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  1. An evil payout..

    Time to quit for the evening, Satan will be hunting me down for this payout!
  2. Still waiting on one but you won't break me WG. I refuse to pay for loot boxes!
  3. Waiting time in arms race

    I finally got in after 1 hour 15 minutes.
  4. Waiting time in arms race

    Came back from setting up my laptop....
  5. Waiting time in arms race

    Going downstairs to get my work laptop and setup as I am working from home today. I'll update with screenshots as the clock ticks.
  6. Why have a time limit if you are not going to honor it .... I still have the clock ticking on this one, just out of curosity.
  7. Must be a whole lot more than you state as I take them down head to head on a regular basis. What usually gets me if there is a Division of them and they start coordinated cross torping
  8. This, I love knife fighting them with my Gearing if you want to call it that, it usually consists of Shim shoots stealth torps I head to the general area they came from, Shim pops smoke once spotted and I head straight for smoke and dodge more incoming torps sometimes taking a hit. Shim spotted sitting still in smoke waiting on torp reload. Rip shim apart with Guns.
  9. Royal Navy crate SCAM

    This^^^^ and the old saying of a fool and his money....
  10. Bullying and harasment

    Blacklist them and move on.
  11. Zilch, Nada, nothing. Not just in this event but all of them.
  12. Maybe a trip to the training room to shoot trial shots and see where they land compared to where you are aiming?