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  1. Vagitron

    Seattle B Hull

    Also, for those interested. It IS kind of a frustrating bote so far. Probably it’s much better when 3/4 of the targets aren’t other Seattles ?
  2. Vagitron

    Seattle B Hull

    I have, it’s the real deal.
  3. Vagitron

    Seattle B Hull

  4. Vagitron

    Seattle B Hull

    Does anyone know offhand if it is intentional or an oversight that the B Hull on Seattle drops gun range one kilometer lower than A hull?
  5. Stay at range to minimize how many shells they can get on your deck. Tit for tat, you really don’t stand a chance against Cleveland unless they’ll present you with broadside to AP.
  6. Vagitron

    Cleveland needs to be moved!

    Maybe the player needs to be moved back to T6. Cleveland is performing just fine at T8. Its play style really isn’t any different than the CA line. Find hard cover and utilize it while you melt enemies.
  7. Vagitron

    Strongest T6 Cruiser

    Honestly they are all very strong to me except the Frenchie. T6 is just a solid tier.
  8. Vagitron

    What Happened to the Cleveland?

    Cleveland was transformed into a fire mage. It’s a glass cannon, use the landscape to your advantage and enjoy top xp. Try to tank in a US CL or CA and enjoy watching others play the game.
  9. Vagitron

    Inertia Fuse on T8 Cleveland

    Go IFHE first, islands supplement your concealment and dictate your play style, but you barely do any damage without IFHE. You’ll hit 14pts much faster with IFHE than with concealment.
  10. Vagitron

    Cleveland Tier, was it placed appropriately?

    She seems fine to me if there are islands (some increased mobility like acceleration would be nice). On more open maps she’d probably benefit from a bit smaller turning radius and a split citadel. With all of that being said, I’ve got 170k xp from base waiting on the release of the rest of the line that I generated with a 6pt captain.