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  1. I have a collection of saved games. As of this patch, they are no longer playable by just opening the file. I get this error. Is there any way to view my old saved games?
  2. I would like to see more 'community token' 'special' camos kept in that area of the Armory. There's some really cool ones in there, but they get cycled in and out too often. At least make the ones available for the current tiers in Ranked or something... the community tokens are pretty easy to get if you let the Twitch streams run, and they should have more missions with those as a reward. ^^Just my opinion on the topic.
  3. Kersner

    Ranked Battles: Season 9

    I know, I know... I was venting. It's been a rough day.
  4. Kersner

    Best Ship Choice for Random Ops

    Good responses and overall I agree with everyone. I was just wondering, with the randomness, if everyone else was finding that versatility was more important than a 'best in class' feature. I would agree with Brandenburg secondary build being the best BB to do well in any op, and most of the cruisers mentioned are more 'jack off all trades' boats vs. highest alpha only boats. Thanks!
  5. Kersner

    Ranked Battles: Season 9

    Holy crapT5 Ranked sucks almost as bad as T10! And Randoms with these new subs AND CVs is just pointless. Holy crap I think I'm going to just quit PvP all together.
  6. Kersner

    Best Ship Choice for Random Ops

    All excellent points. If you're not familiar with the Ops, a secondary BB is the safe bet to have an impact. From my CV players, they generally agree that Kaga is a good 'beginner' CV due to it's plane inventory, but Hornet seems to be the go-to for those who know the Ops - the B29 flight let's them focus and burn down the 'hero' ships...
  7. After trying the usual spread of secondary BBs (Bismarck, Massachusetts, Tirpitz, Brandenberg, etc.), and a plethora of other cruisers, I think I have found the best 'all around' cruiser for ops. Needs change depending on the op of course, so the ship needs the versatility of a Swiss army knife to deal adequately with all of the various situations. This is what my choice covers: - Speed (34 Kts. + speed boost consumable) - main battery range (16.5 KM) - Hitting power (Decent AP, good dispersion, 12% fire chance HE and a reload booster) - Torps (9 Km, good damage for T8, 90 sec. base reload) - Survivability (34.7K HP, good armor for a cruiser) Plus Hydro, 9.6 Km. concealment w/ commander skill and concealment mod, decent maneuverability for 'juking' (with turning gears mod). So my choice, after about 15 runs with her, is the French cruiser Bayard. What have you found to be the best all-around choice for handling the various ops and performing well in all of them?
  8. I have ONE 'complaint' (more of a 'pet peeve'). You have removed the practical value of camos, yet you have camos as rewards for phases in the dockyard event. In the future I would like to see camos paired with low-value phase rewards (i.e. - some commander XP, or a low-value loot box - whatever). This would make the phase 'have at least some actual in-game value, and the camos would make it feel' more on-par with the other phase prizes. THAT SAID: The art / graphics guys are the rock stars of your company. They do an EXCELLENT job making the ship models look awesome, and most of the camos unique and 'good looking' when applied to any ship. THAT takes real skill! Thanks!
  9. Kersner

    San Diego after 50 games...

    I am personally disappointed with the damage output. While I don't expect Austin-level capabilities, the SAP's performance is quite underwhelming, and the torp range is only valuable on very rare occasions. I would like to see SAP's base damage (or reload) slightly increased. This would go a long way toward making the ship fit with meta.
  10. Hey, thanks for your response. I was joking about wanting the camo for the Yammy. I was just reporting it because the camos are for Tallinn and Petro, but if you follow my post instructions you can see the camo on the Yammy - so clearly that's a bug.
  11. in Armory, click 'Tallinn Floating Fortress' option, then 'Show in Port', then arrow left and you'll find an Easter egg - The Soviet Camo on the Yamato! How do I buy this?!?! :)
  12. Kersner

    Birthday Coupon

    so if I buy 50K dubs from the website link from the 'coupon' (which is an option), will I get 100K dubs total??
  13. Kersner

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Minotaur spamming death...
  14. Kersner

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    True - but you will receive 1.1 mil. credits instead of a second copy of the ship... so at least it's not a TOTAL loss...
  15. Kersner

    K117 - Yamato Alternate Perm. Camo

    Sadly I did not start it. Thank you all for your replies. ...I was expecting some kind of crate sale to be available - maybe that's yet to come. Thanks again!