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  1. Not only this but I am using this to grind out some tasks on the honorable service campaign mission 2 which is a lot of cruiser tasks as I don't play above tier 8 that much unless I have to.
  2. Running flags and camo stacked up with a win I usually get around 6000 xp per battle, losses have been coming in between 1000-3000. I have ground N.O. out to 155k xp in the last 2 days... only10 k left to get the baltimore. So if you start now you should have more than enough time to grind it out if you use camo and flags.
  3. You forgot the most important thing of all.......BACON!!
  4. I used to do this for a cheap lunch at work. hot dog, healthy portion of fries and a drink for $2.50 can't beat it other than a free lunch.
  5. It is more than enough time, I took a break from grinding US cruisers to do these missions last night. I was able to finish them in a little under 5 hours of playing time.
  6. Shamed by a Stat Padder

    With those type of messages usually get this response. 1. Chuckle 2. Add to blacklist 3.Chuckle again
  7. Looks like something we could Relish as well.
  8. US Cruiser Split in 0.7.5

    I guess this is the time to use that free xp now to make up the difference of what I could not grind out in matches luckily I only have to free xp t-9 fully. This will complete out all US ships for me with the exception of CV's. Update: just read the no ,no no don't use free xp posts. I guess I will wait till we have clearance from clarence on the subject.
  9. Fun and engaging!!!!!

  10. PT boats with ultra low detection and ultra fast speed.
  11. Even though I collect flags I don't use them as my Military Month Flag flies on all ships in my fleet. Except on IJN ships that I have Yamamoto on where I can fly 2 and keep getting the Military Month Bonus.