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  1. kalabaddon

    Best Premium Ship to Use a 30% Cupon On?

    Apply coupon is check and the coupons discount is below it. But I understand that you are basing this on how your wording can be taken to mean you want to see an actual object labeled coupon for discount on premium time. Versus the fact that a coupon can be applied to premium time, or a coupon that says can be used for anything. However I believe that your statement can be taken both ways. I have a check box that shows "apply coupon" and a place below it that shows the coupon "discount 30%", then finally in the total for the premium time which is a discount in the total price.
  2. kalabaddon

    Best Premium Ship to Use a 30% Cupon On?

    I was bored, and had a "coupon" to use, Google lead me to the thread, then reading the bet made I felt like responding... Well I applied a "coupon" to get a discount, look closer at the image. Also in you original post where you made the bet you explicitly said coupon, but only insinuated the armory. But anyways, as I said above, I was bored, just felt like posting an actual image showing the coupon in question. It was just in good fun :P
  3. kalabaddon

    Best Premium Ship to Use a 30% Cupon On?

    Here is one, Little late to the game, but did not see a time limit :P
  4. kalabaddon

    How does the returning player bonus work?

    Thanks _1204_ I might take you up on the offer. That said I guess there is no longer a 6 month return reward then? Just this new recruiter thing?
  5. I have not played for a little while and wanted to know how the bonus worked? I read something about needing to be invited back for a 90 day bonus or just waiting 6 months. If it has been 6 months do I just login or something else is required? I know this has been mentioned a few times before but I just wanted to confirm with current info. Hate to mess up my chance cause I missed some little tidbit. Also how do I tell my time out of game, Just use one of the third party stat trackers, or is there an official WG place I can see it? Thanks in advance!
  6. kalabaddon

    Let's talk plane kills for Dynamo

    I got 83, in the Monaghan, don't have manual AA yet. I think it may be a contender for the Sims position for AA. I think the trick is to let all the fighters solo the red fighters and not assist and then they all get killed, then you can freely farm the rest of the planes.
  7. kalabaddon

    LFC that is PVE centric.

    Hello all, I am in a Nice clan but they are a little to passive for me, and I aint one to lead. Is there any good clans out there that focus on PVE with a dash of clan wars? I am mostly active late afternoon to early morning PST depending on that days schedule. I expect it to change shortly after December but should still have plenty of game time. I am hoping to join a clan that will be proactive in doing Operation toons and stuff like that vs always having to ask or never having enough people on? something where I can help, but not have to be the guy to get the ball rolling for stuff, I am to passive for leadership stuff. Anyways hope I can be a good addition to a clan somewhere. Thanks! Kal.