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  1. @Gaishu_Isshoku in his own words to me has said 'I am not a CV main'. That said, IF he's in a midway I will give him a lot of caution in a match. Im not impressed how el2azer comes on and says flak is 100% dodgeable and yet has past play 'look how much i can farm' vids up that show him taking flak damage, which he claims a player as good as himself will never take. I asked you before to link your training videos and you refused, saying its not what you do, you just play. awkward. in short, your bias is just as obvious.
  2. or ask @Ahskance who says thats [edited]. and actually plays on NA. and actually streams and makes informative youtube videos about CV interactions.
  3. and Im just as sure you will dismiss 100 pieces of evidence how it is possible. I cannot count the number of times a CV has failed to kill me.
  4. Dareios


    on the team or in the room? there's a few new latino CCs who were casting using press accounts.
  5. Dareios

    Narai, Shark among......

    I'd love to see some WG stats on the amount of times the (presumably) cruiser successfully shark-shrimps and gets back to centre in good time.. vs.. the number of times said cruiser gets torped by nicholai, dev struck by the MO as he's attacking transports or just plain fails to move in time and lets a transport escape.
  6. Dareios

    Why so many Petropablosk in matches?

    lets just say there's probably a reason it was chosen as the universal ship ban for KOTS.
  7. agreed. I rarely go out into randoms anymore, much preferring ranked, and my results show my performance is much better in a 7v7.
  8. ok.. so QQ7 had the option to be direct seeded, declined, and then 'were rumoured to' have 'allegedly' thrown the first match to game a better draw in subsequent matches. (I dont know how to safely and neutrally say 'heard from a dozen sources including tournament organisers but hey I wasnt there or on the team so what do I know'). something here does not make sense.
  9. I'm curious on this as well. there were a lot of GGWP running under the banner of GLHF, so does that count as one? we also fought a team that was mostly BN players, so that might count too?
  10. Dareios

    Worst ever CV strike, just ate a 83k chunkmuffin?

    righto bloke. not continuing talking to you. IMO you are the one picking little bits to fit your agenda. end convo. have fun in your next game.
  11. Dareios

    Worst ever CV strike, just ate a 83k chunkmuffin?

    its not the 'omg CV' factor, or the alpha damage, what makes life hard for BBs when and FDR is around is its ability to pretty much do right angle turns at close range with its torp bombers. It really is hard to 'just dodge' in a BB if the FDR driver knows his turning angles.
  12. Dareios

    Worst ever CV strike, just ate a 83k chunkmuffin?

    " Yeah, you are also within spotting distance and firing of other ships " Your words. that Drake crossing open water between caps sure as heck cant fire back at a Republic at 22km. go watch a decent CV player and see how much risk they DO put themselves in... trading hp fro the team, pressuring caps, not in fact camping the J line like some other less useful CVs might.
  13. Dareios

    Worst ever CV strike, just ate a 83k chunkmuffin?

    hmmm. closer to a reasonable statement. while I agree, a CV usually does have that option.. is it worth it in regards to the time and plane use to do that. To eliminate a low hp kiting ship that just went dark and will come back to haunt the team.. absolutely. spending 3 minutes at a time to fly planes out to chip damage a not so important BB while the team bleeds cap points to a DD... no.
  14. Dareios

    Worst ever CV strike, just ate a 83k chunkmuffin?

    tell me again how I cant manage to dev-strike someone over 20km away.. at no risk to my battleship