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    Battleships. Carriers. Cruisers. Destroyers. Things that bring boom and things that go boom. And fan-made tech trees. Other things include Games Workshop IP's, strategy games, Overwatch, and more. I consider myself a budding naval historian and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Game Design.

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  1. After many years of hard work, wiki editors finally get a (shared...!) flag! Huzzah!
  2. FuyuzuKii

    Russian battle ship suggestion

    The hell is 'Trabant' ?
  3. Seriously, they could just rename current WeeVee to Maryland, sell her at tier six, then make even MORE money by giving us 1944 WeeVee at tier 8 with some buffs to her. Wargaming gets money, the players get what they want, and collectors get all three Colorado-class! All we need is Rodney and we can have the full Big Seven! ... Rodney 1944 would be a good tier eight.
  4. FuyuzuKii


    Could this be the most elaborate coverup operation in Wargaming history?
  5. FuyuzuKii


    I remember the old days.... "No pre-dreadnoughts" Mikasa. "No submarines. At all. Even the Chieftain said no submarines" Times change.
  6. FuyuzuKii

    How to get the Wiki updated?

    ... err, wo-man, surprisingly.
  7. FuyuzuKii

    How to get the Wiki updated?

    Generally, us wiki editors have our own individual roles and such and we try to cover as many bases as possible despite our low number of 'official' wiki editors. I, for example, am usually the one behind the service histories of ships, from barely three sentences on De Grasse, to the several-thousand-word epics of ships such as Enterprise. I'd welcome other historical writers with open arms, as most of my work goes towards new premiums and such, while a lot of older ships I simply don't have the time to write for.
  8. I forget to go on this forum too much.

  9. FuyuzuKii

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    At the same time, Enterprise is immediately a very unique ship that stands apart from the rest of the USN. She can carry more planes than even Essex a tier above her, and she gets arguably the best CV loadout in general of 2-2-2. She has a lot going for her that people view as negative just because Big E isn't an overpowered monster, when really, it'd be kind of dumb if she was. She didn't win so many battles because her tech was universally better, it was the unbreakable will of her crew that carried her through. A good player can make Big E shine, as with virtually any ship in the game.
  10. FuyuzuKii

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    Ever stopped and thought about how all the premium carriers, and a lot of premium ships in general, have a "gimmick" or two about them?
  11. FuyuzuKii

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    So far things are looking up for her. Time will tell, as you insist
  12. FuyuzuKii

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    Ever heard of this thing called "Defensive Fire"? It's a wondrous thing on tier eight carriers. It lasts for two minutes and disrupts all attack aircraft's accuracy! Ever heard of that before?
  13. FuyuzuKii

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    I've been reading a book on her and transliterating it and another few articles into a comprehensive but short-as-possible service history... Big E did too many important jobs to leave them out. The book is USS Enterprise -CV-6- The Most Decorated Ship of WWII, A Pictorial History by Steve Ewing.
  14. FuyuzuKii

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    I should mention that this service history of hers isn't quite ready... but, I've just hit 3,000 words. Prepare for a short novel.