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  1. I forgot about that film. It's awesome and funny. I recommend people watch it.
  2. There are 3 sub films that come to mind when we are talking about collaborations considering the information we have today. These are: Das Boot (Germany) Down Pariscope (USA) U-571 (Germany) The German ones are probably easy and the ships are real. However, the one I would really like to see is a ship based on the the T10 Balao Class, the USS Stingray which in real life is known by it's actual name USS Pampanito. I wonder how you can get Pampanito in the game...
  3. IndygoEEI

    California HYPE

    As a native Californian, buying ASAP....
  4. Just in case this thread isn't kosher, a mod may move the thread, edit it, or even if deemed acceptable delete it. Now that that's out of the way, on to details. So right now I do not have Warships installed through steam. I'm wondering what ways I could have it through steam while keeping my access to my WG account. Even better is if I could just access the Warships Client through steam. Reason is... I want free games DAMN IT! Apparently Warships is part of the GP Event that can give you free games. IDEvenK how this all works to be honest except pick a team (Sidenote: I picked Tortoise for the lols and Win), play steam games like Warships (to get your points for) your team, and get free games. Honestly if someone knows the rules better, go ahead and explain it. Right now I'm just crossing fingers and hoping for free games.
  5. IndygoEEI


    Oh have a light heart...
  6. IndygoEEI


    I NEED GOODIES! PS If anyone wants my replays of these yolo fests, please direct me to the nearest appropriate site so I can dump them...
  7. IndygoEEI

    Submarine Controls

  8. IndygoEEI

    Free WoWS Stuff at Humble Bundle

    You're welcome!
  9. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/world-of-warships-humble-pack New players get more goodies, but at least us old guys get 10x camo and a flag...
  10. And takes some things into consideration... Let the record show I have 19,722 doubloons sitting in my coffers. You maybe asking "wth does a tanker have 19,000 plus doubloons on tap for?" Well I bought into this game during Beta stage thinking I would have the same amount of fun or near it when it released. Turned out not as much as I expected. Plus I thought I was going to get gold along with premium. We all know where that went. Also I got more doubloons by sheer luck of not playing and receiving last year's offer. Well it's finally time to cash out. Let me explain. I currently do not know if next year I will be afford 1 year of universal premium time considering my current financial status. If I want to, I can buy 1 year Universal premium with one of my twitch coupons for around $85 next month. Looking at the rules to get doubloon compensation, I have to buy this first! (Corrections very much appreciated and may even be rewarded) Since I have so many doubloons on tap, I can now leverage them to get 9,250 doubloons on top of my newly bought premium of all types. This leaves me enough to buy 1/2 year of premium plus a little play money for ships since I do enjoy it on occasion. Essentially for $85 I'll have a year and half of Universal premium time for $85. Those doubloons have been sitting for years. It's time they got put to use.
  11. Congrats. I may not play ships often, but I know people love this add. I actually thought it was going to have a hard time against LoL. That's also a good ad but the ones they post are really looooonnngggg... Update: So I went LoL to see if they know and... They don't. So don't tell them! This place is tame compared tanks. I quite enjoy it actually. Now to finally sink the YAMMMAAAATTTOOOO!!!
  12. IndygoEEI

    PSA: Missions for free Black Friday containers.

    The free ones suck if you're a casual player. I was expecting more then I looked at the article again. They give less rewards then the premium ones.
  13. IndygoEEI

    What I want for XMAS WG....

    BUMPING AS REMINDER TO WG! I've been a naughty boy and would like some coal!
  14. IndygoEEI

    Bullying and harasment