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  1. BoredSights

    USS New Jersey Pics From My Trip

    Thank you for posting your pictures. I wish we had more posts like this on the forum. +1
  2. BoredSights

    Premium Ship Policy

    @Femennenly Huh... Are you sure? Aren't all Premium Vehicles in WG F2P titles under one practice if a Premium Vehicle goes through a nerf those who acquired said vehicle get an opportunity for reimbursement in Premium Currency? Please explain the situation with the Super Perishing nerf/reimbursement back in 2013.
  3. BoredSights

    WG-CC Arsenal creator codes

    I don't see a problem with your idea. +1
  4. BoredSights

    Premium Ship Policy

    Player "sentiment" should never be part of the equation for a premium ship to get a nerf. Just ask Viktor. Only developers and the data they are privy to should be the only factors in making a nerf to a Premium Ship. Nerfing a premium vehicle based off of player sentiment can easily be rigged. If a Premium Ship purchased with money loses value due to player sentiment I would sell every share I own in your company. Why? You are shooting yourselves in the foot. Why would any reasonable business out there go out and tell their clients they have every right to lower the value of purchases they made with their money? Wow! You have just lost the trust in your current and future customers. Do you not realize that jaded customers will spread this bad news throughout social media? EA loot boxes come to mind. Is this really the taste you want to leave in consumers mouths? If so the hubris with you and your company is going to... (see hubris definition). Please return to the practice of never nerfing premium items without the option of full reimbursement similar to the Super Pershing.
  5. BoredSights

    Slo-mo footage of tank firing

    The Germans should've used watermelons as spaced armor.
  6. BoredSights

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    lol @ $80 or 1,000,000 of Free XP for a Premium ship. 😆 I think WG wants all the money in the world. Is somebody behind on their loan shark payments? jk
  7. BoredSights

    Premium Shop in February: Alaska

    As much as I love this game $80 to "purchase" a 3D model to progress faster in a arcade game makes me laugh. Nothing we purchase here is permanent. These items are available as long as this game can afford to keep the servers online. I'm not hoping for failure. I have time and money into this and other WG games. It's just these guys and gals know that we will continue to buy these expensive virtual items out of our desperation to make the grind quicker and/or to succumb to our impulses.
  8. BoredSights

    Make me a: Meme - 25th to 4th

    No matter how you feel about the latest patch I think most of us on the forum reacted in a similar fashion be that pro, against, or the employees having to deal with our negative feedback. Regardless of your views we are all people at the end of the day, even the employees. 😉
  9. BoredSights

    CV torps

    How are torpedoes supposed to work?
  10. BoredSights

    You Favorite Funny/Relaxing Movie

    1. Lego Batman 2. Back To The Future Trilogy 3. Joe Dirt 4. Uncle Buck 5. Stalag 17
  11. BoredSights

    Is this game Naval Warfare or just guns?

    We've heard this before regarding SPG's in WoT and now CV's in WoWs. Both classes are support classes. The BB is a tank. The Cruisers support BB's. DD's go in for sneak attacks. So in any other game be that RPG or Shooter they also have support classes be that medics/healers to snipers/wizards. Does it seem the reason for the complaint about support classes seems to be that it's unfair if a player can restore HP, cast spells, revive, and shoot from a distance with little to no response? If so this sounds like a complaint of thinking games that don't suit my playstyle are unfair. If devs always responded to the squeaky wheel then every class will be a slightly different version of vanilla. WoT used to have distinct flavors 6-7 years ago and I was hoping that this game was going to have more distinct flavors to each class with the CV rework. I guess this game is doomed to repeat WoT's mistakes.
  12. BoredSights

    Is this game Naval Warfare or just guns?

    I couldn't agree more.
  13. BoredSights

    Is this game Naval Warfare or just guns?

    First off I am not targeting you. I am quoting you because it reminded me to bring up a subtopic in this and all threads for every game forum. I hear a lot of players in this and other games stating that this and that are OP or unbalanced. How can anyone say that one thing or the other is balanced or overpowered? Sure we see updates with buffs and nerfs here and there but none of us fully understand how this game was built nor have stats on all servers. It just seems to be too lazy to say if anything is OP or not. I'm guilty of this. I know when I don't go on forums, Twitch, YouTube comment sections with a game I'm playing I tend to enjoy the game for what it is. But the latest hotfix nerfing planes was an obvious knee-jerk decision by the devs.
  14. BoredSights

    Is this game Naval Warfare or just guns?

    I completely agree. I came back due to the CV rework. Playing the Lexington is really hard against tier 10's. CV's with their Attack Aircraft are not overpowered. If the Cruisers and BB AA wasn't so effective I would be ignoring DD's more and focus my fire on Cruisers until they are knocked out then go after BB's. DD's should be low priority targets for CV's. A nerf to AA fire should solve most complaints by reasonable players but we are on the forums for a vidya gaeme. Forums are a wretched hive of petulance and axe body spray.