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  1. Actually everybody does have replays enabled by default now after the recent updates but there is a limit on how many battles are kept in the replay folder.
  2. [edited, thanks for understanding]
  3. DESRON10

    Tier X cruisers

    It's called an alt for a reason.
  4. DESRON10

    1.14 million free XP

    Not if you don't spend it in the first place. 6 years between WOT and WOWS and $0 out of pocket spent. And the Alaska is currently a port queen until some missions come up to where I can use her.
  5. DESRON10

    Fix your game

    Well , I was attempting to avoid the standard meme...lol
  6. DESRON10

    Fix your game

    I guess the hamsters are taking a lunch break ...
  7. DESRON10

    Fix your game

    Ditto , just exited the game. ping was over 2600 and controls unresponsive.
  8. DESRON10

    I am tired of ungrateful teams

    And BANG , out comes the stat shaming. When all else fails, fall back on stat shaming. They really fing need to git rid of stats.
  9. DESRON10

    X Salem or IX Jean Bart

    I have them both NO need to worry about credits with Salem she makes plenty and with her camo you dont take a big hit on cost but my win rate in her is horrible as it is always focused first because of her heal capability. but I love her fast guns plus I have the propulsion mods on there so it just whips arounds islands. If I catch another cruiser broadside it is toast with her ap. My wr in the JB is better as it is a good tanker and moves fast to respond to the tactical situation.
  10. Yea I know, I want in as I may have to go in for knee surgery and will be on the ps4 a lot during recovery. It would be great to have Warships on there.
  11. How many time do you have to register? This is the third time in the last 6 months with no invite code sent for the ps4.