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  1. Just finished the damage part took 11 games a mix of cossack and warspite in random and co-op would of been 10 games but did not get torps on a full health bot GK.
  2. Done with the 1st part managed to get some decent games in the Warspite took 5 games to get 6 achievements but on to the damage with should not take to long
  3. Yea some the DoY missions were a pain in the [edited]to complete if you did not have the certain nation of ships. I hope i get better luck tomorrow to get the last 6 achievements i need.
  4. Horrible 5 games and only 1 achievement i hate these missions
  5. ceutermark

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    same but mostly in CO-OP because i know as soon i take it out in randoms every carrier in the Whole NA server will be in the queue
  6. ceutermark

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    On the bright side if you use the cossack at least you have gun power to fight DD's
  7. ceutermark

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    Guess i'm going to have to resort to that as much as i hate it
  8. ceutermark

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    I'm sitting on 1 out of 7 for the achievements this is going to take forever with the limited amount of british ships i have
  9. ceutermark

    HMS Hood Review Post Buffs

    I guess i must be playing a different version of the Hood because the last few matches i played it i've had decent dispersion with the odd salvo going wonky and have been getting solid pens on cruisers and even cit a musashi that was broadside to me in one match but that's just me
  10. I made it into rank 10 twice yesterday and lost it both times
  11. I like the arms race mode but like you said too many players are trying to play it like randoms
  12. I don't understand this ranked season either just had a match where a FdG hid in the bottom of the map the whole match i started yesterday at rank 11 with 1 star and now i'm back at rank 11 and no stars.
  13. i had 58 shot down in my worcester last night
  14. ceutermark

    Edited - nvm, solved

    There is a tab in the inventory that allows you to sell your CV's for gold