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  1. .....and then you woke up laying in a sea of night sweat in your bed. THE END
  2. The world is a put to end, the sky is falling. honestly though, the numbers fluctuate a bit but I find them fairly steady, so stop painting the devil on the wall for Christ sake
  3. Game is no longer fun.

    A bit of topic, but I’m extremely curious as to what happened to your main account, pgmaudio or so I think, am I correct?
  4. Game is no longer fun.

    Then don’t respond at all. plus you are looking st the statement a bit bizarre to be honest. maybe re read his post and let it sink in a little before spewing crap.
  5. Ranked gem

    Gascogne is a fine ship in my opinion. i always liked it but refrained from using it so far due to some CC sayings it’s a very bad choice. i will definitely give it a try, as a matter of fact I’ll do that right now
  6. Does it make sense to keep Varyag...

    This! and don’t say for a free port slot please that is a bologni reason
  7. [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (23-05-2018)

    Ok nevermind last update fixed my loading screen issue, should be all good now
  8. [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (23-05-2018)

    i noticed the loading screen bug as well, for me usually the first time i klick battle it shows the green ships spawns, but starting with battle number2, the green ship icons seem to all be bunched up in the left upper corner of the map.
  9. Nobody missed your point mate. yoy fail to grasp the goal of this game and the fact it is a team oriented game. you sir must worry more about your pretty stats then the overall winning of the match as a team. do you get it now?
  10. All I read here is a bunch of selfish people. mouse has shown that getting the kill doesn’t reward any ungodly amounts of xp credits or what ever. This is a team playing game. as long as the red ship is sunk it really doesn’t matter. people moaning about kill stealing are as pointed out in this thread only worried about themselves and their stats. and therefor those players fail to understand what a team player is. the entitlement feeling is real here
  11. I think you wayyyy over estimating how many players have isp issues. i seriously doubt it will go down to 2 players, heck I doubt it will ever go below a few thousand. stop painting the devil on the wall and fix your pc and internet issues
  12. [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (23-05-2018)

    well, my life doesn't depend on this mod, but it makes it easier on my monitor to find and doesnt overlap with side panels, so take your time, i will keep checking back here. and again Thank you very much for all you do mate
  13. [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (23-05-2018)

    @aslain quick question bud, there was a mod before that would move the damage counter and the ribbons to the center, i dont see it in the last modpack any longer, will this mod come back?
  14. [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #05 (23-05-2018)

    @Aslain there is an error in the last version, hakabase side panels, 1 and 2 both, give an error404 when i try to install them. I use those together with hakabase contour icons, so i though i just use the hakabase sidepanels from the firts version #0 and it should work, but this causes my client to not switch from login screen to port, it just gets hung up. I think something wrent wrong with the hakabase sidepanel upload on your end, could you check into this please, i love those mods. i tried downloading your pack from all sources to see if my download corrupted due to internet issues, but all of them have same issue
  15. Brainstorming the CV Rework!

    I think this thread will be very interesting, I do like your ideas and how well you thought it out OP. good job