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  1. No the camo goes to your inventory and stays there till you rebuy the ship and you put it back on.
  2. It took me since 2015 to reach 1k battles i don't play everyday and i would take a couple days from playing the game because i would get mad and such but congrats on 4k.
  3. That sucks but atleast you all are safe and no one got hurt we will make it through.
  4. I'm couple hours north of you in Florida we will make it through stay safe and be careful.
  5. Well i've looked on the website and the TYPES of ships required has been updated so this thread can be closed if need be.
  6. True
  7. Yea that's what i see to but if they wanted people to use 3 ship classes it says in game they would of made it the same on the website.
  8. On the website for the 3rd week of missions it says that you can use battleships,cruisers, and destroyers but in game it says to complete the 1st stage you need to do it in a carrier, cruiser, or a destroyer.
  9. I got another SC tonight my last container for the night and it was 100 Zulu flags which ain't bad.
  10. Congrats the last two supercontainers i got were 100 dragon flags and 50 valentines camos which ain't bad it's better than the modules.
  11. My last super container was 100 dragon flags which ain't bad but RNG must have been really in your favor.
  12. When the Arizona was sunk the bomb that sunk her did not go down the smoke stack because when the park service looked in the stack the grating that was there was still intact the bomb really went through the deck between the number 1 and 2 turrets and hit the magazine and destroyed the front part of the ship and the weight of the number 1 turret crushed the front of the ship.
  13. i have the problem sometimes where my game do crash in all modes fullscreen,borderless,and windows mode and it would do it at the login screen or port screen it would go white and i would have to open the task manager to close the game and it did it to me one time in battle and i had to get back in real quick and i have the gtx 1070 in my computer also i started having to problem on the 14th of march about a week after 0.6.2 came out.
  14. I can't even run the game in fullscreen mode or window borderless mode my screen goes black and takes me back to the desktop and i can't get back into the game without pressing the windows button and open the task manger and close warships that way.
  15. I'm having the same problem and sometimes i can't even do a battle.