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  1. I have been unable to use print screen since server issue or late update.. anyone else having this same problem?
  2. I reporting this mission to be flawed. The criteria to complete this mission is to be in the top 2 in ranked battle in a tier 8 ship.
  3. Northampton-class cruiser, Oregon City-class cruiser or Fargo-class cruiser (Since they look alike or both if you like)
  4. Question, why does people keep posting this same question over & over. Besides the fact their idea or suggest is a ship class that is already in the game. How about suggesting a ship class that is not in the game and stay within the nations & their already tech lines that are present. You can see WG missed or left out a lot of ship classes by chose or mistake. Which left a few suggestions open, to suggest other nation's ship class before WG has a chance to put it the game might be a waste right now. I have made that mistake in my suggests in the pass, some nations didn't have a big navy with multiple ship classes like the US. It might be challenging to put a tier 1 through 10 tech line for some nations. So lets make some really good suggestions.
  5. I total agree that emerald is the worse ship to grind. The best damage I could get with 5 hits is 990, the guns are crap. The smoke is worthless, the ship in full reverse still runs pass its own smoke. Even in smoke enemy ships still see you, even if you smoke behind island. The enemy ships don't even need to use radar or sonar. Besides the fact it only takes one salvo to sink this ship gives you really fair chance. Not to mention that matchmaker keeps placing you in a tier 7 match. That's what you expect from WG, set you up for failure.
  6. It's crap when WG is only selling it for 100 dollars in bundle only, I didn't want to spend that much money for it. I spend the standard price for it.
  7. Interesting, i never said what tier or type ship I was playing or never mention the captain points. And here i am playing, what i am gathering in a tier 7 battle maybe against Atlanta in a BB with a wrong captain setup.
  8. Ok, why cant you get a citadel with a torpedo? Where are the torpedo tubes for the US battleships (South Carolina to Colorado class)?
  9. oh no, rudders and props that's dead issue. This is the reasons why because WG has not or will not design anything below the surface of the water. Some players want submarines in the game and other players stated that it won't happen because that reason. If they do then submarines should be in the game, someone would say torpedo shouldn't seen, etc. River, i never said i never saw HE take out steering or propulsion.
  10. Right i am bad mouthing when others calling people trolls, unbelievable. I guess calling people some kind of vegetable is bad mouthing to.
  11. Steering & propulsion is inside the ship's hull so AP should be used, but i had my propulsion & steering knock out by HE which is not right. What if you don't sink the ship, wouldn't you rather disable it? Ok, give me another term for a player that is big on stats if stats lover is bad mouthing.
  12. Its unbelievable how people add things to my claim, please read the statement. Here i'll simplify it, AP cause or does just damage nothing else. I did not describe it anyway by measurement or scale or intensity what so every but got people somewhere claiming i said AP doesn't do a lot of damage.
  13. Thats sounds like a stats lover
  14. Nice pictures River, so let read those pictures. First picture shows you got 5 hit got 45k damage so basically damage. Second picture shows that hit & 2 citadels for 32k damage & 1 disable so basically damage since disable doesn't cause damage. Third picture shows 4 citadels for 46k damage so basically damage. So thank you for supporting my claim, I appreciate it.
  15. I have been hit by HE and three things happens, fire, steering, propulsion go out, players even have gotten a citadel with HE. All i get with AP is deflections, broke rounds, 6 hits causing no damage up to 2000 in damage. So in my experience ammo needs to be change.