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  1. TheGill


    RESTART RANT: Just realized that the change to AA Guns Modification 1 is not really a change to the upgrade but a change to MEDIUM range AA itself??? NONE of them produce explosions now??????????? THEN ALL OF THE UPGRADES SHOULD BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY wth. WG new math: 0 +2=0 slowwwww clappppp Here's some other quick math: at 500k each for this upgrade, if I had it on all 211 ships, that's 105,500,000 CREDITS so I am to take a LOSS of OVER FIFTY TWO MILLION CREDITS DUE TO A :"TECHNICAL LIMITATION"??? JUST WOW> PISSED.
  2. TheGill


    Well. Forced to post here since the AA Guns Modification 1 compensation forum is LOCKED. How can there be this "technical limitation?" ....seems pretty lazy. Didn't even bother to change the DESCRIPTION IN GAME. Still says medium AND long. Just remove the modules and refund everybody like in the past. Add an in-game notification pop-up to alert people the module is removed. I have 211 ships in port right now and not looking forward AT ALL to manually peering into each ships modules and mods to find if I'm carrying useless [edited] now. I'm super loyal to wg, playing tanks since 2012 and an alpha tester for wows. You guys are slipping. Rewards are only to be had for those who are able to play as if this is their full-time job. Guess what wg: that's not a target audience. You need to allure those of us that actually WORK and have Money, not just kids skipping school to stay in mom's basement. (no offense if that's your gig.) end rant.
  3. TheGill

    Fuel Token Earning full breakdown

    came up 30 xp short of earning hill after allwas done. pretty mad.
  4. No that is extremely difficult in co-op Maybe not even possible tbh. Def not for ijn 1250 base in co-op would be insanely hard to achieve
  5. On the other hand I'm sure many of us gave up on rank battles knowing the coupon was coming on schedule, personally I play more during the week than on weekend(ironically the working on the weekend title hits a little close to home)… if the armory is changing I will feel very shaded by all of this, a wg staff previously mentioned that Stalingrad is going nowhere, could we have clarification of the case with all ships this will affect?
  6. I doubt anybody is going to shell out cash vs wait 4 days for this, unless it happens coincide with changes to the armory
  7. Almighty twitch/wg overlords please let the admiral makarov drop for me! Omnomshiba!!! Kaliiimaaaaashaktiday!
  8. TheGill

    ST: Closed testing

    These are some strange scenarios.... Perhaps dynamic weather could make things more interesting AND realistic; smokescreens in the sky if you will... Last known position markers should not even be optional to turn off imo. Cloud groups could cast shadows in which ships would be un-or-less detectable by aircraft, as long as they moved around it wpuld seem fair... I know wg you guys probably dont want to become weather modelers but it could be fun! For more stormy situations planes could increase visibility(both ways) by commencing an attack run(eg flying lower in strike mode) where they would be more vulnerable, yet ready to strike while still retaining the DISadvantage of being in a limited manuever stike pose already Gotta eat lunch now more later maybe thx for reading
  9. Wow cvs already cant spot dds before they're literally inside min bombrange... Sadsack dd players need to suck it up. I enjoy dds and cvs and have no issues if enemy cv wants to waste whole game hunting me. Good luck. Ps the ap nerf is still ridiculous.
  10. Maybe someday they'll give bbs their torpedoes as intended ;)
  11. TheGill

    Update will not complete download

    same issue AGAIN at 16% for update 8.1
  12. Wowsa 12-2 are revocable... Might not make it through this time... Definitely a downer to see the ranked mode pretty much restricted to lifelong players and unicums.
  13. Agreed. Of course aa defense will diminish as the guns are destroyed, that's part of the game. People forget that this is a war simulation with two teams, somebody's going down! Super happy about the postponement since the last pef mission is tough for nonmomsbasement players XD
  14. So you weren't even participating in the CV testing, just trying out boats you dont have. Sorry not sorry.