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  1. I am already in love with this ship having only had her for a few hours. Totally agree with everything Mouse said. The only negative thing I've noticed so far is that this ship is covered in gasoline as it will get lit up very quickly. Only thing I would like to add is something Mouse told me when I asked her about this ship a few days ago. I told her I enjoyed the brawling style of the USN BBs. She then told me that the Warspite brawls better than the USN BBs. She wasn't lying this ship is a great brawler.
  2. 715

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Yubari

    The Yubari is a ship that is challenging and frustrating and sometimes you just have to make your own fun in it. Fly the ramming signal flag and prepare for ramming speed!
  3. 715

    Premium Ship Review - VMF Gremyashchy

    Great guide! She isn't lying about buying this ship when becomes available again. I didn't buy it when it was available because it was around $34.99 and my cheap self decided to go for the Yubari at $29.99. I've regretted that decision ever since.