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  1. DESRON10

    Italian legendary captain severe bug

    Another example is legendary mods for CV's ... still broken after almost a year after the CV "rework"
  2. DESRON10

    Legends Mod Missions Expiation

    Unless it is on a CV , you are kindly rewarded with a prize you cannot use after going through the grind for it. Almost a year into the CV rework and this is still not fixed yet.
  3. DESRON10

    Filth camo

    T-10 Montana T-9 Fletcher T-8 N.C
  4. My protest of RB continues, the 10,000 points stills sits in my inventory and I refuse to spend it. The player base clearly stated that they did not like/want this and it was still shoved down our throats.
  5. DESRON10

    Hiding behind islands

    Nope everything wrong about WOT has made its way to wows.
  6. DESRON10

    Hiding behind islands

    Ding Ding Ding..... we have a winner. I predicted this crap while it was still in beta , the a$$hats from WOT made their way over to here and ruined it. You see it with the anti - cv and now anti-sub spam in the forums, welcome to wot on the sea now.
  7. DESRON10

    T10 Filth Camo - Someone give me hope :)

    My work is pretty lax, so I was able to grind while working in between calls and meetings. I actually made some cash while grinding for the free stuff here...LOL
  8. My choices T-10 Montana T-9 Fletcher T-8 NC
  9. DESRON10

    T10 Filth Camo - Someone give me hope :)

    Just finished the grind for all three camos just a few minutes ago tier 8 - 7 rolls tier 9 - 20 rolls tier 10 - 5 rolls... bingo! new perma camo for my Montana! I dont care how ugly it is with the credit bonus on it at tier 10 (50 %service discount)
  10. DESRON10

    Server Down?

    Okay, I was just reconnected and it it said disciplinary penalty lifted. Funny I didnt have any before i was disconnected ...LOL
  11. DESRON10

    Server Down?

    Just got kicked out of the match I was in and cant reconnect.
  12. DESRON10

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    I can see why you didn't get that loaf of bread and don't understand why you cant have it. Honor is a moral value from within and has no monetary value. It is a measure of ones character.... not the amount of cash they have on them.
  13. DESRON10

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    Fixed that for you, I don't have a problem with the steal . It's in the way it is obtained..Less then honorably usually.
  14. DESRON10

    Alt Accounts - why?

    I'll give it a shot, thank you. Update: It's working now. Thanks