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  1. Wargaming is so out of touch with the community when it comes to this game, I'm simply amazed. I've been playing since the Alpha, and It's been a long time since i've been active here on the forums. But They have released so many different versions of the same ships for 60+ dollars, they changed the CVs so my Saipan and Enterprise are beyond terrible now, and when i wanted a refund they told me they would give me doubloons back. Excuse me, no. I paid REAL money for the ships, I wanted my money BACK. Then we have the submarines. They are so brokenly overpowered, it's not even funny. It took all of 3 matches to perfect how to play them and nuke battleships with no effort. If subs get full trees and make it into the live game, the game WILL die from them as BBs will no longer want to play, and DDs will no longer play without BBs to hunt. Wargaming, shame on you.
  2. HTRK74JR

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Been playing since the Alpha I bought both the USS Enterprise and the USS Saipan. I want my money back. Edit: I've bought both over the last couple years, not recently