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  1. Captaindon130

    Highlighting cells on minimap

    Sorry I should have specified that I am using a PC running Win10 Pro. Turbo07 I do not know how to get to the screen you have shown. Can you help me find it? Thanks
  2. Captaindon130

    Highlighting cells on minimap

    Thanks for the reply. CTRL Click does not work
  3. For the life of me I cannot figure out how players highlight a specific cell in the mini-map during a battle. I have searched high and low and tried many different keystrokes but nothing seems to work. Is some keybinding necessary for the feature? Please help so I can help others.
  4. Captaindon130

    High Tier Destroyer Game Play and why it is getting unplayable

    In real life radar picks up a BB a lot quicker at longer range than a DD. In our game this is not the case. If you are within the range of a radar equipped ship you get spotted in a DD just like everyone else. I suggest the game be more balanced by have different returns for different ship classes. This could be done with the range of a target ie. BBs spotted long before DDs within the radar range. Say BB are spotted at the current 8.5-10 km, CAs at 7.0 km and DDs at 5.0 km. I am just making up the ranges but this shows the idea of this solution. Another method would be to simulate an intermittent radar return for the different ship classes. This would mean a solid point return for BBs, a circle of probability (CoP) of 1-2 km for the cruisers and a CoP for the DDs of something like 4-6 km. In other words the radar return would show the exact position and course of the BBs, a small CoP for the cruisers and a larger CoP for the DDs. You could also use the ship nationality as a differentiator in either of the above solutions. ie. BB returns would give the name of the ship, the CA return would give the nationality and the DDs would be unknown. Comments are appreciated.
  5. Captaindon130

    do any of the mods mark a ship as having radar?

    Here is what I have beside my keyboard until I memorize them all. Radar Ships.pdf
  6. Is nobody else having this problem?