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  1. The big issue is that you can't do ANY missions with ships under T5... Also the new player experience is kinda junk. The 'protected MM' mode is actually worse than random, since they buffed the bots, to the point where many low tier Cruisers and ESPECIALLY DDs are almost unplayable.
  2. Have you ever thought, that maybe the low population is a result of you not wanting to play low tiers? If we allow people to skip low tiers, why even have low tiers at all? Just remove them and make the game only have 6 tiers (5,6,7,8,9,10). No. WG should not let people skip low tier. If they want to encourage new people to play, they need to increase the population at low tier, because at the moment, it is pretty unplayable for a newbie. Also do we really want to encourage bad players to be able to get up to higher tiers quicker>?
  3. Hybrids are far less of an issue than the upcoming Soviet CV's. I would have no issue with Hybrids, so long as they remove the ability for hybrid planes to spot other ships. I would love to see the early HMS Furious hybrid. Single 18inch gun on the stern! Or the early Lexington CV, as a hybrid cruiser with 8x8inch guns!
  4. So nobody was stream sniping. Once we had already lost the match, and we clicked as to who it was, THEN we logged into the stream and it was the conduct of the clan AFTER the game in Twitch that was the issue. Getting matched against players with WR 15 to 20% higher than most other players is frustrating but not the end of the world. The issue (which not everyone seems to understand) is the conduct of these "unicum" teams AFTER matches. As a few have said, there is no skill in belittling a team on a stream. Again NOBODY was stream sniping, this was all post match. You've hit the nail on the head. This wasn't even the MM screwing us over. This was a top end clan (I'm not going to say who it was, but I think most people here have already worked out who), who were using alt accounts and abusing the mercing system to have a bronze level clan stacked with 70% WR players. What is this had have been a matchup against a team of fresh newbies who had just started CB for the first time? These top clans (seems to be mostly Hurricane clans - Typhoon clans, for the most part, are reasonably cordial.) are happy to berate anyone they see as inferior, but then [edited] and moan about how there are less and less teams playing CB and their queue times are too long!
  5. Impossible to learn anything when the opponents are rude and arrogant and spend the whole game mouthing off for their "fans" on their stream.
  6. We are not talking once a month. We are talking four games in one day!
  7. Have you ever thought that maybe the reason is self propagating? There is no way you are going to get more people up into the higher leagues if you have clans abusing the merc system, thrashing them for easy games. Also as I said countless times, this is less about the game itself, and more about the conduct of Hurricane teams that are doing this. Clearly these people have no idea what humility is? There is no reason to be streaming it on Twitch and be rude and derogatory about the gameplay of much lower ranked teams in the chat. Of course lower ranked teams are going to be worse than you, that's why they are lower ranked!
  8. Billy_The_Dog

    What have you got against Clan Battles WG ??

    It IS getting abused by people bringing in Typhoon and Hurricane league players into Squall and Gale league teams.
  9. This is not a Hurricane team facing Silver teams because of queue times. This is a Hurricane team alt accounts in a bronze clan with a couple purple mercs, playing the system to get stupid easy games. As I said before, it is less about the match-up overall, but if it's such a chore for you to play against lower teams, then play the game the way you'd normally play (maybe we can learn something), but there is no need to be arses about it. The game was being streamed on Twitch and some people in the team spent half the game calling crapon the lesser teams in stream. All that happens is the the good teams come across as a bunch of arrogant children. Have a bit of humility for pete's sake! Most of the teams this season are pretty chill and humble, except for some of the Hurricane teams who spend the whole game talking crap.
  10. There is matchmaking with different tiers for a reason! It's less the matchmaking, and the fact that they were streaming on Twitch and making comments about how crapthat lower tier players are. Maybe try playing against players who are in the same league as you.
  11. Yes but the PVE aspect of Armoured Warfare is FAR better than WoT. It's more the fact that by having a good viable PVE, a lot of people wouldn't have to put up with the crap we do in randoms...
  12. Because WG knows exactly what would happen if they introduced more operations at different tiers... Look at a game like Armoured Warfare... Best form of PVE, to the point that NOBODY EVER played PVP. WG knows full well, that if there was a viable alternative (CB, Ranked, or Operations at every tier available all the time), then A LOT if not MOST people would NEVER play Randoms again!
  13. If you want a Dido that carried HMNZS, I'd go for the HMNZS Bellona. I had an uncle who served post war on the Bellona. 8 gun Dido, would be like a Tier 8 Minotaur! Given that of the 8 Leanders, 3 went to Australia and NZ got 2.5 (Achilles, Leander (Class namesake!) and the Neptune was crewed by Kiwis), at least give NZ Achilles, to go with the Graf Spee! NZ also had some Crown Colony (Fiji) class ships as well as HMS New Zealand (Watch Drachinifel's video on the Indefatigable class for that one!). I think definitely between AU, NZ and CA you could do a full tech tree for the Commonwealth.
  14. Billy_The_Dog

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    Exactly. I struggle to see who this event is trying to target? Most older players already have Graf Spee, and most newer players won't enjoy her. I would much rather WG works on fixing CVs and getting this sub thing RIGHT FIRST TIME! That trying to scam MORE money out of people for crappy ships. They nerfed Odin into the ground only like 2 weeks ago! Plus the rewards along the way are not really worth it...
  15. Billy_The_Dog

    Add a Kill Assist Ribbon

    Yes. This is why we should have kill assist ribbons. And make the missions be for kills OR kill assists. That way EVERYONE would be firing at as many targets as possible to get their missions done. They have assists for caps, why not kills? Also would help for people getting Kraken's stolen at the last second. If kill is for 50% or more damage, the Kraken should include this OR being the one that gets the kill. Or just remove Kraken awards?