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  1. Dareios

    "Hurr durr playing DD against CVs is just fine"

    I guess I should have taken the hint with your thread title beginning with hurr durr that you were not looking for any reason other than to whine how its all unfair, and you cant be bothered trying to improve and just want all paper removed so your rock is invincible. Is that another insult at the end of the first line? I wont make that mistake again and try to help you in the future or reply to your troll posts. please continue to not read mission briefs.
  2. Dareios

    "Hurr durr playing DD against CVs is just fine"

    you said " The only reason I'm playing DD right now is because of this stupid mission " how is that NOT the point of the topic.
  3. Dareios

    "Hurr durr playing DD against CVs is just fine"

    had no problems with my lightning. ok, I had one, single, problem with my lightning vs a midway, but the positioning that allowed it was my fault. tldr: do it in coop. tldrdhurrdurr: youre not talking about the t5-t8 mission are you, in which case CVs arent your problem, its you trying to do them in a T9.
  4. Dareios

    Low Tier Bashing

    I'm more against the CCs (and there were three of them the other day, while waiting for KotS) who run 3 man divisions with kamikazi-kamikazi-Gulio (this exact setup, all three CCs), for multiple games, clubbing tier fives while insulting everyones play over twitch and all chat). I have zero respect for people who are given all the ships and all the modules in the game for free and choose to use them in this manner. At least flammu, with all his toxicity, has the decency to mainly solo and do a huge variety of tiers and ship types.
  5. Dareios

    CV DB Dispersion Manipulation

    considering that one of the selling points in the lead up to the rework was something along the lines of 'you can now drop bombs so that they come in at the side of a ship', I would say this tactic is very much working as intended.
  6. Dareios

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    more like torpedo bait
  7. funny, just today I had multiple games in T8+ DDs (specifically lightning and Hsienyang) with little to no CV issue stopping me from capping, knife fighting, spotting or playing aggressively. The third radar ship in the second to last game on the other hand was too much (after 15 minutes , 2 kills and 3rd in XP without being bothered by that pesky CV). I did get killed by a CV, once, about 2 weeks ago, but I can at least acknowledge that I was outside of support range and stationary behind an island and thus deserving of that bombing. as to the boldened bit.... pot. kettle. black. you do this consistently.
  8. they still scout just as well, they provide the alpha strike that a CV no longer can, and they can contest caps. and Ive been working three DD lines for the last two months.
  9. Dareios

    Japanese T10 CA for coal

    Neustrashimmy. t9 RU DD.
  10. I played three games this morning, two of those were as a bottom tier DD (versus) a top tier CV, and the other was bottom tier DD without a CV. I took zero damage from CVs over both games and was spotted once only by them for a few seconds. What are you doing wrong to die consistently in minutes??
  11. yeah, Im one of those that enjoyed the RTS style but finds the arcade CV so mind numbingly boring that I sold them.
  12. Dareios

    Stop It

    So, how does your system's FPS handle multiple smoked up minotaurs and harugumos spamming hundreds of shells a minute?
  13. Dareios

    Reasons why XVM/MM Monitor are useful

    I look forward to punishing your hubris
  14. fun fact: torpedoes continue after the DD is sunk as well
  15. set :bot: on fire. :bot: instantly DCs wait 30 seconds set :bot: on fire again 5 seconds later :bot: hit by 600 torpedoes. sigh. repeat.