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  1. So to play the Roma well stay angled and don't show your side and stay at a range of 15km to around 10km or so and when there are carrier try to stick to your team.
  2. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    The one ship that really been looking forward too and good job on the review of the ship.
  3. Odd Challenges

    You have to reach rank 1 to use tier 10 ships.
  4. Yea when everything works out and the carriers do good usually everyone will have a decent game but the bogue in your game is what kept you in the game.
  5. I got a supercontainer with 14 days of premium at the start of the week and over this week i got 2 more supercontainers with 1k gold in them but congrats on the 14 days of premium.
  6. No Roma :(

    I looked at the camo and in my opinion it's one of the ugliest camo's i've seen even the school bus camo was better looking i mean no offense to the guy that makes those camos.
  7. Giulio Cesare

    Was not the plan to be the first post of the new year but i'm not going to complain.
  8. Giulio Cesare

    Yes very good at blapping DD's
  9. Giulio Cesare

    Yea never had a ship that felt so good to play.
  10. Giulio Cesare

    Just got the Giulio Cesare tonight and can say that i'm not disappointed with the ship
  11. Happy New Year To You All

    Happy New Year to everyone.
  12. Roma is Coming in 4 Days!

    I seen a Roma in a battle i was in the montana with my division mates and the roma spawned on the side of the map we was on.
  13. The price of the indy is 5,250.