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  1. Kersner

    Birthday Coupon

    so if I buy 50K dubs from the website link from the 'coupon' (which is an option), will I get 100K dubs total??
  2. Kersner

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Minotaur spamming death...
  3. Kersner

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    True - but you will receive 1.1 mil. credits instead of a second copy of the ship... so at least it's not a TOTAL loss...
  4. Kersner

    K117 - Yamato Alternate Perm. Camo

    Sadly I did not start it. Thank you all for your replies. ...I was expecting some kind of crate sale to be available - maybe that's yet to come. Thanks again!
  5. Kersner

    K117 - Yamato Alternate Perm. Camo

    Want it. Can't figure out how to get it. Help? Thanks!
  6. Want it. Can't figure out how to get it. Help? Thanks!
  7. There should be an option to purchase perm camos for any ship based on an expendable camo. So, let's say I love the look of the 'type 6' camo... or the 'this is your day' camo. I would like to be able to buy that camo as a 'permanent' camo. The attributes would be the same as the other 'permanent' camos - Detectability -3 Dispersion +4 Post-battle service -20% XP + 100% I don't mind shelling out the cash (or doubloons), but I have five ships I play regularly that I refuse to buy the 'stock' permanent camo because - well, it's ugly. Thoughts?
  8. Kersner

    Taking a WHALE of a CVacation....

    Ah. Understandable, and good point. Thank you, I think that's good advice. I guess my game assets aren't going anywhere. Looks like I'm heading back over to Elite Dangerous for a while!
  9. I don't expect anyone to care because I've seen the discussions that were made public about 'encouraging CV play', but wanted to share my experience and decision about this game as a result of the CV situation. I have no problem with any CV player, but have decided to take a hiatus from spending any more money on this game until the imbalance is addressed. I'll still log on and grind my daily '50%' battles, but I no longer enjoy the game enough to invest in it's ongoing operations. Thank you.