meh"
  4. Welcome steamers! (no pun intended)
  5. I know of 2 classes. Porter was one. Although the Porters had the same eight 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes as the Farraguts, a full set of reloads was carried. The class was initially equipped with the Mark 11 torpedo or Mark 12 torpedo, which were replaced by the Mark 15 torpedo beginning in 1938. I will find the other class later. Only 2 had it though and they lost their tubs for more ASW / AA armament later in the war.
  6. Certain us DD classes carried reloads.
  7. I hope they get pinned to the wall with this game. I love star wars, but there is no way I will support this kind of practice. Progression should be tied to playing the game. Not spending 500$ on the release day in order to get a mechanical advantage over other players who did not pay.
  8. Adding to the discussion. We also need more Free XP CA/CL's and DD's.. as there are currently 0.
  9. Still on the fence about BF2. I still feel screwed over by BF... Well see how I feel around Christmas time but I think I'd rather pick up Metroid for my 3DS.
  10. I feel the heal is what separates the Kidd from the rest of the Tier 8 DD's. I have ran into caps againts other DD's. With cruisers on both sides supporting . Red DD and Kidd face check. Both ships open fire cruiser support fire. Both Destroyers take massive amounts of damage. Both destroyers reconceal after breaking contact. Red Destroyer has no HP , can no longer contest caps with confidence. Kidd after 2 heals is back to 75%. she now has the ability to re-contest caps with confidence due to heal. This is why the Kidd is great, she can get absolutely massacred in a cap, retreat and re-arm / re-heal. And she regains a massive amount of her effectiveness.
  11. DB's typically knock off 25-50% of my health in any DD that does not have DF AA. My blyskawica almost got one shot by a lexington the other night. But the effectiveness of damage is not the issue. It's the vision that hurts the most. When a CV parks his fighters on you all match and you have no DF AA. You are effectively neutered as a class.
  12. Just like radar, if there is a DD near by with DF AA. Don't go there. /thread The devs want to reduce the effectiveness of CV's vs DD's. This does that.
  13. I run it on my Gearing captain, so when he drops down to Sims he is running TA on those potato mines. Its pretty rough... Better off without it.
  14. The bolded part is 1000% correct. You have the ability to put your foot down against another DD. Fully knowing you can disengage / commit to an engagement, that would normally leave you crippled later in the match. It's a good feeling, and allows much more agressive cap maneuvers.