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  1. Yes but the PVE aspect of Armoured Warfare is FAR better than WoT. It's more the fact that by having a good viable PVE, a lot of people wouldn't have to put up with the crap we do in randoms...
  2. Because WG knows exactly what would happen if they introduced more operations at different tiers... Look at a game like Armoured Warfare... Best form of PVE, to the point that NOBODY EVER played PVP. WG knows full well, that if there was a viable alternative (CB, Ranked, or Operations at every tier available all the time), then A LOT if not MOST people would NEVER play Randoms again!
  3. If you want a Dido that carried HMNZS, I'd go for the HMNZS Bellona. I had an uncle who served post war on the Bellona. 8 gun Dido, would be like a Tier 8 Minotaur! Given that of the 8 Leanders, 3 went to Australia and NZ got 2.5 (Achilles, Leander (Class namesake!) and the Neptune was crewed by Kiwis), at least give NZ Achilles, to go with the Graf Spee! NZ also had some Crown Colony (Fiji) class ships as well as HMS New Zealand (Watch Drachinifel's video on the Indefatigable class for that one!). I think definitely between AU, NZ and CA you could do a full tech tree for the Commonwealth.
  4. Billy_The_Dog

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    Exactly. I struggle to see who this event is trying to target? Most older players already have Graf Spee, and most newer players won't enjoy her. I would much rather WG works on fixing CVs and getting this sub thing RIGHT FIRST TIME! That trying to scam MORE money out of people for crappy ships. They nerfed Odin into the ground only like 2 weeks ago! Plus the rewards along the way are not really worth it...
  5. Billy_The_Dog

    Add a Kill Assist Ribbon

    Yes. This is why we should have kill assist ribbons. And make the missions be for kills OR kill assists. That way EVERYONE would be firing at as many targets as possible to get their missions done. They have assists for caps, why not kills? Also would help for people getting Kraken's stolen at the last second. If kill is for 50% or more damage, the Kraken should include this OR being the one that gets the kill. Or just remove Kraken awards?
  6. Billy_The_Dog

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    Obviously you haven't heard of the PEF Steel missions. And as much as F2P players complain about this, remember it is the people spending money that ALLOW the game to stay free for the rest of us! Honestly the ONLY time that it is actually worth it to spend money on this game is Christmas time! As for the Graf Spee, yes she is the least powercrept of all tier 6 cruisers, but she is still t6, which means [edited] MM for all! Also not the esiest ship for newer players to come to grips with. Yay! Given that most people who already have Graf Spee, are people that have been playing for longer and most of them just let Graf Spee grow rust in the port, this is a really crap deal! Credits is something I DON'T need, a permanent camo for a premium (which already come with camos!), another 10 point commander for my collection and another port slot. I often wish I could transfer credits, captains, port slots, etc... to other member of my clan who have much less...
  7. Billy_The_Dog

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    Nope. you will be able to get Odin, after the end of the 4th directive. But it's not worth wasting 8000 dubs on these ships. Graf Spee is so power crept and Odin is so nerfed, not worth the money.
  8. Billy_The_Dog

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    That's like 90% of people! For most people this event is a waste of time! Apart from the special signals (Suppose the coal and free exp might be nice), not much else. Pretty stingy on rewards for over a month of grinding. Even the PR event was more generous, even if it was a bit shady!
  9. Billy_The_Dog

    Slava cancelled?

  10. This is taking things to a whole new low. Regardless of what people say about CVs, or Smolensk, etc... there is always SOME counter play if you are good. Maybe bad players may struggle, but there is always at least SOME counter play. With subs against CVs, BBs and CAs with no hydro/depth charges... NOTHING! Unless the subs mess up? You cannot balance a class based on player skill. Seems subs have ONE hard counter, and if you are not that, then 'tough luck sunshine!' Which is even WORSE! Balancing on teamwork? Whilst it is a dream to have constant teamwork, it is a pipe dream. At the very least WG needs to sort out balancing issues and something to get players to play better and together, before this comes to the game, if not at all. Honestly? I think they could have gotten away with adding subs into the game like 2/3 years ago, and it would have been fine. By the player base has gone so far down the drain recently, that I doubt they can handle adding a 3rd class...
  11. Billy_The_Dog

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    Not at all. WG is very open about this event. They made it VERY clear that EVERYONE will get enough tokens to get the Mikoyan for free (assuming you collect ALL 60 free containers). Everything else other than that is a bonus. Really, WG doesn't want everyone getting top tier ships for free. And most players shouldn't want that either. My issue with the Russian event, is the entire concept of 'early access' all together! Do we really want every potato and newbie skipping the learning curve for every new tech tree introduced? Once saw a guy in a YueYang who complained that the enemy YueYang was hacking by seeing him through smoke (enemy was radar YueYang) and that his torps couldn't hit him! This was the guys first game in not only Pan-Asian DD's, but any DD. And in fact in any ship over tier 5!
  12. Billy_The_Dog

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    IF WG gave us doubloon compensation for the Graf Spee that would be enough for the Odin, then YES, this would be a great event... BUT THEY DON'T. You only get credits for the Graf Spee. Which is the point I made earlier about it not really having anything for experienced players. So NOBODY gets Odin for free. If you want the Odin you HAVE to pay 3500 doubloons. And if you already have Graf Spee? Too bad. Nothing for you (except measly credits - most people who have been round long enough to have Graf Spee, don't really seem to have major credit issues in this game). Honestly it would make a lot of people happy. The sheer mention of the 'dockyard' brings back bad memories for a lot of players. It just seems fishy that they are trying to sell this as an event which it quite clearly is not.
  13. Billy_The_Dog

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    There seems to be a lot of newer players commented in this thread, who may not be aware of the total ramifications of the Puerto Rico event... Yes there is A LOT of negative feeling towards WG around these events. By stating that this event doesn't give you any free stuff, it is simply a statement of fact. The PR event gave EVERYONE some free stuff, regardless of whether they even opened the game client of not! This event doesn't give you a lot of free stuff at all (especially for those of us who don't have Graf Spee). For most people, the amount of 'free stuff' is a big indicator of whether or not it is even worth doing the event at all... Why do events if you don't get rewards?
  14. Billy_The_Dog

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    At no point did I EVER say that any event is worse than no event. What i am saying is that this event is in SOME ways worse than the PR event. My issue is no so much with the event itself, it's the fact that WG is trying to use an event (that is not aimed at long time players) as a way to try and justify another event they screwed up on (which WAS aimed at long time players). The moralistic similarities, would be if I say burgled your house in US, but then tried to justify it by saying I'll give half of what I stole to a charity to help sick children in Africa! Whilst giving to the children is a good thing in itself, it does nothing to help you, or compensate you for your burgled house. With their crappy lack of communication skills, a lot of people feel (quite rightly) 'robbed' or 'cheated' by WG over the PR event, and this new event is some lame attempt at goodwill. Except the majority of people that left or were affected by the PR event, will not benefit out of this event at all! So it is far less about the event itself, more so it is the guise in which WG is trying to sell it. They shouldn't be trying to sell this as some sort of updated "We are sorry we screwed up!" dockyard.
  15. Billy_The_Dog

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    So your saying that for a ship which you said should be $150 with all the goodies, getting it for half price ($74) by doing some directives is a bad deal? You compared to grinding to Tier 7... you can grind out a tier 7 in ONE day! If you did it properly (since it was all based on how quick you could get the directives complete), get the gold boosters, you did the first directive before the event even started, and then do the second directive asap. As long as you got every daily mission for the first 10 days (before Christmas - I think i even unlocked another booster after Christmas to speed it up again. Since the first 2 directives were actually stupidly easy (it wasn't until directive 4 that they got crazy), $90 and like 8 days of regular playing? Totally worth it. The problem a lot of people seem to have encountered, was they didn't understand the concept of getting EVERYTHING ASAP. The earlier you completed directives or used gold boosters, the more effective they were. Saw a lot of people try to use the gold booster at the end when they were running out of time.