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  1. They have basically ruined Co-op... all it has done is make DDs nothing more than cannon fodder in co-op, and also dragged out co-op matches (now the bots kite, instead of yolo charge) so co-op are nearly as along as randoms. They need to remove the bot focus fire crap, and also limit the timer down to 10 minutes, not 20.
  2. Billy_The_Dog

    Moving from Kiev to Tashkent to Khabi

    Much better than the Kiev. Stock is a bit of a pain, but once you upgrade your guns they are great. Kiev is dogged by slow traverse guns and useless stock torps. Tashkent gets same guns stock, but upgrades to Khaba guns. The 18 second traverse for a gunboat is a bit crap, but upgrade the guns, and it's a monster. I skipped he Kiev grind and got Tashkent... Best decision since I skipped Izumo.
  3. Billy_The_Dog

    Toxic Ranked

    The biggest issue in ranked, has ALWAYS been the 'save a star' mentality. The only way that 'save a star' would work, is if WG starts to reward things in game other than damage farming. People should be playing for the win. If people would take competitive more seriously, communicate and work together as a team, then maybe we wouldn't need 'save a star'...
  4. My biggest concern, is when they stopped compensation with doubloons for premium ships you already own. So if there is a mission to get a premium ship for free, but you pay real money and buy it before hand, then when you complete the mission, you only get credits, not doubloons.
  5. Billy_The_Dog

    love the rogue wave game mode.

    The biggest problem is the mm in it. They either need to not allow full 3 person divisions, or introduce some sort of balance. Either a ranking system or not separating out the levels of ships. The amount of times you playing 1st level ships, and up against a team of unicums playing 3rd level ships... Not fun at all.
  6. No they mean when the contest runs out, you will get 8000 credits for each of your tokens... So you'll get 9.6 million credits. And no Lazo...
  7. Billy_The_Dog

    WG,Please remove the map "Trident Epicenter"

    I wish they would turn the spawn points on Two Brothers by 90 degrees. Stop the idiot yolo rush.
  8. Billy_The_Dog

    WG,Please remove the map "Trident Epicenter"

    I'll tell you what I DON'T like about Epicenter... This new Epicenter, where my team can have a DD hidden in the center circle yet the enemy can stick ships in the outer two and cap those? Why did WG take a perfectly good gamemode and ruin it? In order to please the uneducated masses who cant understand a simple gamemode? Put Epicenter back how it was.
  9. Billy_The_Dog

    Why the CV nerf sucks (CVs are not overpowered)

    The problem is that with this whole stupid flak mechanic, what is considered a AA powerhouse, is changed. Yes a CV should not be able to get anywhere near a group of top tier cruisers with full AA spec, but a CV SHOULD be able to wipe the floor with a lone BB who goes off on his lonesome and travels in straight lines. But you can't. Also flak is not that easy to dodge, since not only does it through your aim off for your strike run, but also, since only 6 flak bursts appear in the "flak wall", on something like a Monty which has 20 flak bursts, the other 14 have to go somewhere. I think if the remove the flak bursts and make AA constant DPS, then i would be far more intuitive for CVs and then CVs would have it easier. Also remember that the DDs complaining about CV with rockets, is ONLY because the CVs can go near anything else without getting their planes wrecked. Nerf BB AA and then the DDs will have it easier too
  10. Billy_The_Dog


    That's a very good game in the current 'CV meta'. Good job. At least the US CVs are somewhat playable. I find the Jap CVs pretty much useless right now.
  11. Billy_The_Dog


    So no fix for the atrocious lag in port since 0.8.0 first came out? Also WG doesn't understand that the CVs are ONLY going for DDs, because every other class of ship has stupid OP AA and [edited] flak, that makes dropping them suicide. Nerf BB AA and that will make DDs great again.
  12. Billy_The_Dog


    PM sent
  13. Billy_The_Dog

    Looking for a good clan wars team

    PM sent
  14. Billy_The_Dog

    Decmber missions and Dreadnought

    Seeing the number of people who HAVEN'T heard of HMS Dreadnought, shows the difference between people who play this game because the want a proper naval warship game, and those who carry over as WOT scrubs. Although if this was WOT, we would have gotten the HMS Dreadnought for free on Christmas Day, which half the people would sell, for a free port slot! But on serious note, can someone please explain why the chain missions ARE NOT available to be completed in Clan Battles? I understand most of the missions not being available in competitive mode, to stop people focusing on missions and throwing the game. But these missions only require certain base exp and getting wins. Since CB gives everyone the same base exp, and the only requirement is to win at all costs, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to complete these in CB. After a day of CB, 4 days a week, most people don't have the time or patience to go grind out randoms for these missions. Especially since the win part means it's a horrible grind with all these awful weekend/holiday potato teams.
  15. We: The Art of Warfare [TAW] - World of Warships NA Fleet are recruiting What is TAW The Art of Warfare is an international gaming community supports over 40 games and has over 2500+ members. And have been on the Internet since 2001. TAW is not like other gaming clans. In fact, we consider ourselves a gaming community. The difference is the commitment our members and leaders make to TAW as a whole. Many of our members join TAW and stay for years when they realize they can’t find consistently competitive and fun games every week in another group. In many cases, as support for games dwindles, TAW continues to be strong month after month, year after year. World of Warships Division within TAW There are 2-two Battalion in our division: NA Fleet and EU Fleet, dedicated to play on the NA server and the EU server. We are currently recruiting for Mature, Fun like-minded individuals for World of Warships, WWS as our internal code. What we looking after TAW ENLISTMENT REQUIREMENTS Enlisted captains are the most important part of the TAW fleet structure. They carry out orders and complete missions together with other dedicated TAW captains As a TAW captain, you will be challenged to accomplish tasks that will put your abilities to the test, and you will discover talents that you never dreamed you had. Enlisted TAW captains are Active players and you will always find someone online at out home port that will Division up. GENERAL ENLISTMENT QUALIFICATIONS Respect towards all our members Two hours of gaming a week at our scheduled events, divided on two evenings. Be 16-years or older. Working microphone and TeamSpeak installed Follow our Code of Ethics (CoE) Have a positive attitude WHAT DOES ENLISTMENT MEAN? Enlistment is the process of taking you into TAW and make you familiar with us and our Code of Ethics (CoE) and policies we follow. What we offer - what you get BOOT CAMP During this process, you will talk to your dedicated Drill Instructor (DI) who will take you through our Boot Camp, basic training. Through the boot camp, you will be set up correctly and introduced to TAW and the NA fleet. Your DI will give you the rank as Recruit ® at our home port (TeamSpeak) and at our Website. The DI’s main task is to train you as a Recruit ® and get you to Private First Class (PFC) GAMING & ENGAGEMENT Your responsibilities as an enlisted member will depend on your choices of engagement in TAW. Mature gamers that want a laid back environment away from foul language and offensive topics. Structured gaming environment for all of our members. All of our game divisions hold regular practices or events twice a week. Our field leaders work hard to prepare exciting tournaments, competitions and events, so you can rest assured that your fellow division members will show up! Many of our divisions also compete in external competitions/ladders. In addition, the training staff of your division constantly work on new ways to help you improve your game! OUR OWN Forums Blogs Wikis Streaming channel on Twitch YouTube channel TeamSpeak server EDU - TAW University Online TAW's shop Social media channels: Facebook TAW Gaming, Facebook TAW World of Warships, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Steam, Anook etc. Check out Check us out on our website and look over our Code of Ethics (CoE) and see if we are for you: Website TAW.net Read our Code of Ethics (CoE) TAW Welcomes page TeamSpeak server ts.taw.net Enlist Join TAW Navy Questions If there are question of any kind, please don’t hesitate to take contact. Talk to the Staff Feel free to connect to our TeamSpeak and ask for a staff member of the WWS - NA Fleet - Battalion Download TeamSpeak for free