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  1. CW for many of us is 10-11am start, or similar. Do tell about how Sunday is THE only option to play CW!
  2. what is the gimmick with a Sapian now? It cant provide an AS role any more or use its free strafe. Should everyone be selling theirs?!
  3. Dareios

    CV Rework Feedback

    would like to test more, but not waiting 15+ minutes in queue and counting for a match.
  4. Dareios

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    then this is not the right time to push that cap
  5. Dareios

    Possible Solution to Radar

    We do not need anti-consumable gimmicks!
  6. use your orleans in Coop, and dont even try to play properly. Wait for the DD rush and dont be first spotted, then yolo past the enemy cruisers and unload into the belt at 90 degrees angle at a range of about 6 km.
  7. Dareios

    Whats the problem with CVs?

    ah, the 'how to get 15 downvotes answer'... because the game should work the way I want it to work and no other way and I should be allowed to kill everybody while remaining invincible because its my game and its so unfair how anyone would be allowed to hurt my ship in a way that I dont want to try and understand, and despite my complaints about how over powered CVs are I will never, never, ever play them because its just so unfair that I cant kill 12 people in my battleship because my battleship is glorious. This is warships and carrier are carriers duh and not warships and the only real ships are the ones that I want to play and everyone else should only be allowed to play the ships thats I want them to play, but worse versions than mine, so that I can be the hero every game and it sucks that CVs might stop me from being the best in the game. or some similar type of rant
  8. Dareios

    What it takes to kill a Kurfurst

    doesnt even have to be well aimed. Ive had my GK detonate from full health from s single torp to the nose (obv before the det rework).
  9. Dareios

    500 Secondary Hits

    with the right setup, its literally one game in coop, taking 10 minutes at most to do.
  10. so.. with the exception of the atlanta, more people play tech tree ships? Seems logical. But, since more often people are playing a ship which leads directly to researching another ship, are they playing that ship a lot because 'its fun and uptiers well' or a lot because it doesnt and thus they need to play it more to get past it.
  11. Dareios

    complaint about MM [edited]

    2000 battles in a kamakazi! That's not adapting, that's clubbing for WR.
  12. a nice picture showing that the BBs ARE in the front.
  13. Dareios

    CV Rework Feedback

    only three games before the server kicked me out. Not much to go on yet. Im a CV second (BB main). initial impressions are that the skill floor is a lot higher and not remotely intuitive. I can see the gap between a practiced cv main and a casual newbie to be even wider in this new format than it currently is with the RTS CV play. This may be mitigated by the two CVs per team, if that ratio holds after the novelty rush wears off. I found there to be a much wider difference between the various planes in regards to speed, armaments, banking arcs, drop patterns and so forth compared to the Alt-drop patterns in current form. I hit one ship, with one bomb, on my first game, (Ryujo) trying to work out how the planes attacked and the lead timings for the armaments. second game in Ranger I got 3 kills, all with TBs, mainly be cheesing them into a hard turn, flying over them and doing a 180 and effectively doing a single squad cross drop. Still have no idea how the heck the rockets work - I missed every shot. third game ran a fuso to see how much of a BBaby I was in the new CV play. Maybe the other CVs were struggling with coming to grips with new drop styles as well, but both of the enemy focused me prettily heavily all game and I found it very, very simple to dodge or minimalise their attacks, ending with 72 planes down and 4 kills, including both of them. My lord, the HE citadels were real. I dont like how one cant manually control the CV itself while a squad is up. early days yet. have fun.
  14. Dareios


    before extinguishing that fire ask yourself how likely is it that you'll eat torps in the next minute?
  15. Dareios in a kiev, not tashkent. Map was hotspot (just off the tip of the western 'A' island iirc).