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  1. Bai Kako-chan
  2. *Nuzzles*
  3. *Offers snacks*
  4. *Hugs* it's fine
  5. *Pets* Night
  6. As things are, ya pretty much, but this is comparing apples to oranges. They are in two different settings and two different vehicles
  7. Forgot kph is not the same as kts There is less surface contact with the tracks than the boat in water. The ship sits 10ft in the water and has to push that out of the way to get up to speed. The tank on a hard surface isn't pushing against anything so it will in turn get up to speed quicker despite having the lower power to weight ratio. Think of the drag race between the veyron and the McLaren, on paper the veyron should have it off the line and accelerate faster but the F1 jumped ahead off the line
  8. 50B also has a higher top speed There is less surface contact with the tracks than the boat in water
  9. Friction plays a part too
  10. Nah
  11. It's ok Hey they posted it
  12. *Pats head* that's good, well I must get some work done *starts walking towards my office* *Waves*
  13. *Hugs* how are you?
  14. Hai Kako-chan
  15. thanks