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  1. ceutermark

    Point of Italian Tokens ?

    Also you get 50 tokens from daily shipments.
  2. ceutermark

    Ohio versus Montana

    Same i won't go for the Ohio since i have the Monty already and if i want to play a BB with 18in guns i will play the Yamato or Musashi or even the Georgia if i want to have fun.
  3. ceutermark

    Why is the montana so bad

    Yea the German battleships makes you want to pull your hair out sometimes. One game you are getting cit after cit and the next game you can't hit the broadside of a barn from the inside of it.
  4. ceutermark

    Ship coupon is live!!!

    I had enough coal with the coupon to get the Georgia had no real interest in the Jean Bart or the Yoshino and the only steel ship i could at the moment was the Flint which i did not need because i already have the Atlanta.
  5. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/weekend-highlights-21-06-19/
  6. Was hoping to get the Georgia tomorrow but i guess a few more days won't hurt but it would of been nice for WG to tell us like a week or so ahead instead of the day before.
  7. Here is the Fritz-X on the Roma
  8. When the guy picks up the Mini gun that's the Haragumo when it joins the fight.
  9. Just finished the damage part took 11 games a mix of cossack and warspite in random and co-op would of been 10 games but did not get torps on a full health bot GK.
  10. Done with the 1st part managed to get some decent games in the Warspite took 5 games to get 6 achievements but on to the damage with should not take to long
  11. Yea some the DoY missions were a pain in the [edited]to complete if you did not have the certain nation of ships. I hope i get better luck tomorrow to get the last 6 achievements i need.
  12. Horrible 5 games and only 1 achievement i hate these missions
  13. ceutermark

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    same but mostly in CO-OP because i know as soon i take it out in randoms every carrier in the Whole NA server will be in the queue