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  1. LOL, you are looking at the final task which cannot be repeated, if you look at the other tasks it says it can be completed on them.
  2. I don't know about this year but last year even with ram flags it doesn't do much, that thing has monstrous spikes around the hull that absorbs the damage even before you can touch it.
  3. Well I just found where you can citadel the Rasputin with the jackal unfortunately there was only 30K left on it and it detonated so I don't know how much you could get with a citadel on it.
  4. This, I hit Rasputen with 6 torps spaced apart from the blade and it did 164,000 damage due to flooding.
  5. Yea, we capped 2 earlier then they did and just played defense while the clock ticked away. No kills on either side.
  6. When they did this before it was due to them changing around details of captain skills. Did they make some changes to the skills again?
  7. Deleted due to self censorship.
  8. Haha, you come in here talking about how bad everybody else is this weekend and you try to call out other people on being arrogant?!?!
  9. Was wondering that myself, less than 200 battles and is in here talking about how bad it has become.
  10. I noticed you forced admiral_threepwood nose first into the taint, naughty boy!
  11. Sounds like Thraxian and VGlance need to start their own clan, may I suggest the clan name if it isn't already taken? [IM2GOOD4U]