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  1. so.. with the exception of the atlanta, more people play tech tree ships? Seems logical. But, since more often people are playing a ship which leads directly to researching another ship, are they playing that ship a lot because 'its fun and uptiers well' or a lot because it doesnt and thus they need to play it more to get past it.
  2. Dareios

    complaint about MM [edited]

    2000 battles in a kamakazi! That's not adapting, that's clubbing for WR.
  3. a nice picture showing that the BBs ARE in the front.
  4. Dareios

    CV Rework Feedback

    only three games before the server kicked me out. Not much to go on yet. Im a CV second (BB main). initial impressions are that the skill floor is a lot higher and not remotely intuitive. I can see the gap between a practiced cv main and a casual newbie to be even wider in this new format than it currently is with the RTS CV play. This may be mitigated by the two CVs per team, if that ratio holds after the novelty rush wears off. I found there to be a much wider difference between the various planes in regards to speed, armaments, banking arcs, drop patterns and so forth compared to the Alt-drop patterns in current form. I hit one ship, with one bomb, on my first game, (Ryujo) trying to work out how the planes attacked and the lead timings for the armaments. second game in Ranger I got 3 kills, all with TBs, mainly be cheesing them into a hard turn, flying over them and doing a 180 and effectively doing a single squad cross drop. Still have no idea how the heck the rockets work - I missed every shot. third game ran a fuso to see how much of a BBaby I was in the new CV play. Maybe the other CVs were struggling with coming to grips with new drop styles as well, but both of the enemy focused me prettily heavily all game and I found it very, very simple to dodge or minimalise their attacks, ending with 72 planes down and 4 kills, including both of them. My lord, the HE citadels were real. I dont like how one cant manually control the CV itself while a squad is up. early days yet. have fun.
  5. Dareios


    before extinguishing that fire ask yourself how likely is it that you'll eat torps in the next minute?
  6. Dareios in a kiev, not tashkent. Map was hotspot (just off the tip of the western 'A' island iirc).
  7. after a look into my saved stuff this appears to be my only record of it. No other screens, and it was a bad match so I didnt save a replay either. Judging from dates from screens near it in my folder, I'd say this happened at the start of April or thereabouts. I do remember the secondary kill was made during a <5km duel with the enemy harekaze. and here's my current kiev stats, showing one kill by secondary armament
  8. I'm saving my million or so for (possibly) the Jean or the BonJovi.
  9. Dareios

    Subs might underperform

    I suspect that subs will under perform, but I also suspect that if they manage even a single torp hit then the forums will be ablaze with comments about them being OP.
  10. Dareios

    AP bombs

    Yes, they are really strong... against some ships... and horribly sub-par against others. and you can see them coming from 10km away, unlike an asashio's DW torps (which also have the problem of being only useful towards particular targets, and can delete your bismark just as easy) Have you tried AP bombing an Izumo with them and seeing them do 5K damage, or god forbid you need to try and do anything at all to a DD with them. AP bombs are are a trade-off a CV decides before knowing the composition of the match. Will there be one of the half dozen or so ships they will be really effective against, or should he run HE bombs to stack bleed with and be able to target destroyers.
  11. isnt hermes only for T7/8s?
  12. nope. I got nothing. I lost 9 in a row today. 5 as absolute top loser, 1 terribad game, and 3 middling/upper-half. Trouble is, regardless of team composition, no one moves forwards, contests caps, or thinks about anything but how to hide at the back. Doesn't seem to make much different if there's 5 radar ships or one, if there's a CV or not, or if its a 5 DD team or a single DD. I think the DDs have been the worst, so many games with T9/X DDs cruising behind the BBs and claiming 'Im a XXXXX, its not my job to spot/cap' while the reds have all the caps and vision. not that there's any point complaining, although I'm sure a forum troll will point out that everything is my fault and i should uninstall (or worse).
  13. Dareios

    I can't stand this.. we need an MMR system

    Ive seen games and gamers scream for skill based match making, and on the occasion that the developer does change for them, they are usually the first and loudest to scream how its so much worse for them and to change it back.
  14. Dareios

    I've seen me some lemming trains...

    Had one earlier, where the Reds had all three caps and we had 7 ships left, including 4 TX BBs and a TX DD, but 6 of them were huddled in the back corner 15km or so from the nearest cap. Then they started TKing each other while arguing over who's job it was to spot. I think the Conq ended up with -3 kills. I may have got top loser in my stock T8, but frankly I would have preferred a win.