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  1. War gaming, Today Monday the 22nd just took my Congo into the game you call Newport guess it is new because I am willing to bet my ship'e still stuck in time. So guess the upgrade today didn't get the bug's out better try a can of Raid next time,...maybe your paying your staff to much there were only 184 player's on line with me at the time so it couldn't have been an over load. Good luck
  2. REALITY CHECK TIRPITZ week end 20 / 06 / 2015

    1. ZORIN


      It would seem to me that the video posted by W.o.W about the Tirpitz isn't 100% ,Now don't go getting your pious panties in a bunch i like the ship just when i run it and lose half my life do it a side scraping torpedo { Just One ].Im left screeming dame the tropedo's and a number of other word's not fit to print.It handle's like a dream someone had last night but not me seem's to be much less them bulletproof I know it was never said to be so.Good Looking remind's...

  3. we-are-live-people!

    2 Hr's more ECT Ya Hooo
  4. Something to look forward to seeing again was the Battleship Bismarck, I was lucky one day to be in a battle while it was being tested well maybe not lucky because I was killed by it also. Look forward to the chance of acquiring one of my own....Oh thank's for the 2nd chance to play the test server couldn't get in the 1st like most of my clan member great time we had I has a 91% score on my Victor's ....You must love your job to death.
  5. Then what about mine field's which in map's such as open water would create even more of a challenge on the map.
  6. Hello ZORIN, Been playing WOT from almost the beginning but now WOW has become my new addiction looking forward to some day there being clan war's played in here as i do nightly with { HULK SMASH } on WOT....Here's what im looking for will there ever be Sub's ,PT Boat's as we progress into the future ??? Thank's Zorin