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  1. How did this happen?

    Splash damage / splinters penning your magazine.
  2. Minimap Shooting Mod

    I have not tested the specific timing of it, I think it follows the same mechanics when you loose target lock on a ship that recloaked. So if you target lock right after the ship reconceals, you should still have the same position as your target lock. However I do not know how long that window lasts for as I normally do it right after the ship disappears. I will have to test it out.
  3. Minimap Shooting Mod

    Yea, it was in the other thread about that mod which could be considered a hack. Another poster stated shift X does the same thing. Just does not provide an actual X on the mini map. I tried it out this weekend and it seems to work, great for hitting targets in smoke that re concealed.
  4. Minimap Shooting Mod

    If you want to actually lock onto a targets last known position. Use Shift + X. This will lock your guns on its last position allowing you to continue firing at the target even if it is not unspotted. Great for shooting ships behind mountains. Obviously only useful if he ain't moving. But very useful regardless.
  5. My clan mate runs the Henri in CW as a fast flanker, works very well.
  6. Cursed Supercontainer

    Cursed is in the eye of the beholder my friend. For me that is def not cursed.. That mod is prob the best mod in the game.. I wish i had one cherish it they are hard to come by..
  7. 2-13 tonight

    It happens Lutzow, look at my last 40 games sub 50% win rate. Best thing you can do is focus on what you can control. The other stuff is just gravy, sometimes you have really bad streaks. Just gotta keep your chin up and keep on working hard for the wins, the record will adjust itself if you continue to do what you do.
  8. Nice match :) Welcome to the 3k base XP club :D
  9. How do you counter radar in a DD?

    I wish :P 5 inch mk38 chaff yes please :D :D Chaff Mark 78 - 55.3 lbs. (25.1 kg) Chaff rounds were available for jamming different radar types. Chaff Load Mark 15 was for X-band while Chaff Load Mark 21 was intended for S-band. Chaff projectiles used a MT nose fuze that triggered a small ejection charge and the loads were dispensed through the base of the projectile.
  10. How do you counter radar in a DD?

    I think you may have misinterpreted my comments. OWSF was never uncounterable. It was a mere annoyance. The reason why everyone screamed and cried about OWSF was it was painted as unfair and un counterable. Which i never ascribed too. My comment was directed at those who stated that there was no counter to OWSF. Outside of not being there in the first place, and how its funny that the same excuse is being used to defend radar, but its now a staple of high tier gameplay and its "balanced" We are both on the same page here, I completely agree that OWSF was an annoyance more then anything else. Radar is like getting hit across the head with a sledge hammer.
  11. I filter by Solo because that is what the mass majority of the players do in this game. Play Solo random Why would i provide stats that allow divisions to skew the results of how the ship do in a majority of the situations its played in. Not providing 2 week / solo stats is essentially skewing the results. These are the solo GP for 2 week / solo In the last 2 weeks the Gearing and Shima has been played a total of 76 228 times 34,744 GP for Gearing 41,484 time for Shima. These are the stats for 2 week / 2 ship 3,511 for Gearing 3,342 for Shima 6853 Total for 2 man division These are the stats for 2 week / 3 ship 3,613 for Gearing 2,866 for Shima 6479 total for 3 man division So lets say we take both 2 ship and 3 ship and determine how much that represents the total games for the Shima and Gearing in that last 2 weeks. The divisioned GP for the Shima account for 15% of the total GP for the last 2 weeks. The divisioned GP for the Gearing account for 20% of the total GP for the last 2 weeks. The combine divisined GP for the Gearing and Shima account for 17.5% of the total GP of both ship for the last 2 weeks. So what you are essentially saying, is that by providing the stats that 85% of the Shima players play there games as (solo) and 80% of the Gearing players play there games as (solo) I am skewing the stats? I think its the other way around my friend, allowing the WR of the 15/20% segments of the GP GREATLY skews the actual win rate and performance the majority of those ship captains actually experience. The bottom line is the majority of players play the game a solo players, should attention be brought into how a ship performs in a division? Sure But the base line balance of ship classes should be determined based off of how that ship performs for the majority of the players play(which includes Purple, blue, green, orange and red SOLO players), not a small segment. When players talk about IJN DD's being "Nerfed into the ground" They aren't speaking about how the ships perform in divisions, they are speaking about how those ships perform in the same situation 80-90% most other ships are played in. Solo
  12. i'm trying to think if there was ever a time i hated a game so much i wanted to uninstall it.. Only one comes tome mind NGE SWG