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  1. Cool i got the one for the tier 5 hope i get lucky and get another one or maybe all of them would be nice.
  2. WeeVee-Gate

    I agree the refit of the West Virginia would be more interesting than what was showed today.
  3. Anniversary Supercontainers

    I think you scored the jackpot the GC is a fun ship.
  4. Anniversary Supercontainers

    I got mine after not winning a single game out of my 3 tier 10s and i got 50k free xp, 100 speed flags, and 15k coal.
  5. i don't have George Doe if he is able to be bought by coal or something i might get him to have a backup captain john is my Montana,Missouri,Alabama, and Arizona captain.
  6. I might put Halsey as my DM captain when i get him still got a way to go.
  7. Well looks like John Doe is going to be my Alaska captain also and Halsey will me my Missouri captain.
  8. If you have Halsey or John Doe on the Alaska that will make the guns turn a bit faster too because they have improved EM.
  9. Stalingrad taken from my port

    @cruxdei i think the rabbit hole goes deeper judging by what i'm reading.
  10. Stalingrad taken from my port

    Ranked,clan battles,and super containers are the only way to get steel like wawingsfan said i don't think any containers you can buy have steel in them.
  11. I got a 100 Zulu flags could of been better but not complaining.
  12. 7.8 patch notes are up

    Looks good and Alaska is getting closer can't wait to see it in action.
  13. This was a 4 star in the Helena not bad xp.
  14. I took the Helena out and we almost got 5 stars but the lead transport died not long before we started into the base.
  15. What Flags do you Fly?

    I use the Brooklyn naval yard flag and the military month flag on the ships i can't have 2 flags on i use the just the military month flag.