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  1. Have a code for July 4th!

    Thanks for the code.
  2. What's the best BB branch?

    I did pretty decent when playing the KGV but like i said not a big fan of the HE spamming that the British BB's focus on i know the AP is good when up close but that's just my opinion does not mean you or anyone has to agree with me not trying to be salty or anything.
  3. What's the best BB branch?

    The KGV is in no way bad but i just don't like the HE spamming that the tier 7 and up rely on i like the QE because of the things i listed it has good AP decent AA for tier 6 good armor when angled but the slow turn time of the guns but you can get over that but that's my opinion i don't really care for the HE spamming that the British BB's rely on. And on fun factor if i want to take a ship out and have fun in it will take the scharnhorst out and have just as much fun as any other tier 7 BB.
  4. What's the best BB branch?

    The best British BB has to be the tier 6 the QE it has good guns, good accuracy, good AP and decent HE but the downside is the slow turn time on the guns but the British BB's i've only played up to tier 8 and don't care for the HE spamming meta that they rely on.
  5. Coal is starting to drop

    Just noticed that i got coal added got 38,600 i think i had around 5k oil built up between the two clans the one clan that i left and the on i'm in now.
  6. Future Line Splits

    Me personally i would like the see a US BB split because we don't have the Nevada class BB or the Tennessee class and a non premium SoDak as the other tier 8 US BB to the North Carolina also could put the pennsylvania class in to as the other tier 6 BB next to the New Mexico just my opinion.
  7. I got a supercontainer tonight that had 1k doubloons in it. When it comes to getting something good from a supercontainer it's a roll of the dice and hope you get something good or decent.
  8. Ishizushi bundle

    You will get the Doubloons equivalent for the ship.
  9. The Ship You Love to Hate

    Well let's see my list starts with the Belfast, Khab, Conqueror, Kutuzov, and any carrier that is using AP bombs.
  10. That sums up the fourms pretty good lol
  11. I would put the Wichita at tier 8 where the baltimore is going to be because we already got 2 tier 7 premium cruisers for US the atlanta and indy but the us don't have tier 8 premium cruiser.
  12. French Progression / Stage 1 bug?

    Well at least you are close or done with the first stage i can't even get torp hits played like 10 game and only got one hit.
  13. I got 5 out of 18 for the collection as of right now and i got the personal mission for the tier 5 hope i can them for the other 3 but congrats on completing everything.
  14. So to play the Roma well stay angled and don't show your side and stay at a range of 15km to around 10km or so and when there are carrier try to stick to your team.
  15. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    The one ship that really been looking forward too and good job on the review of the ship.