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  1. Dareios

    Does ranked actually have any problems?

    I dunno, this 52%er thinks his points are fairly... um... on point.
  2. Dareios

    I'm so confused WGing?

    yeah, Im going to have to play my Smolensk with Flambass's onomatopoeia from now on.
  3. Dareios

    What's the best T10 DD to grind for?

    randoms or competative? torps, guns or hybrid? what DDs did you like in the mid tiers?
  4. Dareios

    Free xp ship?

    only confirmed FXP atm is Friesland.
  5. Dareios

    BB's and ammo type

    spamming HE bad. not using HE when situation demands (low hp, bow-tanking, stacking DoT, etc) also bad.
  6. Dareios

    RESET what ?

    dont reset for FXP to spend on Alaska.
  7. Dareios

    Research Bureau is Awesome

    OMG this is just priceless. A debacle that looks to shame CV rework. the chats and games are chock full of players who didnt read anything and just reset all their lines expectings to get research points just by clicking and not realising that they lost their TX ships and now have to PAY OR PLAY them all to TX again. such monumental rage-quits incoming.
  8. the difference being that i can. if i so choose, swap $$ for dubs, but not $$ for steel.
  9. fair enough. replace afk with 'hold down W until you derp into enemy and get deleted'.
  10. No. because without a 'loser's' star', as soon as your team loses two ships then, due to human nature, knowing that the game can not be won or a star saved, most of the rest of the team will AFK and save time, hopping into another ship for another round. When this does happen, the 'double winner's' star just goes to whichever DD can speed boost first to farm the afk ship.
  11. Dareios

    Siroco missions are over??

    maybe if you got your head out of a bucket and noticed all the information available to you... If the dwindling population is you, then Im fine with it.
  12. Dareios

    Ranked for the average player

    seems to me, that the team that has the first DD to derp into enemy torp soup loses the match.
  13. Dareios

    KareBear CO-OP AI issue/Whining wall of text

    b) from my experience the CV sends planes towards the closest ship, and then focuses on that ship. Dont be that DD in the front if you dont like attention.
  14. whereas I, as a player of more than 4 years, greatly needed that 2 million credits, as I never have enough to buy and outfit tech tree ships.