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  1. "We've located the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis in Philippine Sea at 5500m below the sea." That tweet from entrepreneur and billionaire Paul Allen around 12:20 p.m. Saturday confirmed what many have been searching for since the ship was sunk on July 30, 1945. Allen, who is leading a 13-person team on his 250-foot research ship, the R/V Petrel, said the wreckage was found at a depth of more than 18,000 feet....... http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/paul-allen-finds-lost-wwii-ship-uss-indianapolis/ar-AAql9Fy?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp
  2. It also gets said elites blacklisted or ignored by me. If you have to fall back on stat shaming then you really have nothing else of value for me to hear. The Blacklist .. the ultimate silencer!
  3. I usually click battle then flail away on my keyboard and mouse!
  4. Been listen to a lot of stuff like this lately while playing , it helps keep the emotions in check while playing. Got it on pandora so i get a good mix of what i like.
  5. We all want to win , we just don't want to deal with the salt that rains down from the GODS when they are not happy with our performance. And as in real life you will have losses to deal with, if you can't handle it in a game I can only imagine how you would react to something in real life.
  6. Thus the reason I hid my stats once I found out the option existed, I use only one account and my stats weren't that great to start off with. The only thing the xvm or stat [edited]'s have to go on when judging me now is data that is out of date. My version of XVM camo.
  7. Yes, but without the I'm purple and you're not. It's time to knock them off their thrones. It's time for some win rate "normalization".
  8. I really wish that they would change the MM to be based off of winrate. That way the purples would have to fight each other and not have to deal with "potatoes". And seeing that 50% would lose and lose that "unicum" status as well, then they would be the "potatoes". There is something to be said about using a skill based MM.... you wouldn't have the "purple problem" of player snootiness as they would be forced to fight each other and not allowed by MM to go around and bash on lower skilled players as they would be matched up with somebody of "equal skill". Waiting for the purple players to come on here and denounce this idea.."whaaat you actually want me to play somebody with the same skillset .. no way"
  9. I handled dell gold contracts with the federal government, I had an sla for a 2 hr response and 4 hr resolution on server problems. You're preaching to the choir.
  10. Well then going by your logic that means they had even more time yesterday to address this issue and didn't seeing as the incident happened a little after lunch on their time and the op was created as they walked out the door?
  11. I trust them as well but they still have not come out to re-assure people (a full statement) that current (new) progress will not be lost or that it was OK to proceed on with the mission after the reset. There were people that were holding off on playing due to the problem and did not want to continue because we did not know if any new progress would be overwritten if they managed to restore the progress that had already been completed. A simple statement addressing that issue would of been re-assuring. Don't get me wrong I appreciate that niko comes on here and gives us updates and I know that if he had access to that info he would share it with us, but in this case communication on this issue and the resolution have been incomplete.
  12. Yea but if you were playing on premium time you are paying twice as much to complete the same mission, maybe more than 2x if RNG starts working against you. It's time for WG to step up and complete the missions for all and call the event done since there is no possible way to track progress and compensate accordingly. If they could track progress then it would of been restored to the players accounts. It's time to admit that they screwed the pooch on this one and move on.
  13. I just want to know if they are going to reset it again so i don't bother grinding it again and somebody restores my old progress and overwrites the new progress.
  14. With the type of money they are taking in there shouldn't be any "glitches" that causes you to lose the progress that you have played or payed for. Loss of game progression is a mortal sin!!