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  1. Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    I just installed the Enhanced Armament Mod slot 5 and the Torpedo Mod 3 slot 6 Modules on the Yueyang. The Module screen said my torpedo load time would be 93.6 seconds using these 2 modules. I entered a battle and the timer said it was 133 seconds to reload the torps. Tried another battle same thing. I tried a stopwatch and it is taking 133/134 seconds to load the torps not the 93.6 the module page says they will load.
  2. You suck

    Thank you guys. I guess the really sad thing is it is a really awesome game to play for fun with real people that have real feelings but so many players want to turn it into something personal for what ever reason. Tanks was no different.
  3. You suck

    Guess I am just getting tired of being beet up because someones game is not going just right. No I am not a great player, some times not even good. i am really just a old grandpa just trying to have a little fun before I die. During the day I hear thank you for your service over and over for spending 20 years in the Military and in the evening on this game it is your stupid you suck over and over. Funny I am the same person, must be this game. In the Military I could control things, this game is a total gaggle f--k that someone wants to blame me for, REALLY. OK, so can't we just have some fun cause it is a really cool game. If you think this is bad you are going to have a really hard time with real life. I though it was just a game. I thought we were here to have some fun. Nope I am not perfect, just a old man.
  4. Too many DDs

    The problem is not DD's that lay out one pattern of torpedoes. You can maneuver and have a fair balance on each team. The problem is the CV's that lay out 2 patterns from 2 different directions right in your face so you can't get away from around 20 torpedoes. It is crazy and not even close to being real. Ships got hit with 1 or 2 torps not 8. Totally unfair to get hit by 8 torps at once with no chance to do anything. The CV's are totally unfair at this time.
  5. I mostly try to cap bases but it has gotten almost impossible with the aircraft these days. They just crap all over you. Smoke is worthless. Everyone is shooting at you after the planes see you. You do not have any chance at all. It is just nuts.
  6. Base Capture Points

    Nope, I play Random Battles with the exception of the crap Russian DD's and German cruisers . Stats show I have received 0 base capture points for over 60 days but I help capture bases every game as I mostly play DD's for that very reason. I can get on base first and capture it most of the time. I capture 1-3 bases every game. There must be a glitch.
  7. Me too. I did not get the 3 million either. Not the first time this has happened.
  8. Am I missing something. I have been repeatedly capturing bases, with others and by myself and never ever receive any base capture points on the detailed report at the end of the battle. Not sure what's up with that. Am I miss understanding something. Does not matter if I win or not, there is never anything but a 0 there. Thought this change was going to give more credit for base captures. confused.