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  1. Before worrying about the engine they need to fix all of the bugs that exist in the UI such as missions that are completed coming back from the dead, updating of rewards and xp ...etc The UI in port is just awful and requires restarts to display "true" updated info.
  2. Selfish DDs

    ^^^^ This, I know some people were getting pissed at me yesterday as I was trying to complete one of the last tasks on the Yamamoto Campaign that requires 2500 ribbons. I was going to cap in the beginning with my DD but I was also focusing on slow BB's with my guns so I could rack up the ribbons with each shell hit.
  3. I think I've burned out.

    Yep know that feeling of burnout , I got lucky and finished New years raid yesterday morning as Rectum Communications(formerly known as spectrum to me) dropped out on both phone and internet on a totally clear night last night with not a cloud in the sky until late this morning. I would have been so pissed if I had to try finishing this with my phone tethered to my desktop.
  4. But it is still rendered to people that don't have it turned off, looks like a nice big target to start fires with. I'll put up with the ugliness if it makes it easier to burn to the ground.
  5. I just watched the video, why would you plaster Japanese Kanji all over an Italian ship? You would think that these camos would be limited to pan-asia/IJN ships.
  6. Does it do damage when that big thing is it? If so a nice big target.
  7. Somebody took a Schlitz all over it.
  8. Looks like somebody took a Schlitz all over it... Image for those too young to remember Schlitz.
  9. Thank god I finally fished today , but just repeat the xp missions. I skipped them to get in before the end date.
  10. Spoke too soon gamecenter just started the update.
  11. No updates in game center and can't connect to client.
  12. Rank 1 doesn't mean anything other than you played a lot of games in 1 game mode that is only allowed for a certain amount of time. These guys would of been put on my blacklist. Silence is Golden
  13. I never really thought of AR as must have for BB due to the long load time that bb's have anyway . I use it on some cruisers and almost all dd's so i can shoot a steady stream of IFHE
  14. So what do you (Wargaming) plan on doing about people that openly state (quote below) that it is okay to throw abuse at people depending on the type of ship they play. It was this type of toxicity that I was afraid of bleeding over from WOT that has now made it's home in WOWs? That is the real cancer in this game.