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  1. _StuG

    I like Pi

  2. The citadels made in either randoms or coop are not counting towards mission. Server issues tonight? Update: I had to restart game in order for mission to update.
  3. _StuG

    USS OHIO is complete [edited]

    WG should allow a 3-7 day trial out/test drive period on new ship purchases.
  4. _StuG

    What is the next Bounty Event?

    I enjoy these events and hope they keep coming! I vote Pirate or maybe Fleet of Fog appears!
  5. 1. AC/DC 2. Led Zepplin 3. Def Leppard 4. Linkin Park 5. Wolfmother
  6. 1. Die Hard 2. Terminator 3. John Wick 4. Starship Troopers 5. Rambo
  7. _StuG

    Avg Battles Turkey Event

    " ** There were several Turkeys who broke event rules and played before the event started, these battles were not counted towards the Average Battles Number. ** " Ouch, the whole flock got punished.
  8. _StuG

    T61 "Eye Spy" Event

    Thank you for the update!
  9. _StuG

    T61 "Eye Spy" Event

    Are there any updates on this event? @Femennenly @Gneisenau013