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  1. Piper64

    What happened to Armory filters?

    Yes, I know you can by nation, but it would be nice to be able to see all the reserves at once in case you wanted to dismiss one -- I don't have 48 reserved slots! Just seems clunky to have to go back and forth and click on a ship of a different nation to see your reserved commanders. Also, what would you do if you didn't happen to have a ship of a certain nation?
  2. Piper64

    What happened to Armory filters?

    It's back after two reboots -- weird * Might not ever have been a scroll bar, don't really remember!
  3. After today's update, it seems the filters for the armory have been removed -- was this intentional? * If so, that makes no sense whatsoever. And ... scroll bar is also missing. Also, I know the ability to view all the commanders in reserve has been removed, I still have not seen a logical explanation for it? Especially notable now with a couple of commanders being challenge rewards.
  4. I am going to assume (hope) those numbers are off?
  5. I hit the Participate button, received the gifts, but where do you see your progress? There is nothing in the Combat Missions tab??
  6. Where are tokens supposed to show up? I went through all the step, got confirmations, even received the gifts in my account, etc. but I don't see those tokens anywhere in my account??