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  1. If you are that set in your ways nothing at all will ever change your mind regardless of logic or evidence and thus this entire thread is a waste of time.
  2. what makes you think they havent.
  3. Dareios

    Ramming - who dies first?

    This is a 1v1 brawl. who wins depends on who has the most points accumulated at time of double kill. If neither of you were in the cap, or both entered at the same time, the cap points would have remained neutral and it would be a draw. If, for example, a cruiser went in, got 100 cap points, then your BB entered, a fight ensued and then both player were low enough on HP that a ram killed both.. the cruiser in this case wins as he had more points on the board at the time of the ram.
  4. Dareios

    divisions and cheating

    unlikely but not impossible more likely you were on surface and spotting someone with base surface detection and they made an educated guess that something might be... there? or there! The ASW could have been specific anti sub, or used as a 'lets fly it over that mountain and see if a DD has AA on and shoot at it this giving his basic location away'.
  5. Dareios

    Anyone enjoying tier X these days?

    It was a good response all round, and civil which is appreciated, but again, you are citing specific 'look what THIS PARTICULAR german sub does'.. and I am saying 'not all subs are german.' My examples are not all from german subs, and nothing I have said is false.. they are just not from german subs. I did start of my discourse with you mentioning I was considering all three tiers and 5 nations. >>I really don't know what sub you're driving that is slower at top speed than New York. I REALLY DON'T. pasted from the devblog.. published stats, not an opinion. I am allowed to compare a published WIP stat with another known stat that is already in the game. 20 < 22. I cant tell you how that comparison makes me feel or influences my game. Nor can I publish a screenshot showing that in practice. your math time is relevant to German Subs perhaps. now try it with the sub listed above which as you can see doesnt have 12500 alpha torps. You are laughing at me (in emoticon) and suggesting data irrelevant due to half hp cruiser.. BUT.. it didnt die to ONE torp did it.. it took three. If the torps WERE 12500 torps and he only had 8300 HP left then it would have shown 1 torp hit for 8300 damage, not 3. Possible exception if all landed on a bow that was pre-saturated, but thats not the case here.. they were centre mass, you'll have to trust me. additional.. you arent going to be doing citadel hits with shotgunning unless youve got an active double ping going on.. which means youve been giving yourself away since 6km out and kinda making the whole shotgun at 2km argument pointless. ((Jingles got something wrong in a video? Hmm. Well actually Jingles...)) TLDR: only pointing at what Ze Germans did and using that as a blanket for the whole class... um... Pls nerf Gallant because look what the Smalland can do? Lets assume that sooner or later with enough data WG will decide that the U2501 is over performing. Maybe. The ways of WG are mysterious.
  6. Dareios

    Anyone enjoying tier X these days?

    Here's a fun one for you from a game just played. A pretty typical sub game if I am being honest. less than 10K damage, no spots, no caps, no influence on the match win in any way but did finish off the third last ship they had. Whhoooo. 16 torps launched.. well, 6 at the sharnhorst who dodged all 6 at less than 3km range, and another 6 homing torps at a DD between 4-5km away (who got radared and sunk by surface fire before the torps got to him). Pretty typical. so.. the meat of this show and tell. I was in a t8 SS against a t7 CL. A Cl with 13% torp belt. I was using the derp torps and not homing torps in a wide spray (with 4 torps as I was not in a german SS) at 4km. 3 torp hits, on a 13% reduction lower tiered cruiser. for 8,311 damage total. (ok the third torp was the kill shot, so lets round it up to 10K). If he was full health and I hit with all 6 it would have been, what, 20K.. on a lower tiered light cruiser. Whoooo. All subs, All times, OP.
  7. Dareios

    wows spying on us

    well, your choice really. I didn't explicitly give my electricity provider permission to track my background usage but the bill still comes every quarter. If I burn the letters, bury my mailbox and throw dead cats at the mailman I would expect to still be punished for non compliance, so maybe getting a head up isn't entirely bad?
  8. Dareios

    Anyone enjoying tier X these days?

    hahaa. like I said.. not all subs are the same. Not all situations are the same. You're cherry picking an example. I can do that too.. How about some SS only will do a maximum of 6000 damage per torp hit with the best torp available to them. Now lets take another example, some SS only can launch 4 torps, not 6. Now lets take another example, BB torp belts can be 40%, 50% or in a few cases even higher. and.. what do you know of Russian, Japanese and English loaders? German subs might actually need a little reigning in.. they have a lot going for them other nations dont. You are incorrect with hydro, periscope depth works as normal. I love the 'subs are too fast' line. Sure.. if you're in a K1, on the surface. To beat a dead horse.. NOT ALL SUBS. That time, you're in a sub, on the surface, running a speed flag, going flat out, and a New York goes steaming past you. TWO!! forms of saturation you say.. as opposed to the one form everything else has.. and torp reduction belt that many ships have. I dunno, mate, anecdotally it would seem a 50/50 in my experience whether sub saturation comes into it, or your just one-tapped by ASW/DC. I contest heavily your RIDICULOUS damage. Are you suggesting that merely by taking a sub into a match you are guaranteed 200K damage even if one was a 42% player in surface ships? 200 or so matches by me suggests that about half of them end up in the absolute zero to 20K range, with gusts up to maybe 100K with a magic game. Am I a sub main, no, but Im also NOT that 42% player. I'm sure you can bring up an example of a great match where a sub goes wild and takes half the team, or bring in a purple ringer to show of their wonderful match, but none of that will erase all of my matches and experiences. Bear in mind.. I am debating from the perspective of subs as a class... and it is not lost on me that so many of the 'look how OP subs are' comes from the perspective of what a U2501alone can do when driven by a SS main. Its like, if I were to be talking about cruisers as an entire class, and mentioning something like an Emerald or a Nurnberg and someone comes in and goes 'but look at what a unicum just did in a Conde.. see.. cruisers are so OP!!!!X!X!!' (not all cruisers, not all subs, not all matches, not all situations). Lets end on a high note.. "They're not well designed". Yeah. Yup. Agree. Could be a lot better, especially with surface to sub-surface interactions.
  9. Dareios

    Anyone enjoying tier X these days?

    oh, you know, a game where Ive played aver a dozen different submarines from 5 different nations, from tiers 6 to 8 to 10. You know how not all surface ships have 510mm main guns? Yeah, so not all subs have the same torps either. Tripling.. hell in SOME cases I will say halve that. Its fun unloading your entire wad at a BB and after torp reduction you take 7K total off it. and speaking of shotgunning CAs.. again depends.. you might get away with shotgunning a Jinan, however an Alaska or Stali will take half damage and splat you for your insolence. Its also harder when you consider that many submarines have a specific amount of loaders that is a portion of their total tubes. Imagine if THAT mechanic applied to a BB?! 30 seconds to load the A turret and then another 30 seconds to load the B turret and then another 30 seconds to load the X turret and NOW you can fire a full alpha salvo. So when people complain about how fact subs load torps.. yeah, thats a limited selection that includes I-56 and some TX subs who can slowly stream torps at 12km. pretty much everything else is 'come back in 2 minutes when your loaded again.. much like a torp DD. speaking of 'not being seen'.. you may have a point if we consider that the BB and SS are the only things left on their engagement area / flank. What you may not be considering is how most DDs at a tier actually out-surface spot (or at least equal) their SS brethren, and if the SS is submerged, sure it wont be spotted but in turn it wont be spotting that DD either (unless its a ragnar in full dakka mode). So when the SS is trying to sneak up for that shotgun on the BB he has to deal with being spotted by stealthier DDs, radar, hydro (and theres a bunch of hydro BBs out there), being outrun by faster BBs who it cant reach to shotgun anyway (unless K1 at periscope depth), spotted by CV planes, spotted by BB spotter planes, etc. Its pretty hard to 'dodge' ASW planes when your at dive depth and have a 13-18Kt speed limit and reduced agility. Could be 2 ASW from one BB, or 6 from surrounding friends. The only dodge possible is the preemptive dodge of 'dont be obvious in your approach'. Also I can guarantee you my sub will not shoot down any ASW planes, especially when I'm underwater. And its not like dodging in a DD when your spotted and can rely on throttle juking, or dodging, or popping smoke to disengage, or even praying to RNJesus that dispersion will make the shells miss.. nope.. those bombs are going to do something.. the only question is can you limp away on 20% health and try again a few minutes later. I doubt we will see eye to eye, but thats ok. discussion is good. I'm still a DD main but Ive given subs a good try in the last couple of months and in my opinion and experience they are by far the least useful class in the game. Still, people will hate just due to the mechanical asymmetry of them, and that one time they did work, and ignore the 15 times you did next to nothing in them.
  10. Dareios

    My last thread about subs

    I had a match late last night that would have been some people's dream MM. 6 BB and 6 cruisers. no SS. no DD. no CV. Tier 11 FWIW. pretty much all of the cruisers were gun cruisers (and whatever you call the Gouden), I do not recollect seing any minos or Jinans or similar. Now, you'd think that would be the most ideal game imaginable for a Hannover to brawl to its hearts content. Yet in A1/B1, behind that island for most of the game, were two hannovers and an incomparable. And there they stayed, until pushed out and destroyed by an advancing Patrie and Conde. TLDR: it doesnt matter what mechanics, classes and things WG puts into or takes out of their game, some people will always be 'afraid' of whatever is on the opposing team.
  11. Dareios

    Coupon Fever..... ughhh (UPDATED)

    Ive probably got near if not comparable amounts of resources. And an Incomparable. Waiting on Z42 and Tromp. might get Malta even though I rarely CV and it would be another port queen. My opinion is steel. It always goes on steel. Coal just keeps on marching into port.. as you evidence. There are no current listings of 'soon to be removed ships', but consider that WG historically gives about 3 patches notice of removal. It is more likely they will remove a coal ship than a steel ship when it does happen. In regards to retail psychology.. I dont care if the big flashy sign says %%% off BUY NOW DONT WAIT.. if I dont want or need XYZ then I am not wasting 25%, I am saving 75%. That said.. if you look at all the ships on offer for all the resource and say 'ehhhh, none of them do it for me, not gonna pull the trigger' then you waive your right to pull the 'look at how much economy I have'. Especially as its snowflake season and nothing is actually kinda worse than anything. Have you considered a coal commander as a reasonable use of your stockpile?
  12. Dareios

    Anyone enjoying tier X these days?

    and... all the times that a sub doesnt shotgun you, yet is revealed by any number of mechanics 10km away and you get to send in the ASW planes. You dont even need to stop fighting whatever it is you are doing for the 2 seconds the sub is spotted.. its a free armament. the planes that ignore terrain.. the planes that cant be dodged.. the planes that cant be shot down... the planes that cant be mitigated like a torp belt protection mitigates sub torpedo damage... the planes that with the right ship and aiming can do more than 60% of a subs health. this is without getting into the times that BBs can often dodge half a shotgun salvo at 3km, or the times you surface and put 6 torps into a BB and do... 20K damage, maybe 30% HP to it, and it just one shots you in return. seems to me that subs have little counter options against BBs (and CAs for that matter).
  13. Dareios

    My last thread about subs

    Its like, if you drive your cruiser broadside close to a BB and get deleted and then all the trolls just throw out the time basics solution of just dont drive broadside. Why cant we nerf AP damage into oblivion so I can continue to play the way I want?
  14. Dareios

    What's the gossip on Z-42?

    What we dont know yet is whether or not she is a test bed for a new line of philatelist destroyers.
  15. Dareios

    My last thread about subs

    that ship class has been in the game for more than seven years now.