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  1. JAKeller

    Who owns torpedoes?

    I usually try to give fair warning to those downstream (even to the point of telling them which side of their ships the torps are on), and I'll check to see if it's likely that anyone might be in the stream in the first place (IJN main here, so I tend to use those 10km torps, especially from my cruisers); kind of like yelling "Fore" when golfing I suppose (I don't golf, so it may just be a metaphor). I'll still say "sry" if you're dumb enough (even after a warning) to wander into the stream, but there's gotta be some responsibility for the idiot who did so.
  2. JAKeller

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    WG uses standard time. I had to figure that one out too as I am EDT as you are. You had to wait until after 6am EDT.
  3. Let me give this some more thought as to how we can model it. The simplest model I can think of (and would actually be fairly accurate) would to determine 2 formulas: Average damage per battle by CVs (Dcv) Average damage per battle by all other ships (personally, I'd like to break that down so we can have a more nuanced model, but it's a start) (Ds) Then the average survivability of a CV becomes: Dcv/Ds We can then determine that any tactic which places a given battle in the 'over 1' category as survivable for the CV and below as not. That would allow us to create a statistical function which would determine if on average CVs survive more than other ships.
  4. JAKeller

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Oh, I agree. But we ARE talking about WG, right? Do they EVER do anything simply?
  5. JAKeller

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    The simplest explanation is WG is just trying to get people to log in everyday.
  6. Let's start there then. This sentence defines 3 different variables of freedom: CV Killed vs Lived during the match Enemy Ships breaking through (somewhat ambiguous - what exactly defines "Breaking through" though it's a start) vs Not breaking through Defeat vs Victory in the match This defines 8 (i.e. 2^3) separate categories into which gathered data could be placed. We're going to inject empirical analysis into this whether people like it or not. It's the only way to settle the issue.
  7. JAKeller

    Karma system

    Long before you even made it. That doesn't change the fact that your lame attempt at sarcasm was valid.
  8. JAKeller

    Karma system

    While I realize that Karma is in itself useless, one tradition I've managed to create (though only for myself, but even a single habit can grow), is to reward the highest scoring person in the top 4 of each battle who DID NOT get a kill. I know the number of times I've worked hard to help my team win but see 'Near Kills' go to someone else. That always angered me, but instead of giving those someones negative Karma, I decided to turn it around and reward positive Karma to those who'd done well (either through damage or caps) but didn't receive any kills. I usually manage to use up all 9 of the presentable Karma points I have each day. Sometimes, they reward me back (though they probably aren't sure why I gave them a point in the first place). I doubt Karma will ever bring back a true reward system; it's too easily abused for clan members, but I believe that providing points for some does have an overall effect, though indirect.
  9. JAKeller

    Karma system

    That's sad because I always read entire posts. Even the long ones. Perhaps especially the long ones, because most of the time, the writer is trying to express their opinions on a difficult subject without sounding pithy.
  10. JAKeller

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    The "It's just a game" argument still applies in a lot of ways. E.g. Given a typical 48x48km map, 1 sector is 4.8km wide. IRL, a 30kt ship would require just over 5 minutes to travel the distance of ONE sector. Our ships are traveling a relative 10x faster than IRL. So in many ways the subs are being hamstrung in methods not even considered because the time-space meta crunch is so accepted now.
  11. JAKeller

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    It looks like 1 token per bundle, 1 token per day at the moment of the first login, it doesn't look like they will be sold. Oh, and from the website, it appears there are 9 bundles: 6 with 400 Coal each, and 3x1 with a sub each in it. Hopefully that answers it properly.
  12. JAKeller

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    So do all the drops too.
  13. I also try to be diplomatic (bad habit from my childhood), hence the obliqueness of the suggestions. Personally, I would love to see your raw data (yeah, I realize that says something unhealthy about me, but what can I say - I love analysis). I'm sure much can be gleaned from it if decent formulas were applied.
  14. Instead of a consumable and making the meta confused, just add 'guns' to the attack planes. The driver can switch weapon types and use their guns to shoot other CVs' sorties. It doesn't have to be a complicated solution. We've already been asked to accept that CVs can only do one thing at a time, so having a different weapon type on attack squadrons doesn't break that.
  15. That depends on the CV driver - something you're obviously not taking into account. Let's examine the basic DoE (Design of Experiment) here. Otherwise, you're relying on anecdotes, which make for terrible statistics. CV success is mostly based on: DPS (d) - Damage per sortie Distance as protection (p) - this is straight forward Average number of planes in a sortie (n) Antiair ability of the target (a) The following relationships between the success variables are: d ~ n d ~ 1/p n ~ 1/a Thus a rough formula for damage per sortie by a CV becomes: d ~ n/(pa) This suggests a CV driver basically has 2 choices in a match: Stay way in the back, relying on his/her team to win and realizing he/she won't be getting much XP or Cr because distance reduces damage causable. Follow his/her team in close, providing the CAP support they're always whining about. This allows for higher yields in damage, XP, and Cr, but risks dying quickly if caught within gun range of anyone because at an average of 25-30 kts speed, a CV isn't running away from anybody. A fully successful CV driver is able to determine where the thin line is between these 2 choices. I seem to recall that other ship drivers have a similar set of choices. Hiding behind islands or other tactics are just variants on either of these choices. I've seen the 'evidence' that some have posted. As a mathematician and former physicist, I call bunk. Such anecdotal statements constitute neither evidence nor statistics. Only a properly executed formulaic study would produce that, and I've yet to see one.