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  1. are you kidding? that was some of the most homogenous lineups Ive ever seen. I saw much less variety than any regular CW, with the sole exception of the YY, which was only played for its artificially cheap points value and was essentially the cunningham of Tonks old 7/42 competition.
  2. pretty stupid comment for an invite only event. your phasing is the same you always use for anyone who diagrees with anything you say... and may as well be 'P ff you non purple person who's opinion means nothing to me'. If I dont want to suffer through your things, then you stay off all your forum posts and similar trying to change the game that I like to one that you want. If youre not WG, stop playing political games definitely dont go off asking for WG support with prizes for your INVITE only special people group unless you arrange for everyone who is INVITE only to your events also be disqualified from getting rewards from general participation play on the official WG competitions.
  3. ok, I watched a couple of games of this and fell asleep. This player created mode was some of the most boring game play I have ever seen. No CV, almost no BB, may as well say no DD as they are primarily no smoke-bad torps-gunboat DDs. So.. World of cruisers, in your perfect self created world, means a camping meta greater than current CW, and the best there is (allegedly) have turned it into long ranged spam HE that lasts for 20 minutes with only a few ships eventually killed. That may be exciting to hurricane people but it looks boring as all get out to me as a representative of regular storm play, and frankly you can keep that mode and I'll thank you to continue it on your own private invite channels and keep it away from WG official.
  4. one thing I do dislike about the current MM is how it will match divisions of 2 t8 players against a division of 3 TX players.
  5. Dareios

    Retreat mechanic

    Id rather the opposite. collapsing ring of fire that forces some BBs to stop sniping at 20+km
  6. Dareios

    Please make World of Destroyers...

    I quite enjoyed the DD special event modes the 3v3v3v3 ring of fire super DD battle the warp speed yolo knife fightign space DD battle probably others.
  7. Dareios

    I'd Like a Refund for Enterprise, Please!

    complaining about a huge chunk of damage IF the max damage is done... Whats the Max damage from a full volley from a t8 BB... about 100K on average every 30s. Yep its the 30K max potential every 200 seconds from the bomber you need to worry about more.
  8. Dareios

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    If all these clans are so adamant about their stance, will they be willing to refund all the steel they earned by themselves using these same ships and situations last season?
  9. I have havent yet had a game without a DD. have had several without CVs. either way, yeah, its BB city out there.
  10. I'll be doing it in the Tallin, purely for the XP towards the Riga. If I wanted to hate my life I'd do it in the abermarle.
  11. well this is a different take on an old old thread... but my question is (to all) .. IS this decision the right one for the team? dislaimer: I play CVs rarely, but am a DD main, and I dont know for sure what is the right answer, except that I would not make this decision as I dont run MMM or similar and would judge on positioning and perceived team needs. Would not a uni DD player have better positioning, awareness of threats, and an escape plan already formed, and thus be more likely to survive on his own then the potato DD. Is the support of your CV planes on his flank exponentially increasing that flanks effectiveness, or only a little? Contrast this to the other flank with the potato DD. He probably would get himself in trouble quicker, and be less likely to dodge and escape than the uni. So would it not be better to support with your planes on his side and double that flanks effectiveness rather than add 20% effectiveness to the uni DD side. I think we all agree that steamrolls start from 1 ship loss early and go south from there, and the early loss of a flank can decide a game and easily derail a solid push on the opposite side. As a CV youre not putting your hull at risk helping either side, and your planes are fast enough to cover most of the map in quick response, so as a CV you are actually more suited to support the potato flank than most, IMO, and thats after the initial important scout out enemy team movement for your team.
  12. Dareios

    A form of XVM now works in game.

    please provide your banking login details. why would you hide them? why would you care if I had them? are you a thief, or an embezzler, an organised crime racketeer? You must be if you hide your financial details from my scrutiny, it cant be that you are a clean business person or its none of my concern what or how you earn.