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  1. Game freezes at the logging-in screen. Anyone else experience this?
  2. hr9275

    [camo rework] Expect to earn half as now!

    How is that possible? Even if you have an adjustable-rate mortgage, interest rates have not increased by 10 basis points.
  3. Has WG said what would happen to the 1, 2, and 5 camos when the camo change drops?
  4. hr9275


    They have a very high arc so when you shoot at a distant target they take a long time to reach it and you need to lead the target more. Because of the high arc, you can park behind an island and your shots will clear the island while the island protects you from some (not all) incoming fire.
  5. hr9275

    The Two New Coupons and what to buy...

    Tulsa fires faster, 5.8 second reload compared to 10 seconds.
  6. hr9275

    Poll on Negative Aspects of Submarines

    What??? https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_ships_sunk_by_submarines_by_death_toll
  7. I'm being asked more and more frequently to complete a captcha to log in to the game. I thought it was because I was using Geforce Now, but today it came up logging in to the website. They're a pain and often hard to distinguish. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. hr9275

    Problem submitting a ticket.

    It was happening to me using Chrome. I was able to log in and submit a ticket using Safari.
  9. hr9275

    Problem submitting a ticket.

    It does take you back to the page, but you are not logged in and it does not allow you to log in.
  10. This is related to a recent post., When I click to submit a ticket, I am automatically logged out and cannot log in again -- the log in attempt only takes me back to the submit ticket page.
  11. Using GeForce I hit "Play" and the game loads. I get the message that Gaming Center has updated, but then nothing. The login window does not appear, only a black screen.
  12. hr9275

    Wrong server

    Bingo! I spoke with Nvidia customer support chat and they seemed to think the problem was at the Wargaming end. I also submitted a ticket to WG and sent an email to Nvidia; waiting for a reply. I tried to sign-in to my WOT account through GeForce and was rejected. If you can, submit a ticket to WG. The more people they hear from the likelier they'll pay attention. ;;;:::
  13. hr9275

    Wrong server

    I know it's not the card. It seems it's the connection between Nvidia and the WOWS site, which has been fine until today. The glitch may be on the Nvidia end or the WOWS end--Nvidia customer support says it's WOWS. I would rather not connect using WGC since that would bring me back to the old fps.
  14. hr9275

    Wrong server

    I am using Nvidia GeForce which means that the game plays on an Nvidia rig which then streams the game onto my computer. This allows me to play at 75 fps instead of the 15-25 fps which I had before Geforce. Using Nvidia GeForce means that their system is launching the game, and apparently that system doesn't launch using the WGC. When I launch on my own using WGC I'm taken to the NA server, but using GeForce has been working fine for three months until today.
  15. hr9275

    Wrong server

    This is the log-in page I'm taken to after the client launches through Nvidia Geforce.