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  1. @d_gladkov: Getting kind of an odd error here. Not sure why, I'm still looking into it, but after updating again to 3.1.9 in the WGC, the WGC window itself is disappearing completely when starting WoWs. Not sure if that was planned or not.
  2. I'm still on the fence here. Running 3.1.9. Seeing about the same number of crashes on 1st battle after login as before. I have noticed that if you reinstall the WGC app every time before you run it, there appear to be no problems. I've mentioned this before but that would appear to indicate a status flag for the player that gets set after a successful battle or so, so it's causing instability at login. Another option is how related is this particular crash bug to our respective bandwidths?
  3. Starts for me, but we're back to the crash on the first battle after login bug. The 'workaround' (i.e. it works about 75% of the time) is to reinstall WGC before running it. @d_gladkov, we've slipped backwards.
  4. Definitely crashed/hung again after the 3rd login. Got pinked. Going to redownload WGC, reinstall, and try again. Of course, given it's a fresh install, it'll work for a few logins, but the previous version to the current 3.1.7 seemed more stable overall.
  5. One thing I've noticed is that any port other than the default Philippines port seems to cause hangs/crashes. Let's all run tests with just the default port for now. (believe me - I prefer the Zipangu port, but testing is testing, eh?) As far as I'm concerned, the proverbial jury's still out as to what level of support we're getting from WG (though I'd feel better if we still didn't get an automated "We don't support Macs" the instant the word Mac shows up in a support ticket). @d_gladkov - customer perception is as important as actual game performance. You should understand this for your Windows subscribers too.
  6. @d_gladkov - Finally got the client to crash/hang on the first battle after login. It occurred when I changed the port from the default Philippines to Hamberg (though I suspect it would occur with any change from the default). I switched back to the Philippines port and restarted, and didn't crash/hang on the first battle with the expected stability we've been seeing so far with this version of the wrapper, so it would appear there's something in the ports that creates some instability. I'll try to recreate it this weekend while running debug mode to see if I can generate any data. Hope This Helps.
  7. True, it's getting a little rough with all the 'tokens' that we can't transfer to other things. Would be nice if someday they set up a transfer period (once or twice a year would be nice) when we can convert any 'currency' or tokens to anything else.
  8. Frankly, I think fuel is already being addressed in the service costs. Just be happy we don't have to pay proportionally for damage. None of us would have any credits.
  9. So far, 2 login starts and no crashes. The big test will be over the next couple of days as other attempts to solve the crash/hang on 1st battle after login would start to fail after the first couple of logins. I'm also not seeing obvious framerate bleed. (could still be happening, but the level is small enough that a dozen and a half battles over 2 days weren't obvious) @d_gladkov - so it's so far so go. This appears to be an improvement thus far. Fingers crossed.
  10. My Aunt was a welder building Liberty ships during WWII. BTW, there are some welders on the Rosie the Riveter monument.
  11. Use the debug scripts I wrote for d_gladkov to start WoWs in debug mode, rather than trying to follow the messy instructions. (just make sure to use the debugwows.sh script if you installed WoWs independently of WGC and imported it into WGC later and use debugwowsNA.sh if you installed WoWs through the WGC) This will come in handy if you have to restart several times due to a hang when starting a battle. You won't be running the WGC, just running the script to start WoWs. A word of warning, however, the first time you run WoWs in debug mode, you'll have to reset all custom settings, including graphics, and UI settings. Debug mode doesn't migrate over your standard settings. The upside is that once done, you won't have to worry about it. Apparently, a 2nd profile file is created for debug mode, which WoWs loads when it starts. I'll add this - only use the Philippines port for now unless you've got really high bandwidth. I've noticed that if we use any other ports, and the game is loading a specialty screen and you have lower bandwidth (as I'm stuck with for now), the game hangs on port load because it can't seem to load the port and the specialty screen (e.g. the 'Victory' screen when you're picking a side). We can bug WG about fixing other issues, but for now, I think the crash on first battle bug has the highest priority, followed by the fps bleed bug.
  12. One thing I'd like would be to again view replays. I miss being able to see what I did (and mistakes I made) afterwards.
  13. I've noticed that we're still having to reinstall the WGC periodically to preserve a degree of stability. Not sure why, but I'm going to start running in debug mode again to try and collect more data.
  14. I noticed that the time to battle has shortened considerably. It's only 30 sec from the moment the map loads until you're injected into the battle. I've been noticing a huge uptick on the number of friendlies (in Coop at least, no data for Random) that haven't connected when the battle starts, making them afk right at the start.
  15. It can depend on the installation. The full path to the profile is: ~/'Application Support'/'Wargaming.net Game Center'/Bottles/wargaminggamecenter64/drive_c/Games/World_Of_Warships/profile/python.log (et al) For some use World_Of_Warships_NA instead of World_Of_Warships. If you don't have an alias in the Documents folder you can then drag the WoWs folder there. It's easier if you open a Finder window and drill down.