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  1. TheGill

    Update will not complete download

    same issue AGAIN at 16% for update 8.1
  2. Wowsa 12-2 are revocable... Might not make it through this time... Definitely a downer to see the ranked mode pretty much restricted to lifelong players and unicums.
  3. Agreed. Of course aa defense will diminish as the guns are destroyed, that's part of the game. People forget that this is a war simulation with two teams, somebody's going down! Super happy about the postponement since the last pef mission is tough for nonmomsbasement players XD
  4. So you weren't even participating in the CV testing, just trying out boats you dont have. Sorry not sorry.
  5. The controls are explained in the 8.0 pts posts.. There are not too many. I found the controls adequate and the aimpoints seemed fair. Remember these are ww2 planes, if you don't have any flight sim/flying experience then sure it could be odd. W+s control speed by means of boost or brake, The boost makes sense since many of these planes had switchable forced induction which would eventually overheat the engine... The limited braking makes a bit less sense but one could view it as stall prevention; imagine the anger if you could your planes into the ocean.... Lols. Most of my fears of the update seem unfounded as far as gameplay goes. The goal they stated was to stop BAD players from ruining battles by not doing their(very potent) job. Now you must be a vwry GOOD player to make significant influence. Wp wg.
  6. TheGill

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    This may be true for american craft, but if you study ijn tactics you'll find that there were entire fleets of torpedo weilding destroyers specifically designed to surreptitiously engage fleets and run away, led by small cruisers as their own defense. Also, at the op, shima is nothing near a "dead ship floating"... You must be doing it wrong.
  7. TheGill

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I have more than 1200 battles in cvs and can say that if and when a dd has broken through the jig is up. Should need be to "precisely" control your ship more than autopilot allows you still can, and yes we now lack the abilitly to manual drop torps on a dd WHILE "maneuvering"(in quotes because there really is little hope at that point), you can still try to fight w the planes and we have GAINED the ability to continue to strike/spot and even deploy more fighters even after our vessel is on the way to the bottom. I'm on your side, just trying to be positive about the rework and not one of the crying babies that brought it about in the first place. Cvs rock.
  8. TheGill

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    You can control cvs from the air.. Press M then use the nav points... Holding shift allows multiple plots Ps I am a cv player too
  9. Wg cannot control how many ppl participate... I logged in myself and found a similar situation but was looking to familiarize myself w the new flight mechanics before 8.0 goes live. Found the gameplay fairly engaging. Map marker based cv navigation was more comfortable than expected. All the air targeting systems felt clunky at first but once the nuances came into focus was pretty enjoyable. This is def a nerf to cv power, enemy only needs to have some semblance of a formation to create a devastating aa bubble. Esp. Noted howquickly planes were downed after initial passes in the "coming around" part of a run.
  10. awww somebody toxic downvoted me.... CVS ROCK!
  11. playersoops didn't realize how short lived this offer was, not sure if I completed it or not..
  12. Agreed on farming, I wish I had 10+ extra 10 pt captains for every nations to play around with. Not to mention the prem arp ships net some sweet snowflakes.
  13. Yeah! I don't wanna file my tax returns either; make the irs just do it! In a perfect wprld man... 😆 who would opt out?! It would be nice if it showed as a misson, I will say that... Not sure the point of opt in stuff but they must have their reasons and I'll take it! Cvs rock. <o
  14. So saltyyyy ...thanks wg for more awesome camos simply for being aware! <3 the game! Ps cvs rock!