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  1. Dareios

    You know what I love about the new event?!...

    incorrect. As they are tech tree ships you are (eventually) guaranteed all of them.
  2. I believe it was one of the Baltic sea projects, but good pick regardless.
  3. and while we are considering A-series, H-series, Tillmans, the Incomparable and god forbid the Habbukuk, let us not forget the glorious stalinium power creep projekts Displacement - 45,000 tons Full length - 265.0 m Full width - 34.4 m Draft - 9.15 m Armaments: Sixteen 16"/45 Twenty four 150mm/52 Torpedo tubes: Four 450mm Engines: 11 universal boilers, 16 oil boilers, 119,452 h.p. Speed - up to 30 knots
  4. I'd rather take a DM over any of these
  5. Dareios

    Question about the Missouri please

    Its the ship. If you want some serious credits youll take its camo off and replace it with a more credits orientated one.
  6. Dareios

    And people say the PR is weak...

    yeah, but you know if it does have that one outlier 300k game by one person then the unwashed masses will see that as proof that it can perform that way consistently by everyone.
  7. No. I bought a booster to be able to get the PR not faster, BUT AT ALL, as in under the stated rules of aquisition of the ship it would not be possible for me to get it under the time alotted without a booster. If I KNEW there was an extra week, I would have had the time to grind it FTP and henceforth would NOT have bought the booster. The point is not moot, it is in fact, very salient.
  8. If they do, then they owe every single person who bought a booster a refund. so chances of this are vanishingly small.
  9. Dareios

    The Puerto Rico dilemma

    I would say no, if I only considered the short game. If I considered the side rewards of owning high tier ships, in the form of snowflake events, or the aniversary supercontainers, then the value of a ship increases, even if it is a port queen. I got more than 6k doubloons from my aniversary supercontainers which bought me my booster and a down payment on the PR, and Ive gotten more than 4K dubs back from snowflake crates from this event. Next event, maybe the PR will give me some flags I dont really want, or maybe it will give me some steel, or potentially another premium ship. Only the RNG gods know.
  10. Dareios

    Tactics-->No Support for DDs

    depends entirely upon how many other allies I can see are in position to take advantage of my radar, or if my DD looks like it is in smoke and can safely fire upon a similarly smoked up DD in a cap. RU radar can also be used to gain early information and potentially as an area denial weapon. All comes down to what the map and team looks like they are doing, personal experience and sometimes a little luck.
  11. Dareios

    No XP game.

    watched the replay. thats some damn fine focus firing from O7 and some damn stupid cruiser boradside sailing from us. I'd like to think that if I was there the game would have lasted at least 3:05.
  12. better remove torps from the game... thats only fun for the person launching them not the BB who wore 6 in the face. better remove HE from the game, thats only fun for the flambeboat not the burning one better remove AP rounds then, thats only fun for the BB and not the cruiser who just ate 5 citadels. Better remove Taichunger from the game as any fun he has is almost certainly not fun for any red player he does anything against. Seriously, name one mechanic that IS fun for both the active user and the receiver.
  13. IMO early game as bottom BB you should be with the blob, providing support fire and punishing any mistakes by the reds. conserving HP while at the same time not being useless at the back of the map. Possibly a little harder in RU BBs due to range issues when uptiered. Somewhere in mid game, and every match is somewhat different, where you have to put on your hero BB mask and be the bully with the big guns, good armour and hopefully a HP pool that cares about little short of a full face torping. That is when you should have been aware enough of game flow and map environment to already be in a position to crush your flank (defensively or offensively as the case may be) and be the driving force behind your teams win. The issue which, while prevelant for alll BBs, becomes particularly noticible for slowish T7 BBs, is that you are the most sluggish thing on the map, and you need to be very aware of how long it takes to get from A to B and thus be proactively moving (or not) before the time becomes critical and your speed and poor reaction time may be the reason the team loses. The key words are controlled aggression... preemptive yoloing can get you dead in short order and influence the match early and likewise camping longer than tactical reasons dictate may lead to better survival/damage/xp but is often even more likely to contribute to a loss that the fail yolo. This is general BB advice, not sinop specific, as that is how I interpret your post. also, just my IMO, and Im not a BB main, but I do have all of them.
  14. Dareios

    T8 CV is unplayable in T10 match

    as subjective an opinion as your CV ones.