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  1. Jaynie

    Warspite - T6 Monster

    Warspite and an Arizona advancing on the same flank, and covering each other with focused fire is very dangerous.
  2. Jaynie

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    So if we do not want our favorite premium ship nerfed, we need to make her stats suck. Got it
  3. Jaynie

    Phantom Salvos?

    Could it be a bleed over from other matches?
  4. Jaynie

    USS Olympia: Why is she not in game?

    She served with the Whites against the Reds after the revolution.
  5. Jaynie

    Finished with the grind!!

    She burned me out. I play different boats ever game, so grinding the PEF hurt. Stopped half way through (doing the fps mission). Most likely will let that dog lie. Liked her but to much grind for me
  6. Jaynie

    Cyclone or Storm Poll

    I don't understand the points that says it detracts from the game. Play the objectives you will find someone to shoot there. I like the reduced vision gives me time to reposition if needed, and advance to a cap undetected.
  7. Jaynie

    Who and What I saw...

    If the line is the same they may be a go to DD.
  8. Jaynie

    torps i have a question

    A simple ballistic computer that a WASD hack will beat every time, so do not rely on the guide for Torpedoes to hit all the time.
  9. Jaynie

    Who and What I saw...

    The Guns looked ok, the Torps had range but only 2 launchers with 2 tubes it seemed. Not sure of the speed but they seemed to hit hard. Sadly I went down early so I got to watch him play.
  10. Jaynie

    Who and What I saw...

    He was last night also.
  11. Jaynie

    Who and What I saw...

    So testing a new line or just a premie???
  12. Jaynie


    So just got the Hindy so i will wait for that 12 achievement game then.....LOL.
  13. Jaynie


    Nice Roma must have been intense.