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  1. ceutermark

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    I need to grind out 460k free xp to get Alaska.
  2. ceutermark

    No Clan Battles tonight?

    Yea we are stuck to it says it starts in 3 days.
  3. ceutermark

    PSA: Get Cossack. Do what you have to...

    i should have the Cossack the start of next week need 3 more guineas but i'm starting to feel burnt out from playing so much so i might take a break until the christmas missions and stuff.
  4. Musashi is 176k coal without the coupon it's 132k with the coupon.
  5. ceutermark

    Jet noise bug solution

    i've been having it happen to me also
  6. The Atlanta is not a easy ship to play you got to have a good map with good island cover and have good map awareness to know when to move.
  7. Same for me my first 2 premiums were the Atlanta and the Atago and was not very good in them but once i played more in the game i got use to them and started having better games but now i mainly use the Atlanta to run tier 7 ops and the Atago is still a beast if played right in randoms.
  8. I hope you realize that the West Virginia and the Arizona are two different classes of battleships.
  9. ceutermark

    Overchin 5 Mission Set:

    I put a ticket in last night and got an answer this morning saying that it was being passed on to the devs but had not heard anything since.
  10. ceutermark

    Weird Picture

    I got the same link and picture when i logged in for the 1st time today.
  11. ceutermark

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    I managed to get 5 stars the 1st time i tried it all we did was stick together and focus fire the one DD on the team was up front spotting the cruisers and the battleships stayed with transylvania and protected it and at the end on of our battleships rammed rasputin to kill him and we only lost 2 ships also what helped it we had a team of players that knew what they were doing so we managed to work together to complete the operation.
  12. ceutermark

    Is the Clan Discount Bugged?

    The 127k xp is the total amount with researching the B hull on the Shiratsuyu
  13. I once killed a DD with the secondary guns on the Bogue which was funny.
  14. I got the Warspite tonight and 2nd game 103k damage gave with confederate 2 dev strikes and 1st blood
  15. ceutermark

    Is Anyone Getting the Royal Navy Gold?

    i need 35 more sovereigns to get the warspite which is what i'm going to get not interested in the Gallant.