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  1. Well at least they are not floaters and will flush unlike that pixel boat of yours.
  2. Hey, that dollar will get me 2 hot dogs at Sheetz,a whole lot better value ...
  3. And lose any self respect while doing it, it is not about price, it is not about product, it is about principle. Yes it was made well known that you would not have enough guineas in the end to finish the campaign, so why even have a campaign? Just run a limited offer on the thing for buck and be upfront about it. Having such a long campaign as easy as it was deserves some type of completion and I will accept my 4.8 mil credits as that completion and be happy about it. But it leaves that same feeling that you get when you put a large puzzle together and after you have used all of the pieces you still have several holes from missing pieces
  4. I'm taking my 4.8 mil credits and walking, screw them guineas and the marketing scheme behind them.
  5. DESRON10

    Philosophy behind the new Santa crates

    <iframe src="https://wheeldecide.com/e.php?c1=BANKRUPT&c2=WG+%22WET+WILLIE%22&c3=BANKRUPT&c4=BANKRUPT&c5=Lose+a+Crate&c6=BANKRUPT&c7=WG+%22WET+WILLIE%22&c8=Krasny+Krym&c9=BANKRUPT&c10=BANKRUPT&col=wof&t=Wheel+of+Wargaming&time=8" width="500" height="500" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  6. DESRON10


  7. DESRON10

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    That's the best thing about hiding your stats when you are just coming up to speed . People will underestimate you rather than be focused on for your higher win rate. Use it to your advantage. I call it the wows form of xvm camo.
  8. DESRON10

    Royal Navy Event Hall of Fame

    Is it a bug or are there no points awarded for Twilight battles ?
  9. DESRON10

    Upcoming reward in WOT

    The arc the GW shot at was so fun and I had all my crew trained up that made it deadly accurate towards the end I could put a shell through a window on a building that a tank would be hiding behind. People were screaming hax when there was none , just too much time on my hands while I was laid off.
  10. DESRON10

    Upcoming reward in WOT

    Me too I have over 15,000 of 32,000 matches in the GW Panther, that was my favorite until they dicked with it.
  11. Why do I have to find another game to play? Just because I run a vanilla client? Seems to run just fine without the mods. I don't have to worry about weegees false positives on cheats and keeping mods up to date with every update (see... that doesn't even sound right).