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  1. DESRON10


    My pc finished it in about 10 minutes maybe even a little less because the only thing to take a dump while I was waiting was me. On a 300 MB connection.
  2. Do what I did and take away their fun , I have had chat disabled for about 2 months oddly enough no chat bans in 2 months either...LOL
  3. It does not have to show a ban for naming and shaming... only that a person has chat disabled in a unbiased way. That way people are not getting frustrated with a non response in chat. I don't think that is an unreasonable request.
  4. @turbo07 is there anyway to relay to the devs a need for an indicator that a person has chat disabled or a ban? Too many times people were getting upset that I am not responding. There needs to be an indicator that a person cannot or will not respond to chat.
  5. Chat has become too toxic (me included) so I have it disabled now and I enjoy the game more plus the added benefit of making the chat report trolls ineffective.
  6. I have been trying the psychill to help calm me down , didn't think about aiming as well...
  7. DESRON10

    To: WG Why: a Heads Up...

    This is partially true , You always have the new OP ship everyone "gots to has" only after a newer premium ship is about to be released does it face the nerf bat and get reduced to the "average" ship.
  8. No longer valid, typed in manually
  9. DESRON10

    No More Super Containers?

    Went for about a 4 month dry spell but one popped up the other day with 15,000 coal.
  10. must have flag that needs to be added...
  11. DESRON10

    Private Profiles and Clans

    Yep the only thing lower is a nursing home administrator.
  12. DESRON10

    Private Profiles and Clans

    One better. I left my stats open as a newb and closed them as I progressed. All of the stat sites are using stats from me from the last time I was seen.... Almost 5 years ago. I always get a chuckle when some knucklehead stat wh0re starts quoting them. Best XVM camo ever!