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  1. SumoWhirlwind

    How many crates did it take you?

    Bought six boxes with gold I already had, got Graf, Scharn, and Sims. Already have the normal versions of the latter two so that's 4k gold returned along with 1250 from one of the other boxes. There goes all my RNG for the rest of forever though.
  2. SumoWhirlwind

    What Are These Things?

    I've wondered for a while what these "frames" (for lack of a better word) on the sides of some ships are for. My buddy reckons they're like bumpers, to keep the ship's screws from breaking off if it were to scrape against a wall or side of a port. That seems pretty reasonable to me- the Clemson's screws jut out quite a long way from the hull, and these things are enormous on her,- but I was hoping one of y'all might know for sure.