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  1. MyBelfast best game so far!

    GG, know this it only gets better. This is by far one of the best ships to play even at a tier 9 battle. If you like this boat you'll love the Kutuzov if you choose to purchase another prem.
  2. What is your Key ship?

    Belfast and Kamikaze
  3. Zao or Minotaur?

    I have a choice between the two, would love to see opinions. I know its always style of play, but which do you think is truly the better tier X?
  4. Akizuki needs a buff

    The guns are great, no doubt, but when almost every CA in the game can go faster this is a problem. DD's are built around a hull with no armor, meant to be able to surprise attack and get out with speed to fight again. Top speed without a boost is 32 knots, 34.8 with a boost. This gunboat only has 1 set of tubes so WG needs to help the boat get away from fire with all the ships that have sonar, its a slow pig at best!
  5. Commander Skills on Cruisers

    OK, so I've been playing with Advanced Firing skills on my cruisers to extend my AA by 20%, should I keep this mode or would it be better to go with Manuel Control for AA?